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lok-hing Sep 2018
a comforting place, this safe space
a barely standing fortress of blankets and pillows
fairies and fairy lights fluttering
curling up and enjoying the warm glow
in the middle, a figure crowned with white flowers

an unwanted intruder, this violated space
a messy heap on the floor of the darkened room
the flower crown now in trampled pieces
ripped from the grasp of the kneeling figure
it's not safe anymore it's not safe anymore it's not--
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
Deprive me
I don't need sleep now
Make me
Tell me not to go slow
Forsake me
Let's put on a great show
Take me
in all the ways you know
Shake me
off this dreamless night

Let us kneel in front of each other
one after the other
sweet juices to follow
you need to abide
and let me swallow
your pride
Inked Quill Jul 2018
Thankful for his collar
At my collarbone
His body
My Temple
Not my weakness
But strength
Deriving pleasure
When I kneel
Before him
And I stand
At his command
Hannah Beasley Feb 2018
A black kitten stumbles towards me
Its young features-
Prominent in the thick fog
The kitten, teetering on its small paws

I kneel down-
In these looming clouds
This kitten-
She rubs her head
against my outstretched hand

This poor little guy,
Not knowing where to go
Such a small speck in this big, big world

The fog blinds me for a moment-
And the kitten was gone
Hadiy Syakir Oct 2017
Kudos to Kaepernick.

I just cannot drown all my beliefs and ideas, even if it contradicts my flesh and soul. When I heard that not standing up to the tune; that has always succeeded on sweeping all of the messes underneath the sad reality, to be deemed as subversive, I know that Rosa would definitely clench onto the seat tighter than ever.

Kneel, my friend, kneel.

To drag our body out there, all over the precious hills and fields, while acting as if the scale has always been set fairly beneath you all this time, will hurt you more than myself. How can a mere matter of things decide our future, our destiny? We shall shape our fate, you shall shape your own fate, and to be judged on the perception biasedly built in the name of order for thousands of years, is a situation that should not be endured by anyone or anything in a tiny dot within this vast universe.

Kneel, my friend, kneel.

And for that, I cannot stand proudly and profess my love to you as of now, even though I will always wear my heart on my sleeve for you to see. To be cheated, to be manipulated, to be deemed as surplus, by those at the tip of the plateau, that cunningly asked us to forget all the tangles and wrangles for the love of this sacred land, while unashamedly distribute everything off the land, off the ocean amongst them, is the last thing that we should allow to happen. I am one of those that can't simply put on the mask on top of our meant-to-be honest faces, to say hail to the thief is worse than the eternal grief. I have never dreamed of burying the hatchet with them, not even for a second and if I ever do it, I shall be condemned and dismissed for forgetting the roots, the fons et origo of mine. To love you does not mean to stand still to the soulless melodies, to love you doesn't mean to bow down to the meaningless piece of cloth that has overseen countless infiltration and bombing over the years.

Kneel, my friend, kneel.

To love you is to fight for the rights of many, by any means, even by not standing up. When black is no longer the symbol of miserable, filth and calamity, we shall then breath with ease, stand on our feet and fully embrace the real meaning behind all those majestic words.

Kudos to Kaepernick.
Betsy Garris Oct 2017
Another day another crisis
In this world that feels Christless
Full of lives that must be priceless
As they spill out on the concrete
New disaster, a new hurricane
Mass shooting, new Garner, new Freddie Grey
The patriots pledge and turn away
As their own cry, "I can't breathe."

This, our land of the free
Bound by our own iniquity
Where are the hands, where are the feet
Is the church not called to more?
In her mass modern transgression
God's command we made suggestion
That we run towards oppression
And unlock the captive' s door.

Will the Church choose to stand tall
For every  victim of the fall
Show binding love and light to all
And act upon our creed
Or will we simply hide behind
Our pristine pulpits and our prideĀ 
While those for whom Christ Jesus died
We blindly leave to bleed?

This is where I hit my knees in prayer and choose to love fiercely each soul I have been chosen to cross paths with.
Sydney Queen Jun 2015
Its in the splitting,
Its in the calamity and coming back again.
This is the part where we say yes,
even with all the breaking.
It is hard to look at you.
That sun soaked body.
Standing somewhere in between
where we were
and where we are going.
I would never ask you to leave that place
the way you asked me to stay in it.
I leave my yesterdays behind,
when I can.
Yes, I was smaller then.
I used to fit there.
But I have changed
and nothing else has followed.
I have outgrown it,
I have outloved it.
If you're asking,
Yes I was angry.
Yes, I still love you.
You are the only bones I ever kneeled before.
on how things change and a lot of things stay the same
Aestu Feb 2015
Do not mistake my kneeling for weakness,
nor assume strength when I stand.
For when I kneel it is a gift,
and I rise at his command.
Dark Jewel Sep 2014
Hail to the heart,
The keeper of souls.
Hail to her,
She rules this world.

The heart is divine,
It has power.
Thy ***** of red,
Love, Lust, devour.

Purpose by equal,
Anthem of lore.
Hail to the heart,
Your very bold.

Imagine it,
The world of only love.
The world of all power,
By a single dove.

Hail to thy heart,
Hark and sing!
She will be abundant,
In all who believe.
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