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Shoulders slouch

The limbs attached to the strings
In hands of the puppeteer

Do the dance, or do not bend

There is a chance
You dance

Or learn to ignore

The hands of the puppeteer

IDS Mar 2020
I do not feel superior because I'm vegan. The truth is I am vegan because I do not feel superior to others.
—Michele McCowan.

It’s more accurately a principle that we shouldn’t subject anyone to our wants and/or needs.

The bottom line isn’t whether we believe ourselves to be better people. The question is not what we are, but what we think, and what we do as a result of what we think. The issue is about ideas and behaviors, not people.

Those of us who reject cannibalism do not think we are "better" than cannibals, do we? We only believe that there are ways of acting that are better than others according to ethics.
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
On the bridge we dance
Hoping for love

We want to have the chance
To dance with a dove

Towards the edge we advance
And we'll have none of the above

So let's take a stance
Against our minds shove
This poem is about suicide, in a way. Its more about suicide prevention.
Jordan Hudson Dec 2018
(Yeah, low as go, yeah, low as can go, stance)
Low as can go, so low to the ground
Ace this ride at the show in the town
Windows up and the windows down
Depends on who be hangin' around
Pass by quickly, make some cash
While they pass and while I crash
They roll off the curbside and
I roll off by exit signs
Empty tank while they keep going
Bumps and holes, my stance keeps mewing
Hitting every one that I see
Cringing every time its too clean
Making a living and making stacks
Living at home and living at the track
I can go and yes I am back
You all gonna see what you lack
Sitting at the back side you all gonna see
What I can do and what I have for me
Place down at the table, make the bet
I got this and I ain't gonna let
All you dominate and take the crown
I gonna take this town and take down
The throne while you sit aside
I gonna sit down ain't gonna let this slide
Watch me as I take over this night
Watch ahead at the lit up tail lights
You are sad and trash I can drive
Can't go no where don't you lie
Take the backseat while I drive
Enjoy this sweet and fast ride
The others slowly follow behind
I just watch my mirrors all the time
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ja
They all gonna drift and turn
What they gonna see is my flames burn
Listen to that bass and that exhaust
The sounds of the others getting lost
Way back there I'm up here
Where did they go can they not steer
They cannot even race
They just can't keep up with my pace
While I get ahead they behind
I'm up here can they find
Flash the lights and drive away
Get up there and we can stay
I love this one, got stance?
Colm Sep 2018
The captive head
Escaping hair
You are and then
So debonair
It's hard to tell where your beauty begins
And my handsomeness ends
Just a glimpse.
Atomika Aug 2018
Have you heard about this brute beast that lives in these parts
Restless, he roams, goalless yet he thwarts
A lot of people have encountered some never lived to see the day
Where the monster decide to move past and mind be swayed

However that monster was not feared because of its relentless attacks
Neither it was because of his horrifying expression when he appears
But because of its presence, everyone is taken aback
And with the arrival of such a beast, one's guile might disappear

Face it or fear for your stability

For he is the leviathan that never attacks, he never uses force
However, he just stands there and mocks, yet your actions become coarse
Be brave, young warrior, face the foe at hand
Before you crumble your foundation that suddenly became sand

Face the creature and you will see, your might renewed and goals are clear
Those who do not become a prisoner of life, the ones who cower in fear

Yet, here why do one hesitate, you ask?

Because in the end, we are all being attacked at once
And your actions are watched by your loved ones.
Then you realize, it's not the monster that confronted you that you should be afraid
It's the monster that lives inside every person's mind that you should keep in check.
A little bit metaphorical but it speaks about a little beast that lives in each and everyone of us.

DDLC Purist Mod is up and I am reinvigorated to write up poems.
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
Some say I’m of the sun;
Burning bright and blue.
But few can’t understand
The woes of mischievous moons.

The day has its pay,
With drops of dew on its shoe.
It knows what to do.
It shines.
It’s wise.
Yet it frowns down upon the gloom
Known only by mischievous moons.

Someday we will collide,
And you’ll be lost in the fog
By my side.
“Hold me,”
You’ll beg.
“Hold me,”
You’ll plead.

But you cut me true.
You blocked my blue.

I’ve no time for the sun.
The night is mine to run.
Dark music and wondrous songs to accrue,
As I’m the mischievous moon.
The moon can't be controlled. It has many faces and phases, just as I have many moods and zones.
Glenn Currier Aug 2017
[Ambiance: the atmosphere of an environment; a surrounding influence]

The smoke drifts over the audience,
the piano, the throaty singer and the sax
permeate the room with a jazzy ambiance.
My nerves vanish in the vibe, and I relax.

I enter the parlor to a flower-scent rush
there’s solemn gloom in the room for the viewing
I hear sniffles and mourners speak in a hush,
the ambiance here shaded with blueing.

The senses soak up the atmosphere.
Smells, sounds, touches, and sights
on the outside penetrate like a spear
take us down or ****** us to the heights.

Every day every inch of the way
is a new journey.  I can choose my stance,
embrace the unexpected and pray
for openness and grace in my internal ambiance.

“Internal Ambiance,” Copyright © 2017 by Glenn Currier
Today sky is full of clouds but tomorrow sun will shine
Nothing is constant in this world just let me clearly opine
Fortune dares to kiss those who dare to meet her just fine
Consistent struggle has its taste and flavor like pure wine
I am destined to be a man of destiny, destination is mine
Bruises of heart and soul to be kept alive with real brine
My mission is so vital that I see all around its glowing sign
I am proud of the fact my Lord keeps me with Him on line

Miracles happen when love takes verdict of beauty in stance
Life becomes a caring friend to provide chance after chance
But one should not mix reality with just ordinary romance
To be fully involved in real love affair one should be in trance
Let me apprise you about the clarity of eyes heart in advance
One should keep efforts in tact not to leave all on circumstance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
With its full force in veins it flows and glows
Love either takes you to glory or to the gallows
When beauty in trance becomes ready and shows
Price of that rose a lovers understands and knows
When every thing changes its shape to love rose
When beauty becomes heavenly wine to bulldoze
When lover in love becomes lunatic and he owes
Then beauty in intoxication takes a chance , throws

The entire universe takes herself to that love dance
Happiness shares herself everywhere to take chance
Nothing remains stable but goes to just a real trance
Entire world is dominated either by love or romance
Let my sweetheart be the part of that ecstasy to enhance
Please expose your beauty in delight to prove my stance

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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