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  Jun 19 Nolan Willett
Ciel Noir
if this is all a part of me
some solipsistic fever dream
why do I choose to manifest
this soul destroying loneliness

reality does not reflect
my deep desire to connect
so I have reached the conclusion
I must not be the only one
  Jun 17 Nolan Willett
And the visions
that once inspired
his mind
all died
in the killing fields
of his eyes.
Watch over your children
don't overexpose them
their innocence is very fragile.
  Jun 17 Nolan Willett
What good am I
if my mind sees through
the eyes of thieves and knaves
and my words
are fashioned from malice
so as to say
I lie with vagabonds and sleep
with flea dogs
these are my brothers
tell me do
What good am I

absit invidia
Did you wait smiling for this?
  Jun 16 Nolan Willett
If not for this lingering sadness,
I would pronounce myself dead.
  Jun 16 Nolan Willett
the universe will provide infinite assistance
to help you realize
the only answer
is you
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