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Kanishka May 7
I got lured by the match you had,
I let you break down my walls.
Instead of illuminating my dark corners,
You burned me into an ash doll.
Can't figure out how to live again.
genia Apr 7
You’re 17.
Sunday mass at Church.
Eyes bright. Heart open.
Sign of peace.
A meeting of warm hands across the pew.
Heart aflutter, eyes lowered.
You think, God brought us together.

Sundays are quickly
becoming your favourite day of the week.
Eyes meeting, cheeks blushing
In between the homily.
Weekly meetings turn into bi-weekly dates into marriage.

You’re 24.
You say, God I can’t do this anymore.
Eyes bitter. Hearts closed.
Night-shifts. Poker weekends. Empty houses.
Wordless, soulless, meaningless co-existence.
You think, God brought us together?
No amount of hail marys
Can save us.

That Saturday
Night shift at the Hospital.
Hand sneaking under scrubs.
A breakdown of marriage
Heart pounding. Eyes open.
Your saviour.
God’s answer?
(dedicated to Steph)

I dont condone cheating, but what this poem doesnt say is that the other party cheated first. I wanted to explore the idea of God and blessings in various forms.
Johnny walker Mar 21
It's sad but the very first time we set foot on this Earth as human beings was the beginning of the end
or at least will be If we don't make dramatic changes to how
For global warming have caused through progress to fast without a thought for the environment and of the damage we've
Destroyed our ozone layer
through overuse of aerosols, we have no protection from the suns harmful
plastic bag and ******* we dump In the sea destroying our marine life almost with attitude what we don't see doesn't
but It's becoming visible floating around In our seas for all to see oh what have we done to our world we were given this
to look after and we've failed miserably only hope for sake of future generation
we can save some of what we have
A poem for our disappearing environment caused by our own hands just hope Its not to late to save what Is left of this world
Amanda Mar 19
Summer glow softens to autumn gold
And leaves become brittle to the changes
Of winters white blanket of cold

Head and heart compete with choices almost made
As love struggles to argue with valid reason
Neither prepared to give in to risks, evenly weighed

Winter chill covers the summer warm
Choice is made, and logic sends an artic shiver
Into a burning heart, love is silenced under the icy chloroform

Almost touched the never ending of us, nearly begun
But love is a rainbow arch that needs its mirror
My head saw, what my heart denied, there was no reflection
Eric Mar 4
I have failed to realize what brought this
I have failed to see all your flying fists
I ducked and weeved , but should of took the hits.
You meant something behind them
With your words as daggers stabbing my every being.
Now my mind races on every moment you was leaving.
I have failed to see what was building .
The arguments like waves of flames
Know that after every one, we'd never be the same.
Ill words have infected my mind
You made it seem like you hated me the entire time.
Have I failed?
Why wasn't my feelings enough for you to listen?
Cause I failed to see what I was missing
Do you miss me?
Is my every sleepless night for vain
All those thoughts, for nothing
There's a reason for it all
But that reason just explains why I fall
Why I've lost my back bone to every situation
I cringe to the thought of you thinking of me
Cause why, when you don't think we was meant to be .
And I still to this day
I have failed to see
Why I failed
When you lost love for me.
The clock Is already ticking on the countdown but will there be time enough for this planet to save  Itself from pollution and destruction we've had
But Is It too late to stop the clock that's been ticking since the beginning of  time or Is
to late what we
done to these planets now sad life which was to be our children Inheritance but let's face It what are we leaving them If anything at
Man call It to progress I would call It progressing even quicker towards certain doom for us
We have gifted this planet to look after and we have completely failed In every aspect of Its care and Inevitably we have failed
with devastating effect on our environment and caused
the Green House
on our climate we no longer have the four seasons It's whatever nature decides to throw at us and seems to be much worse
man will have a lot to answer to at the end days those days are closing
Man has a lot to answer too
at the end of days for It lotal
lack of care of this world we
were left to care for we have failed with deverstating
effects on our planet
Johnny walker Feb 12
If you had met Helen for the first and knowing nothing about her she would have spoken to you just as If she'd known all of her life truly amazing she

Never known anyone that could make friends so easily everybody loved her
she had time for everyone
Speak to anyone she was really special

Just a shame life didn't treat her the same way but Instead was very cruel to such a kind lady who deserved so much better than she

I'm not a big fan of this world we have to live In I suppose I have a great deal of anger towards the Catholic Church that failed
After all, she had given everything to them to the point of becoming unwell and the priest turned their backs on her In her hour need of

I believe In a God, but not
the dog collier brigade that failed my wife In her hour of need so yes I do have anger for my wife gave so much kindness but asked nothing for
But should receive at least recognition for what she'd done poor girl forgotten by the church that she gave so much time to shame on them the Catholic Priests as they have a lot to answer
What with child abuse so I won't be attending church either now or In the future, God bless my wife for all she did and may she rest in peace

Helen Mary Walker
22nd July  
1955 - 23rd Dec
A special tribute to my wife who gave so much to the Catholic Church who failed her In her hour of need
Simra Sadaf Feb 2
in the summer of ‘18,
death became poetry
to me and grief became
a permanent resident,
a burden – a burden
of knowing, and god
forbid if I am granted a
moment of joy, life slaps
another apocalypse at my
beautiful face, one of you
wrote to me saying I am
no one and I will die a
no one, it just shows how
broken that human is, I
hope poetry will be the
death of me because to die
a failed writer is okay, but
to die a broken human is not.

Such formality
Such normality
So back to reality.
Saddened by my delivery.

Yet I found some chemistry.
Wish One would confer with me.
Give me time I'd like to be exemplary.
You may not be aware due to my delivery.
Give me time.. give me rationality.
Remove the formality.

I can handle goin back to the normality.
I wasn't quite ready..
but keep the sweet gifted beauty.
Seen in this Rarity..
known as my melody..
The true gift of Being Me.

ShardayRose..S.A.M 2019
a poor delivery.. not really who I am.. or poorly shown who I can be..give me the chance to confer.
Nigel Finn Jan 23
I just had a thought in my head-
"The art of the sonnet's not dead!
And to prove that it's true
I'll write one for you!"
...But then I wrote a limerick instead.
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