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colette alexia Aug 2020
Like looking for a song that hasn’t been written
I’m looking for a love that hasn’t yet existed
I don’t know who, how, or when
But I know I can’t wait to meet him
Mary Frances Aug 2019
Parting is always painful.
It all ends with a goodbye.
May it be said or not,
or its reason, a truth or lie.

Parting is always painful,
for you'll never know when you'll meet again.
May it be soon or never at all,
you'll always hope, anticipate,
no matter how small.

Parting is always painful.
Especially when the last you'll see is a smile.
Hiding the hurt, the regrets, the miles,
Giving an illusive dream you'll see it again
though you know that won't happen.
A M Ryder Jun 2019
You know, it's funny
We never anticipate the ways
We're gonna isolate ourselves
From the ones we care about
Christopher May 2018
The suspense kills them
Or at least the parents who support
Awaiting for the cue
If I don't in a few, I'm gonna pass out.
So without further a due
Breath and...
Is it just me?
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018

Still there exists a hope
Someday you will get out of my dream
Meeting the reality


Still I will be waiting,
With a mixed hope
Will you fly away, if you get wings?
Genre: Romantic
Lucas Keith Aug 2013
She speaks only in soliloquy,
   never daring a coupled conversation,
  for who could understand her innermost
    thoughts better than she?

The whispers dancing from left
   to right, logic to lunacy, and back
  again, painting a world that none
    have the privilege to see.

Silence casts a clever shadow,
   blank stares like broken downtown
  walls, painted with attempts at
    liquid existential monuments.

Yet it's more than empty air
   shimmering with anticipation for
  words to alight across the dust
     to carry the world she lives in.

She speaks… but only in soliloquy,
   never caring for a coupled conversation.
Victoria Jul 2015
Anyone of them,
I just want to hear,
From you,
Not too much.

All I want to do,
With you,
Not too hard.

But, I'm here,
Waiting for you,
And, you're there,
Waiting for her.

This feeling of anticipation is bringing me up and down on a roller coaster. I thought I was done, I guess I'm wrong.

Nothing much,
nothing more.
Ari Sep 2014
False hope.*

Sometimes you need it. Just to feed off of it for the future.

— The End —