Silverflame Sep 27
I let go of my first love before it had a chance to bloom.
I watched it fall with autumn into the descending moon.

But here we are again; talking about yesterday's tune.
It's like nothing ever happened, and thus my pain resumes.
  Sep 24 Silverflame
A H Butler
The urge to do nothing is overwhelming,

I am motionless
I find myself halted.
Based upon a worry
a waiting
dominated by uncertainty.

I cannot go on
I stretch the mind
wonder of antidotes
remedies delicious
in the knowledge
of their reduced life
But not a cure.

Openings brighten despite me,
the ephemera of the street untouched,
lilting on its arbor
in its impetuous parade.

​(I think)
I should not allow myself this dysania
in the spaces between moments,
lapses into stillness unforeseen.

In the warm response of wire
I ask for forgiveness.
Trapped in my own gaze,
it’s all I have.
(the purity of sorrow)
The floor pushes me skyward,

I run my finger’s tip around the edge of the afternoon,
Hope to *** it rings out in response.
© A H Butler
  Sep 23 Silverflame
President Jo
L a s t  n i g h t ,
I n  a  c r o w d e d  p l a c e ,
H i s  s o u l  m e t  m i n e
B u t  h i s  h e a r t  d i d n ' t .
Soulmates doesn't mean love. It's all about the heart and not the soul. Ciao
There are rivers
In my veins
Eroding shore
That is my skin
Contained within
These lifeless eyes
And the smile
Painted Wide
Across my
Blotchy white
But I do hold
Hope inside
That one day,
There will be more
Than confinement
One day
There will be
More than this
Tell me
A world exists
In which
We can slit
Our wrists
And let our
Rainbows flow
Where we can
Wear ourselves
As masks
And not be afraid
To be dissected
Or overthrown
Where hate
Has lost its hold
By unconditional,
Boundless love
And acceptance
The new term
For a different social norm
Please tell me
That you can respect
All that I lack
That you can accept  
All that I am
Tell me
It’s okay
To hold these thoughts
Inside my head
That in the end
I can find,
Some peace of mind
And let these rivers
Run dry
And unhinged
  Sep 23 Silverflame
how to have a good
haiku: make sure you do not
run out of sylla-

Silverflame Sep 23
I try to say what's on my mind,
but the words are in commotion.
I keep it bottled up inside;
a walking wreck of emotions.

You only see the tip of the iceberg,
but my feelings are pacific deep.
When will my love stop being unheard,
so my insecurities can sleep.

I'm sporadic alive; roaming around,
trying to cope with my endless stress.
I hope you dare to see my ghost town,
where the fragile me are taking a rest.
  Sep 20 Silverflame
you attract me
there’s this force
unknown, strong and persisting
pulling me closer and closer
even with all my resisting
i beg you to stop
yield, let me go
i can see this void between us
the one i must fall into
spiral downwards and crash
change that which is my core
my spirit, my character
before i can be with you

but what kind of love is it really
if i must lose myself to find you.
When you’re going to fall in love but you really don’t have time right now.
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