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I'm not the man that I long to be.
There's this broken childhood
That stil kicks around inside of me.

Around my heart you hung this weight,
I am the product of all your mistakes.

It's not the future I thought it would be,
With this pain you left inside of me.
What have you done, how can this be?
You killed the child that lived inside of me.

Don't be fooled,
Don't think you've made amends.
The blood I shed, it never, it never
It never, ever, ends.

So many years I lost to your ill gain,
Countless moments consumed by pain.
What did you do, why was this done?
Where is my peace?
Why won't it come?

Don't ever think you could make amends.
The blood I shed, it will be my end.
It will be my bitter end.

Where is my peace?
Why won't it come?
Because when I wake tomorrow,
I know so well,
The worst is yet to come.

Tom Lefort 2024.
Tom Lefort Feb 9
I am two people,
Split by the bottle.
One in the pews
And the other full throttle.
Tom Lefort Jan 19
Sing loud the failings of my past,
Each a tune for which I long.
I don't regret those faults of mine,
The beat of which are still my song.

Tom Lefort 2024
Tom Lefort Jan 19
Be ready should the moment take you there;
When that unexpected pull of yesteryear
Wraps firm it's fingers upon your soul.
Digs deep on heartbeat echoes old.

Be still within those shadows of your past;
Where such reflection heals our wounds
Calms now the storms aroused by youth.
Holds firm our every hidden truth.

Tom Lefort 2024
Tom Lefort Jan 12
Strike a match in the dark,
Watch your childhood spark to life.
In a momentary flicker of the past
Relive the scent of bonfire nights;
Where sulphur rockets are heaven bound,
And the orange glow of fire lit faces
Come congoured from the dark of time.
But burns short the magic in that light,
It dwindles fast like youth itself,
Each memory blown away like smoke.
But for just one moment that magic shone
And in those seconds a child came home.

Tom Lefort 2024
Tom Lefort Jan 7
Every step of all my many paths
Have reached their bitter end.
No lights of life are left to guide,
I put them out along the way.
Like scattered truths behind me
The embers of a fire once mine;
I left them there to fade and die,
Yet once they lit my way.

Tom Lefort 2024
Tom Lefort Jan 5
I walk within the shadows you left behind.
Those twilight places - still and silent -
A lost lover's noman's land.

Scattered there the broken hopes we had.
Our sacred dreams - spent and failed -
My longed for lover's battleground.

Tom Lefort January 2024
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