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Solitude Man Jun 2018
For the man has been changed,
dressing in a mirage and false attire
building a castle in his schizophrenic mind
for so long he guessed it was mist
his mind limboed by their words
'we are architects of the sand filled castle' they scream
they say he uses pity power,
so they tell him his pseudo-castle is bliss

For the man has been changed
the realisation is the ****** in his heart
he was right, their trust is a facade
they say he uses pity power
so they have to stay with him in the hard-times

For a time, I too thought my bed was laid,
unraveled the best wool for this bamboo sheets
all for me to realise that every utterance of love
that came from their lips
was but for them on a pressure cooker; making me the chef
though i took a journey, i started to understand they were never with me
they knock me off my perception stand
my candle light burning without light
though now they do not understand, for when they shall, standing not shall i be
for my heart has taken a bow

For a time, though i have sailed through them endlessly
and became an anaesthetic mind for their sake
for the man has been changed
though they say he uses pity power
this lego victim is the solitude man
and He's back.
midst the sparkling stars
sailed a luminous moon
chartering night seas
Yen Apr 2017
To the ******* who once was my bestfriend but has now forgotten about me

Your tan skin and sweet smile was once my daily sunshine
A reason for me to wake up in the morning and be energetic in school
Your laugh pokes at my heart like a ring-less three point shot in a basketball game
I watched my heart become the ball
You shot through rings of fire
That kept burning and burning
But I played your game
Like you played me
Because you were once my best friend
But now you’ve forgotten me

You were once my daily sunshine
And now my daily hell.

I used to open Facebook and see a message notification
Your name in bold letters with a simple "Yo"
And a smile emoji
And sometimes you'll tell me
"Notice meeeee"
With five Es in the me

Now I open Facebook and see no message notification
Your name in light letters with a seenzoned "Yo"
And a smile emoji
I'll archive our thread
And I'll try to forget about you
But when you go online
I always tend to notice you

I see your name on the active list
And see your posts as you tag them
And not me.

You used to send me random lyrics
And made me listen to random music

You used to tell me
"You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there"
But when I needed you
I did count on you like four, three, two
But you did not come
You were not there

I did not even see your shadow when I asked for help
I never saw you by the audience during my performances

I've stopped watching your basketball games
Because I am done watching you
Shoot my heart through rings of fire
Watching it break on the same court where you taught me to play

I've stopped messaging you on Facebook
Because I am clearly just another message you have already read

And I was just another friend
You have already forgotten.

19:09 - 19:28
7 April 2017

— The End —