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  Apr 26 Nolan Willett
sunset symphony
synchronized cicadas sing
soothing serenades
Rest, oh rest so sublime

as night drifts into the unknown

forgotten is weary time

this, the sojourn alone--

light, oh light so calm

all darkness on swift wings has flown

ah, sleep so welcome--  the sweetest balm

what the living have never ever  known
Wednesday night drunk,
the sun lays so still
in its gray sarcophagus;
the sandy mid-rise
across the way
spits yellow blandings
into dead clouds;
the Aberlour bottle
raking its way
towards recycling.

O, that casual dismissal,
how it decimates -
"Thanks, Ev. You too."
But what do I know
of the little surgeries
of her evening?  
More whisky spills -
the sun's canopic heart?
I drank it,
it's gone.
  Mar 31 Nolan Willett
Hank Helman
Do you fear death,
Our vested demise,
The end of all things
When you close your eyes.

So what in your life,
Have you left undone,
A kiss or a kindness
A nose-rub for fun.

We all take our leave,
Our end is for sure,
So today love the other,
Let your actions endure.

Time so precious,
A one way street,
Pause and wonder,
Life can't repeat.
  Mar 31 Nolan Willett
Turn your head,
Fist your hand,
Forget the bed,
Make a stand,

Tis your play,
Stop, you'll slay,
Resist the urge,
To break away

You have naught to lose,
You know you'll bruise,
I urge you still
To make a move,

Deep breaths,
Steady steps,
Jaw, set,
How you want to be met,

Grind your gears,
Prepare to steer,
You are far more,
Than all your fears,

You were born for this,
A sum of all that Is,
A tiny little spark,
That tears the world apart
my soul on a screen,

that no one will see.

all eyes towards the restless,

the fake apathy fiend.

let me say what they cant,

all the things they dont mean:
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