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+ Inequality is good, a wise friend once divulged
+ It was a good thought that has a hint of truth
+ Why? I asked to uncover its mystery
+ Then he replied, and informed me gleefully

- Perfect liberation is too far to achieve for foolish men,
- In the present times I witness what I believe
- Blissful faces all around and it's probably not their last
- Ain’t we living now in an unequal world with future to trust?

+ I ask, but what about those people lamenting in the dark?
- I’m sorry to tell you bro, in a senseless quest I won’t embark
- Unfairness is when happy people are the cause of their misery
- Which we are a part of, this is ours and that is their destiny

- Of course I won’t impede your stance in this matter
- I believe you ain’t too foolish with your freedom and liberty
- It’s just that some people get what they want on a silver platter
- While some work their ***** of just to receive their miniscule pay

+ I understand my friend that harsh verity
- Harsh? Yeah to some people it is full of cruelty
- That’s why they want to overturn the norms, the world’s ethos
- I admire their courage but that is a matter I don’t intend to poke my nose

+ Speaking of unfairness, I have a thought of mine
+ Why do people complain of what is absent
+ When compared to others they have a lot present
+ Is it because man’s greed knows no confines?

+ And some people grumble about their problems that  
+ When compared to other’s crosses are just shallow vats
- If it is what you said then what use is contentment?
- And the second problem’s just like a game in my discernment

- Level by level we are differing with every other
- It is by which our environments determine our given attitude
- A level one complains to a level seven, a higher number
- And a level ten complains to a problem of greater magnitude

- By which sometimes the level ten see level one in annoyance
- For how lucky he is yet grumble of his misfortune
- See, its just a matter of perspective and vision
- Now why are you looking at me in askance?

+ Your logic has something wrong, I’m just pointing out, not debate
+ Why can’t a level ten, over a level 1 problem, grumble?
+ For its just a matter of perspective as you did articulate
+ And if it is the case then what use is the level of the people?

- Hahaha, you got me right my friend
- My view is flawed as I am
- Please do share thy thoughts so all this will end?
- For we have talked till the cows to home, come

+ My friend, I dare not belittle the view you conceive
+ For I think it has a hint of truth, even though with a flaw
+ You have a wisdom that exists only on a chosen few
+ So let me add a bit of my subjective perspective

+ The great may whine of a small barricade
+ The lesser may smile to the towering obstacles ahead
+ In every individual there are many factors of multitude
+ This is what you have missed, the peculiarity of humans

+ Not just discernment,
+ There is also temperament
+ We not only have perspective,
+ There is also attitude that we give

+ Many matter in life, I thus conclude my statement
- So that’s it! Thank you for the enlightenment
- Those factors really do affect our actions
- As long as we are humans, there are no exceptions

- To persist, to cower, to grumble, in traversing the rain
- To take it easy, to seek help or to accomplish it on our own
- Despite all this choices one truth will always remain
- That in life we most likely will reap what we have sown
A poem I've made back in September 18, 2018, a discourse about unfairness and happiness.
- Persona 1
+ Persona 2
It seems there's nothing new under the sun
All has been written, all has been done
At the very least in the realm of poetry
Even if all is not written now, eventually it will be

Countless words written over many millennia
In any language conceived, and any form of media
Millions of people write to their heart's call
Some reflect present issues, while some reflect the soul

Should we be discouraged? Should we be not?
Let's load our ideas, and let's take that shot
Blend your own flavor in something that exists
Twist and turns, to the future we'll persist

May we continue to contribute to poetry's repository
Write my fellows, in ink, screen, or plaque
That in a footnote of history someday
Lies our name, immortalized in black
It can be discouraging sometimes to think that your new idea is already an old idea of someone else. Nothing new under the sun. All of us just recycle words.

There's probably going to be someone who will be charged with plagiarism someday because their words and concepts will be similar to an existing one. The chance is miniscule, but it's there.
Hey, hey, what's there to say
Silence is all there is today
For I have no meaningful words to utter
No helpful ones either

Of course I'll lend an ear
Talk your hearts out, do not fear
A nod, a tap, or, a hug
I'll give what's necessary, even a shrug

Say what you mean, and mean what you say
Then say it once again, for good measure
Don't worry, your words I'll treasure
Take your time, speak at your own leisure
The absent things, the things I miss
Those that are trapped in past' crevice
Even when I wish, of those that I lack
For the things I miss are never going back

And I don't have the power to go to them
Nor the help to lead me there
I've forsaken the things I miss
In exchange for worldly bliss

I miss them, I truly do
I hope they miss me too
But they never will even if I call
For they are already with better people
A hidden burden got ahold of me
Took away my senses till black was all I can see
Caught me in my weakness with a silent roar
In a daze I was, till I can't escape no more

The past is a ghost I shall never escape from
Never... Never I whisper as my guitar strum
What am I? When everything is already taken
What is left, not dignity nor love, just a heart... broken

The ancients were wrong when they said time heals
They were wrong when they said love conquers all
All that time brought me was timeless pain
All that love did was take, never returned even a slight gain

With the exception of a lesson still not learned
In silence, I let myself be burned
Now in silence, I'm suffering
With nothing left, but ashes and embers burning
Whence a man slumber down
With a smile and seldom a frown
For sleep is heaven's gift
And Sleep is life's little rifts

Rifts of passage where souls reside
Souls reside in peace abide
In peace we slumber and in tranquility stay
We go to new places while in a place we lay

In nightmares grow the fears we sow
In dreams we meet the unbeatable foe
Foe I say, but is simply love
Love we can't face in shyness shoved
Thank you for staring at this worthless creation
This had now been given worth due to your attention
Please hit that heart below for a moment
Or continue reading this, it isn't urgent

The purpose of this poem is just for reading
I reckon this is starting to get boring
I've already succeeded half my goal
To get the attention of your soul

To waste your time and energy
That is this poem's destiny
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