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You see that?
That's a whole
City on fire
The war will
End.. soon
But before
That, a lot
More people
Have to die
A M Ryder Apr 3
You scramble amid
The shattered
Jagged facets
Of yourself
A circus show
Of a hollow soul

You caught a
Falling star
In a dead field
And it twisted
In your grip
A M Ryder Apr 3
He asks me if I believe in angels
And before I realize
I don't have the heart
To tell him, I tell him
"Not Lately.."
And just wait
For him to hate me

But he doesn't know how to
So he never does
Loving like a man
In the time before God
Gave man religion
And left it to them to
Figure out what hate was
A M Ryder Dec 2023
I want to be
Your ex boyfriend's
Stuntman and do
All of the things
He never had
The courage to do
Like trust you
A M Ryder Dec 2023
If you cut a
Gecko's tail off
It'll grow back

If you do
It again
The gecko
Would be like
A M Ryder Nov 2023
When all
You have
Are memories,
Who will
Remember you?
A M Ryder Nov 2023
I take drugs
To wake me
I take drugs
To sedate me
I even take drugs
To make me
Not hate me
All these drugs
Have me wondering
Lately what drugs
Ill need for
The things
That await me
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