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Welcoming arms
Holding you at arm’s length.
  6d Nolan Willett
Running away-
I don't worry which way is wrong
or which way is right.
I just want to escape.
I just want to run away and leave my problems elsewhere...
There it lays,
my tear soaked
pillow case.

In clouds unseen
where they visit me
every night since thirteen

What am I to do
with no avenue to pursue
when they deny my inhibitions
and tell them they're forgiven?

I see what I can't change and
I can't change what I see

I want to want their vision
of tender, loving, harmony
but it feels like swallowing poison
treating my actions remorsefully.

I take each day
one at a time
unyielding to divulge
what comes to me as I lay
every night
on my tear soaked pillow case.
I'm just a shadow
An unfamiliar name with a strong desire
to learn everything about your existence
darling, why are you trying to find a cure when there’s no disease?
this is the only thing i’m proud of so far that i have written
I want to feel worthwhile
I want a peaceful mind
that turns away from suicide.

I want life to be
my greatest accomplishment,
not death.
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