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Tom Lefort Jan 13
Mournful footsteps toward our yesterdays,
Twilight now but heartbeats lead the way.
The flicker of love lost still lights this path,
As we search forever the echoes of our past.

Gentle go we toward that hallowed ground,
Where all our heartbreak happiness is found.
The hopes we had are a passion still ablaze,
Still it burns for us in these our darker days.

That place outlives each and everyone of us,
In that eternity we find the only things we trust.
The faith we placed upon that sacred ground,
Upon which all our hopes and dreams are found.
Tom Lefort Aug 2022
All the lost souls, see them
Counting shallow blessings;
Forgotten causes, fallen idols,
Open wounds and seeping hopes.
So many broken dreams, hear them
Crying for their hollow faith;
Darkened hearts, bitter taste,
Shattered lives and loves laid waste.

Tom Lefort 2022
Tom Lefort Jul 2022
Within desperate men
Such desperate secrets hide;
Where Hidden yesterday's hold their smile,
And broken promises rest a while.

Within hopeless men
Those hopeless moment's sigh;
Where forbidden moment's still stand strong,
The folly of all their reckless wrongs.
Tom Lefort Jun 2022
Ink blue sky,
Silhouette arms that reach for you.
Cold the breath of God,
Awash this hallowed isle.
Twilight is here,
Hold the march of time.
England you my England,
For yet a little while.
Tom Lefort Jun 2022
Your life was a precious gift,
Thrown, owned, ******, blown.
Exquisite youth and sapphire eyes,
Faded, wasted, jaded, hated.
Your strife was preditors gain,
Used, abused, refused, excused.

Tom Lefort Jan 2022
Beginnings that betray us,
Childhoods that forsake us,
Decisions that break us,
Life that evades us.

Careers that deceive us,
Ambitions that fail us,
Lovers that shatter us,
Time that passes us.

Threads that bind us,
Scars that define us,
Years that blind us,
Death that finds us.

Tom Lefort 2022
Tom Lefort Jan 2022
For the past I have ever raised the glass,
It's as close as I can get;
Reawakening each drop of lovers poison
Thrown down my neck;
In memories name again and again
I pour out that lament,
Reaffirming the love of such great regret.
For those years I fumble for the glass,
It's the soaking up that always lasts,
That warming spirit to my soul
But burns cold as ice this eternal toll.

Tom Lefort 2022
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