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  Jun 2020 Silverflame
Northern Poet
It's time for a name
Not to be just another 'name'

To anyone who lost a life
You didn't die in vain

Colour doesn't matter
Inside we're all the same

It's time to stop the suffering
It's time to stop the pain
Silverflame May 2020
Your northern light lures me in
it's blinding my eyes
it's so cold and so tragically beautiful
it's roaming alone on a loose highway
where no man can stay

We all see you, but not all can feel you
I am powerless and drained of self-love
but if you want to, I'll love you enough
enough for you to never feel alone
despite our distance, I'll keep you sane
and perhaps you can keep me warm

We've felt the calamity in our hearts
etching happiness away;
injecting darkness all over
but it's okay, it's all okay now
we've found each other
and we'll get through it

I do not know much, but this I know;
all this pain and suffering have not been in vain
since it led me to you, and you to me
so let's give happiness a second chance, shall we?
Silverflame May 2020
You are half a world away
but you still make my heart flutter.
Silverflame May 2020
I'm afraid to be loved.
But that doesn't mean
I don't want to be loved.

I know I say mean things
about myself all the time,
but I do that to protect
myself from potential danger
and unnecessary heartache.

I'm only human,
or perhaps a bit too human.
I can't deal with too much hardship
because it will only make me
spawn an ocean of melancholy.

And I do not want people to see
me drown in my own weakness.
I simply can't allow it.

So I **** it up and carry on.
You might think my mindset
is brave and indeed
it is, to some degree.

But most of all it is painful.
It's so ******* painful.
But I'll get through it, I have to;
until I crash and burn.
  Apr 2020 Silverflame
Edmund black
It is said that
I am a poet ,
I am simply a lover
Who makes miracles
Out of madness
A lover who offers life
And sees all as beautiful
I make art with my words
And so, I make love
I don’t have time for loathing
And so, often times
I keep my darkness,
It doubles as my light
In spite of its shadow.
I am one of life’s saddest students
Who in time, has figured out
How to build wings from gratitude
How to fly free from sadness
How to build strength from lost
How to make love from loss
So with that being said
**** the clouds over my head
Edmund black just said it
He may even repeat it
**** the clouds over my head
I’ll just cry in color
And paint myself a new Sky
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