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  6d Nolan W
I stopped writing for a while
And I didn't quite know why,
I've always used my poetry
To heal my wings when I couldn't fly.

Then, one day, you arrived
And we did have our ups and downs,
But day by day, you loved me more,
I wore my smiles instead of frowns.

My pen untouched, my notebook lay still...
Yet, my words are roaming free
Yes, now I see, I needn't write,
When I speak to you, my speech is poetry.
Nolan W 6d
When everything looks the same
Stay home and play a video game,
When you lose track of the things life took
Sit down and read a book ,
When justifying yourself becomes a chore
And you can’t take it anymore,
Question your choices and your existence
Give yourself a little distance,
Some time to figure some things out,
Like where to go and what life’s all about.
Think about how far you’ve got
What you’ve found and what you’ve sought,
Do a little introspection,
We feel a little better upon reflection.
  Jun 8 Nolan W
BR Dragos
best part about having no friends
is having no enemies either
best part of having no significant other
is being able to feel whole by yourself
best part of solitude is
best part of loneliness is...
I wouldn't know that. I never
felt lonely.
  Jun 8 Nolan W
I don't know,
how to write,
a happy poem.
So I won't.
Nolan W Jun 8
Evil isn’t caring more about yourself than others
But tricking others into caring more for you
Than themselves
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