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Àŧùl Feb 2020
I am so tired.
I want to sleep.
I am so sick of it.
Let me just sleep.
And never wake up.

I think that I am cursed.
I am dead already.
I live in a hell.
Hell is a brazenly lonely place.
Let me sleep forever.

I fear immortality.
I am already so lonely.
I shall be lonelier after some decades.
My parents are not here for forever.
And humanity is so selfish.
People are so self-centered.
They don't care about others.
They just exact their selfish aims.

They bed people casually.
They just **** and forget.
Won't they have to love?
Because someone broke them.
Someone shattered their heart.

Now it's a chain reaction.
My HP Poem #1826
©Atul Kaushal
Can I love him like I love you? The men now want to be the child. Unfortunatelyourtunitly, the men are use to bring taken care of. It's just not what a real lady wants. I want a grown man..someone that makes sure that I know that they are there. Make sure that I'm okay..that I have what I need. Not that a man doesn't have feelings because we know that they do. But if I'm the weaker vessels why I'm I catering to you. It's your job to be the back bone. Sure there are some people that want to play reverse rolls. I'm not them not do I want to be. People speak about women's rights. I have the right to be respected and speak as I need and have my mans back. Yet, I need my man to be a man. Teach him all of the good that you are. That way I can love him like I love you❤.
Love never fails
AAron Roz Jun 2018
Loose your footing,
stumble around.
Waving your arms around,
trying to find a light.
Cut your arm on the fence,
stub your toe on a rock.

There is pain in this horrible and blind society,
that we don't know just yet.
Cheyenne Mar 2018
can you hear me yet?
the song that plays on in my heart doesn't seem to be the same melody
it used to be so happy and light
now all i feel is water crashing over  my hear
i'm sinking
i'm screaming
crying out for your affection yet you turn your back again
your only hear for a little while then you leave
i wish you heard my cry
i wish you could feel what i'm feeling
save me
don't let go
because i cant
turn around
hear me for the last time
i love you
but you love her
you hear her
i'm can't be there anymore
goodbye my last love
Arcassin B Oct 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Everglade, Everglade,
Positivity won't prosper as long as the negative comes first,
Put your lives on the line for some cheddar to know in the end that it will hurt,
People place many scars all on their back after learning what their friends just went through,
Nobody knows your true feelings but you,  ***** you aint see through,
You'll be you foreverglade,
Refrigerated your heart for giving reason,
Cry about the same **** everyday and every season,
Let the little things you love just fly you away to a place where the demons can't
Catch or call on your name,
You shouldn't give up on the faith for no reason, Everglade,
Let me put it in words you understand,
I'm not in a competition with no man,
The overly passive aggressive teams fails,
And just all hail to the righteous man,
The men that fight for families and knows to take a stand,
Not a bully that hangs you up from by your pants,
Lifes too complicated,  I just can not brand,
Everglade, Everglade.
Àŧùl Jun 2017
Oh how conveniently I often fail,
But not that my arms I do not flail.
Neither that soldier spirit ebbs away,
Nor this fighting spirit will ever sway.

What is wrong with my health,
Why all my systems get derailed.
Have I not lost so much of wealth,
How I avoid this approaching death.
May be a bad news for a few of you,
But as a good news for some of you,
Multiple systems in my body now fail.
I am not sure where I will land,
If in heaven or in hell,
If there exists a life after death,
I will await your ascent right there only.

If I die, ask my father for the password.

My HP Poem #1576
©Atul Kaushal
Adam Wayne Terry Jun 2016
the heart
well it fails
not for lack of trying
more an improper belonging
or not belonging
although it always knew
the pain
it was a clue
love is a fool
filled with hope
but left alone
unlike the mind
that strengthens in solitude
hidden behind the eyes
in the cavity of a cage
the heart
it waits
and rots away
Jack Jenkins May 2016
I'm heartbroken, helpless,
Looking for a sliver of hope.

You were careless and clueless,
Leaving a **** upon my weary heart.

You stretched my mind far too thin,
Branding a languishing symbol on my willpower;
You are the torrential torment I live with.

All my sacrifices mummified my heart,
Withered and locked away, entombed within.
And you crushed my throat with your stiletto heel.

The wounds you cleaved bled through to my soul.
All the king's horses and all the king's men,
Couldn't put Jack together again;
Leaving a hole in my core being.

So now as I'm questioning my loyalty to you,
Pouring the kerosene on the rope bridge we built.
I also question the love of my Father,
If He notices my suffering.
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