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Whence a man slumber down
With a smile and seldom a frown
For sleep is heaven's gift
And Sleep is life's little rifts

Rifts of passage where souls reside
Souls reside in peace abide
In peace we slumber and in tranquility stay
We go to new places while in a place we lay

In nightmares grow the fears we sow
In dreams we meet the unbeatable foe
Foe I say, but is simply love
Love we can't face in shyness shoved
Thank you for staring at this worthless creation
This had now been given worth due to your attention
Please hit that heart below for a moment
Or continue reading this, it isn't urgent

The purpose of this poem is just for reading
I reckon this is starting to get boring
I've already succeeded half my goal
To get the attention of your soul

To waste your time and energy
That is this poem's destiny
The first sight I witness was a loving caress
The first sentiment I felt was love and warmth
A family is all it took for my happiness
In their embrace and companionship I was content

I grew up and mastered a money making trade
Little by little my loved ones in farewells bade
Little by little, friends and loved ones also are made
I think I was at the peak of my commoner’s creed

But then I awoke in a lavish room with no family in sight
Only to find out my strange and astounding plight
I was suddenly a king with a territory millions of miles spanned
What awaits me is a life filled with luxury and a life painted grand

With a wave of the monarch’s sceptre
Mortal subjects abide my words
Gallant knights slay with their swords
Without hesitation they follow and never falter

But one day of being king, stupefaction once again filled my face
I woke up in unknown lands of new laws and new ways
In here a mortal king may even lose his life to the poorest beggar
For the inhabitants are cultivators in this land besieged by war

With a flip of the hand, mountains are flattened
And with another flip, seas are overturned
This was the apex of this wonderful realm
And to experience this, I was frankly overwhelmed

Then again, born as the strongest man
I have a responsibility and a creed to uphold
Outside this glorious lands of immortals,
Lies darkness threatening to blotch out the sun

As I faced that mortifying experience, I was reborn once again
Literally in a Deity’s body and oh! What a shock I’ve seen
Squatting with the sun behind, I saw a mound in front of me
A mound that once had been the place I’ve lived, the Immortal City

People like ants, people I once had been
And to think that the darkness was my casted shadow
Raising my head, I gazed far into the horizon
The world is vast, This was slammed to me over and over again

A mountain above mountains, a sky above the sky
All those glory and all that I amount to be
Was a frog in a well, gazing at the narrow hole up high
And rose within my depths, was a feeling of melancholy

Indignant, I screamed to the one who played my fate
I don’t want any of this! I don’t need to be immortal!
Godhood can go to hell! I just want to be normal...
To embrace my friends and family once again even if to death I’ll wait
The road was windy and the path ain’t straight
In my drunken fantasy where my satisfaction did sate
Fireflies lingering all around and my vision almost drowned
Heard imps laughing and bees buzzing, that annoying sound

I laugh a whimsical laughter influenced by the atmosphere
To a memory that for now I’ll not remember
I only have a single regret in this moment
That this happiness is just transient

The moon was black and the sky was white
As I wake up from my drunken stupor
Mind beating like the heart and eyes filled with blinding light
Slammed hard to the ground from the heavens where I soar

Remember once again what I want to be forgotten
The disappointments and regrets that was once hidden
But I must endure for now and live this ****** life of pain
For when night comes and the bottle is uncorked, it’ll be bliss once again
For every failure there is always a gain
Blades of grass will always sprout after storm and rain
Though most times you’re blinded by disappointment
Just clear your thoughts and think for a moment

See the positive light in the blinding darkness
Examine your weakness and in there strength you harness
Do not be discouraged even if you cannot win
Be brave and find the strength within

Tribulations and trials are there for a reason
To temper and strengthen, to test you every season
We may fall but we won’t break, just bend
We’ll just stand upright again and again

What I said isn’t entirely lies
Ten failures and eleven tries, a hundred falls and a hundred rise
Become a person that is wise
Failures are just blessings in calamity’s guise
The suffocating feeling when you lose your purpose
It’s so uncomfortable, I suppose
To lose that light on the horizon
It’s very arduous thinking for a reason

A reason to live
A purpose that I believe
That I can traverse blade and fire
Just for that reason, my desire

When problems fade, when reasons wane
We seek for burdens to weigh us in the world of the mundane
The feeling of weightlessness we don’t much entertain
We seek, have seen, and then seek another once again

It’s very ironic the purpose of the past
We hope to be relieved from our crosses
But when we do relieve it, our minds become lost
No driving force left, we then hope it never ceases

Problems are a proof of life
For problems is life’s unending strife
Solve it then seek anew
Let’s solve them without further ado

My problems, my blessings
Thanks be to god for these things
Without stress, there’s no joy in relaxation
If there’s only rest, we’ll be full of vexation
Everyone wears a mask in this world
This mask we develop from young to old
Emotions we lock that clouds our judgement
Mind over heart, this marks our testament

A smile may hide an excruciating pain
Or a tear may hold deceit and sin
In this world not everything is certain
So doubt a little, the truth you may gain

How peculiar some people of the human race
They have masks that perfectly match their face
They are either good people with mind so pure
Or despicable humans who show their true nature

For faith and love some people are blinded
For these, wise people become dumb
Wrong becomes right, in lies we succumb
What use is the senses if the heart is one sided

I’m telling you nothing is wrong with trust
Nor it is wrong to believe
But we as humans we deceive
So to check for facts is a must
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