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A M Ryder Nov 2020
Seems unreal
And abstract
A string of zeros
That exists in some
Strange place of its own
  Nov 2020 A M Ryder
sage silcrow
the small voice saying:
"why did she let me go"
is a broken record
that I cannot change.
not really a poem but it's from my heart
  Nov 2020 A M Ryder
sage silcrow
Wish I could ask, why did you let me go
Since you left time has moved so slow
Nothing hurts like seeing your smile
Intangible, locked away in permanent file

Out of my misery and into the fire
A M Ryder Nov 2020
It's a big word for me
I feel it everywhere
Almost home
Almost happy
Almost changed
Almost, but not quite
Not yet
Soon, maybe
A M Ryder Oct 2020
You drink
You drive
And ruthlessly try
To have a good time

Down slicken oil streets
Pavement like a pistol
To my temple, meets

The cure to my cancer
And the answer
To my every problem
A M Ryder Jun 2020
This is happening
I am here
I am looking at her
And she is so beautiful
A M Ryder May 2020
His command of color
Most magnificent

He transformed the pain
Of his tormented life
Into ecstatic beauty

Pain is easy to portray
But to use your
Passion and pain
To portray the ecstasy and joy
And magnificence of our world

No one had ever done it before

Perhaps no one will again
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