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Focus, here and now,
Breathing in and out; buts and
What-ifs come and go.
Patiently waiting
There, in the next world, where you
See all coming things.
Feeling warm again:
Clouds, making way for fresh light;
wheels will turn themselves
Nolan Willett Mar 21
Look around, it’s all the same
Numb to love, and to fear
Everything, just a game
Cannot even, shed a tear
The worlds intent, to crack you apart
To stomp your feelings, cut out your heart.
Where is peace, where is serenity?
Where is hope, and where is empathy?
Nolan Willett Mar 21
I thought this feeling
Would pass with the new season
But it’s permanent
Nolan Willett Mar 10
Antisocial, shy
Or have you lost the hope of
Being understood?
Nolan Willett Feb 25
Untold times reaching
Out with grasping fingertips
But invisible
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