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TS Lefort Sep 12
You can dredge your mire of memories,
Try and touch those years by way of empties;
Pretend to yourself again and again
That it was really truly better then.
But the dawning light of sobriety
Will run dry those lies we tell ourselves,
Dim the light of yesteryear;
Cast cold the shadow of our today
Upon the hangover our past still plays.

TS Lefort 2021
TS Lefort Sep 3
Struggle for time, fighting for breath,
Fading from sight, forgotten by all;
My life I leave for you in words.

Cradling hopes, fumbling vows,
Falling from grace, forsaken by all;
The shadow I cast is left for you.

Running from truth, hiding the pain,
Escaping the now, embracing the end;
My secret I spill upon this page.

Forgiving lies, regretting loves,
Pursuing the past, rejected by time;
Such beautiful days are lost and found.

TS Lefort Aug 21
This old fool stumbles on toward
A final, futile curtain call.
The lights are out, the audience gone;
Takes his bow in silence.

This old fool recounts the words
He never cared to learn.
All played out, the script so wrong;
His show goes on and on.

TS Lefort 2020
TS Lefort Aug 21
Hold those moments dear
Never let them go,
In the darkest of times
They will light your way.
Hold close those memories deep
Never let them drift,
Upon the sea of uncertainty
They will guide you home.
Hold near the song of yesteryear
Let that siren sing,
She beckons you toward the rock
Your life is anchored from.

T S Lefort 2021
TS Lefort Jul 30
A certain darkness smothers me
There is no way out.
A certain horror waits for me
The hope I go without.

An endless torture pays for me
No one hears me shout.
An endless fear plays out in me
The light in me gone out.

TS Lefort Jul 17
Twist and turn the lid you keep on everything,
Release the madness sobriety holds within;
Pour out the darkness, drink it up.
Carry me home on the rapids and rivers of gin.

TS Lefort 2021
TS Lefort Jul 16
Run your fingers along the lines of time
Scored across my skin, the marks of sin.
The aftermath of everything.

TS Lefort 2021
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