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yıldız Feb 9
In the silence of my being,
I find my peace.
Like butterflies, free and light,
my soul flies far and wide.

The peace within me, so tender and beautiful,
like the wings of a butterfly in the sunshine.
My heart beats gently, in harmony with the world,
my own peace that rests and illuminates within me.
you love i
yıldız Feb 9
[...] like a moth that would do anything to reach its light, here you try to break the distance between you and me. Like a moth blinded by the beauty of the light, unaware of the harm the light could do to it, here you fight for our love.
you Love i
yıldız Sep 2021
You might think home is just a house
made of walls and beams.
But for me, home is a place
where you can be yourself.
It is the place of confidence.

Home is the place where you can put
your mask off and show everyone
who you really are.
You are not scared to get judge by
the people around you because
you exactly know that they love
and accept you the way you are.

Home is in our hearts.

So, home is not just place with four walls and a roof on top. Home is a place where i feel safe. Its the place where i feel loved and accepted by my family, friends or lover.

— The End —