Fun and games
that's all it takes
to keep young hearts in motion
but one night like the
thousands of others
she went missing;
gone from sight and
gone from everyday life

Time went by
and she went with it
the clock was a ticking bomb;
waiting to find hope
and explode with glee
but on the happiest
day of the world
it took a sharp turn

She was found in the
morning's cold embrace
no trace of life remained;
robbed of innocence
robbed of possibilities
never to open eyes again
never to open the front door
and say "I'm home"
Based on the murder of the Danish girl Emilie Meng in 2016. Her murderer is still not found.
  Apr 15 Silverflame
Pagan Paul
Wrapping the sky
      around shoulders of grief,
prepared shuffles of aimless motion
in time,
     a hood of moons
transpire to illuminate,
          conveying the dissolution
of reason and rhyme,
as logic takes a bullet and bites the dust
resplendent in a cloak
     of transparent darkness swirling,
          a veil drops
like the final curtain,
with the august play about to commence,
     the actors, forward,
          taking a bow of silence,
to an absent audience who do not care,
the arrival at platform zero,
     of nowhere,
          travelling to nothing on a vacant train,
an instant express to the heart
     of the void,
carrying hallucinations
          in a purse
                    of stars,

Promise rides a chariot of blessing,
yielding a gift
     sugar coated in
          images and

© Pagan Paul (11/04/18)
I'll paint my ceiling lilac
Make it twinkle with flashlight stars
I'll build a cardboard spaceship
We can fly to our orange peel mars
You'll call me your astronaut
As I pull you up to the swirling sky
Explore every marshmallow whirl
As I fall for your acorn eyes
Our bodies will be constellations
Limbs and breaths intertwined
Our souls are dot-to-dots connected
Heartbeats rhymth aligned
I painted this dream for us
Used a palette made for you and I
Every brushstroke will be worth it
You're my favourite lullaby
Silverflame Apr 15
Open your eyes and see the world;
it's been here the whole time.
Free your heart and free your mind;
loving yourself is no crime.

Take off your mask and just be you;
it takes courage to come alive.
Let the light fight the dark away;
you don't need to be disguised.

Tell the world you're here to stay;
drown your doubt in the river bend.
Believe in yourself and you'll realize;
you're your own hero in the end.
Silverflame Mar 23
Lie with me
on this ancient
ground and keep
me warm with
your lies about
a better tomorrow
where sorrows
die with the
remnants of my
common sense
Silverflame Mar 18
Little free sparrow
with the sad sound,
rolling with its shadow
all night long.
Settles in your heart
with memories of that once was,
and if you keep quiet
you can still hear its song.

Little blue butterfly
floats on the last day of May,
around in the bright spring
off on life's highway.
It has seen the world
and take it all as a play,
it dives into an ocean of clover
and a nirvana of forget-me-not.

Little black cat
spins the dark night,
chasing rare demons
while guarding your mind.
While you're away in dreams
nothing dangerous can come in here,
two large amber eyes are watching
shining like moonlight.

Little white dove
with wings as a sign of peace,
knocking gently on your doorstep
waiting for crumbs of love.
Somewhere unknown it flew away
around its little leg hung a message:
"wipe the diamonds away from the cheek
and keep in mind that nothing lasts forever."
Silverflame Mar 12
A loaded gun behind the perfect shot,
infiltrate my mind with memories I'd forgot.
Pills and potions couldn't help ease the pain,
the man with the mask I can no longer keep sane.

And in the bleeding sky I saw,
scars I've encountered once before.
The depth is scary, but I can't look away,
I dive and drown in this red ocean every day.

I close my eyes and hum a song,
trying to outshout the things I've done wrong.
It's a suicide mission to try and win this fight,
so I'll just get lost with the strangers of the night.

On the gleaming tracks I run with no goal,
its just an endless journey within a distant black hole.
I'm just a fraction of something that could've been great,
but, I know it's too late to change my bulletproof fate.
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