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Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2021
Woke up with headache
How day usually starts
The pain within my cranium
Does not compare to my heart

As tide creeps slowly in
Hope slyly sneaks out
The list of things I'm not
All I seem to think about

My voice dropped an octave
Sound I've grown to hate
It's just another line
In list of unattractive traits

I might be an artist
Good with words I am told
The descriptions I paint aren't pretty
Because world has made me cold

Life getting exhausting
Fed up with each breath
Have no choice but to carry on
Only cowards escape through death

Faces wearing smiles pass
Deepening my frown
Others make it look easy
Depression keeps me down

Darkness spreading as disease
Throughout expanse of my soul
My body feels like it's swallowed
By bottomless black hole

Turning corner after corner
Never reaching the maze's end
I get more and more lost
In labyrinth with every bend

Not sure if poor judgement to blame
Or the culprit is destiny
Either way stuck as a prisoner
Of everything I will never be
I had so much potential but I threw it all away
Spadille Sep 2020
A detective woke up from a deep slumber
To only get a glimpse of his wife
Bathing in her own blood, lifeless
It was truly a ghastly sight

Stunned by what he saw
It took him a long time to comprehend
And when he did
He weeped and mourned
He ought to bring her justice

A million questions
A thousand interrogations
Hundreds of suspects
Numerous clues

Time passed by
And the culprit hasn't been caught
Fraustration ate him
And he screamed curses into the abyss in vexation

The day finally came
He now knew who it was
He knew who the monster was
He miscalculated everything

The culprit is starting at his soul
With ****** hands and a devilish smirk
"Good job" it whispered to him
As he started at the reflection of himself
RhettlvScarlett Aug 2019
I believe her every word
here, there and everywhere
written spoken or silenced it's the truth!

Her surviving courage skill
a lesson of good and evil to all
in the face of cowardly
cold blooded assassins
demonizer slanderers
human predators

This beauty is my best friend
I am so blessed
my sister my doved eyed
an in and out beauty-rest
my beauty poetess is

much revered here in heart
her open minded nature
my inspiration she is!

This surviver was noones fool just hurting cornered and alone
in denial stunned
sacrificing all
for the ones she loved
So this lady parrot phrased
your culprits E-mailed
nasty notes  
cursing her mother birthing her!

thats all shes done wrong
to pay for it for lifetime long
is hellish travesty.

In the arena of the masked
the covert world of mirrors
granted a few final words
where compensation
she never sought!

My lady friend poetess
re-builds no sand castles to bridge no past disconnections

in this masked faceless cyber
H.P mirror
bridges tend to re-surfice spontaneously
unmasking key facts
completing past puzles
left unanswered

mis-sunderstanding innocent victims of crimes then left behind is very cruel.

It's induced evil fate
collapsing golden bridges
widening gaps
not even a two cent charity
for her pain was ever saught!
much less cash burried
a bank account could have help trace beloved kidnapped
How can someone valued so high
a genie in a bottle
not be protected
your lying significant other covert culprit
snake-eyed jeweled
is anchored to your bank
not to your heart.
no peaceful land!

No such viper's name can your heart carve
your master bed-room
has no tender grace

your picture painter
a Mom's nightmare ****** killer
shes is all yours to keep.

O I am only messanger on free will
platonic friendship
wins this beauty's trust.

friendship I offered gladly
no study subject intended
and these words are my own
my educated guess at best

yes knowing her
in and out beauty
is loving her!

Understanding her
is trusting her
this in and out beauty

her banner's of honor
is true love and to sacrifice her happiness for the benefit of all
even her enemies.

I remain loyal kneeling at this beauty's feet
whom you left behind
heartbroken trashed cursed

just to go romance
wine and believe
the bone fish stonefish real fool
cursing your beloved d M birthing her
insult she simply returned
to her the curser
not meant for you
oh why couldn't you ask
who sent that garbage to your beloved dreaming of you in that magestic bedroom downloaded copied and published
just to find you,
it hurt deeply
your Mom once called her your dignificant other  
you now call wife.
By: RhettlvScarkett
Reviced 03/20
I am a better bridge I unmasked and gave her protection and emotional support. Inspired and written for a great poetess on her true life events writing skills. Very fond of Karijinbba
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2019
I hate Science
I hate Technology

Neither Am I Orthodox
Nor I am Fool

I am not a *****
But still I choose to hate

Science and Technology
Both gave us many things

I remember, there was a time
I worshipped both of them

They produced machines for us
They produced robots for us

Machines started building
Homes, Bridges and Flyovers

Machines helped us in
Food and Cloth Production

Milk and Silk Production
And Blah Blah Blah Blah

They made our life easier
They made our life safer

They provided better security
They provided better tools

They made our life longer
They made our life smarter

They gave us rays of hope
They promised much more

They promised more Freedom
They Promised Leisure Time

They promised better Environment
They promised clean Air, Water, Soil

They Promised Harmony and Peace
They Promised Equality for All

Both Science and Technology
Progressed exponentially day by day

But something went wrong
Someone captured them

Hijacked them and misused
By applying their ***** minds

We still have Machines and Robots
We still have Logic and Skills

But where is Freedom and Peace?
Where is the clean Environment?

Where is clean Water, Air and Soil?
Where is the promised Leisure Time?

Now we also have Nuclear Bombs
We have weapons of mass ******

We have smart tools for our Extinction
We have weapons of mass Destructions

Robots are being transformed
From Robots to Human Beings

Humans are being transformed
From Human Beings to Machines

Yes Slavery is back in the Game
Machines have enslaved Humans

Robots have been granted
Citizenship and Civil Rights

Machines have been made ready
Ready to wage war against humans

The question is who is the culprit?
Is it Science and Technology?

No. Not at all. I know this very well
But I still hate Science and Technology

The real culprits are the hungry Capitalists
Who captured, hijacked and misused

Science and the Technology for their greed
Though they have all the things they need

Science and the Technology easily surrendered
and allowed themselves to be used for their greed

This is why I Hate Science and Technology
I also hate Capitalism and Capitalists too

But I have a big question for Myself. I still doubt -
"Can I really live without Science and Technology"
I Hate Science and Technology, What about You?? You also Hate Science and Technology or do you hate me???
Shiv Pratap Pal Apr 2019
Pen Can Write
Pen Can Draw
It Can Even Paint

Pen can fill Colours
In Shapes and Drawings
And in peoples Life too

Pen has Sympathy
Pen has Empathy
Pen has Emotions too

Pen can Heal
Make you feel
Calm and cool

Pen can save
It can control
The way we behave

Pen Can Fight
For your rights
And for others too

Pen can **** colours
From peoples life
And make it pretty hell

Pen can help you
****** poor's property
And make you very rich

Pen can throw
Culprit in Jail
Or can even grant him bail

Pen could be Cruel
Only needs some fuel
Then it could easily burn

Pen is Sharp
It can Cut and Wound
And Make you Bleed

But is it really the Pen
Or the Hand and Mind
Of one who uses the Pen

Pen is a Weapon
Pen is Lethal
So handle with care
Pen has immense capabilities and immense power.  So how it should be handled
Shiv Pratap Pal Jan 2019
A well known judge
Was very well known
For his high self esteem
For his wonderful ego

He always felt like a king
The king, the Maharaja
Who always strived to eliminate
All the evils, all the sin

He vowed to himself that
He will not take rest
Until and unless all the flaws
Of the system gets revealed

To fulfil his vows
He kept on finding faults
And discovered many of them
One by one, one by one

He vowed again that
He will not take rest
Until and unless he fixes the flaws
Through his claws

But he himself got entrapped
In the net laid by the culprits
The net was almost invisible
Far beyond the judge’s imagination

The Judge exercised his powers
To punish the culprits
But the signals from the net
Distorted few signals of the brain

The results were very simple
Innocents were hanged
The king showed sigh of relief
After all he had fulfilled his vow.
Who is the real Controller? Who has the real power? Who Manages Everything?
a targetable
liar lured
her church
with cunning
that it
mixed fashion
as salsa
as she
danced while
her culprit
was hers
and swayed
in the
belfry but
a  mare
of thorn
in reality
A Selma in reality
Bismay Mohanty Jun 2018
A name that lionized once
Exemplifying crystal goodness
Dwindles now amidst the crowd
For an instinct extravagance
Who loved once, now fear
The name that lies in darkness.

‘The culprit’ now reminisces
All that made his past.
Endurance long did he face but
Long didn’t his freedom last.
Joy comes slow and with struggle
Folly! He wanted it fast.

The culprit earlier envied people
With love, money and other wealth
Unlike winners, he failed to stand alone
In himself he did lose faith.
Burning desires made evil rhetorical
Pity the age evil ignite stealth.

Forbidden fruits he dared to reach
Stranger he felt on being a deuce.
He cherished at the illusion
Of walking on a supreme avenue.
Everything comes with a price, he forget
Now the Devil waited for his revenue.

Blindfolded by the espy of interim wealth
Wealth of humanity has become a fiction.
Just of the self he kept ruminating on
Never thought of the innocent’s malediction
He who snatched several dreams by his desire
Awaited for him the much deserved destination.

In his cell, his sleep now breaks
As the moonlight seeks him in murky.
The joy in seasons are lost forever
Burning passions depleted of intensity
Time passed with thoughts of past and future
Alas! Immature insanity changed his destiny.
Shiv Pratap Pal Mar 2018
Thank You to the judge
for his high self esteem
for his wonderful ego
which made him feel like a king

Thank You to the judge
for falling into the trap
laid by the cruel criminal
resulting in punishing the innocent

Thank You to the judge
who failed to differentiate between
right or wrong,  just and unjust
but still felt that justice has prevailed

Big Thank You to the judge
for his application of mind
and for the miscarriage of justice
which ruined the life of the innocent

No doubt the judge was honest
No doubt he was good
still unknowingly he became a shoulder
to hold the gun of the culprit.
This is how an honest person falls into a Trap.
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