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Empire Mar 8
I am strong
I am confident
I am capable

but it would be nice
if I didn't
have to be...
I look up
to the cliff above

I turned around
and shook my head

I can't
there's no way
even if I climb it
I couldn't get down
the water isn't deep enough
the sides are too steep

So in silence we sat
watching the waves roll in
letting the silence
consume the space between us

Until he said
yeah you really couldn't
I mean maybe I could
but not you

I was taken aback
how dare he say I can't
I could do anything
if I want to

I looked back up
at the perilous slopes
back down
at the waves crashing into sea boulders

And I stood up
grabbed by bags
and started my journey
to the top

Because no fear
would stand in the way
and absolutely no one
could tell me I was incapable
Kada Oct 2018
Our inability in life doesn't limit God's capability in our lives.
                                                                ­                            -Kada
What you may think is a problem can actually be your victory!
A M Ryder Aug 2018
Someone is suffering, what're you going to do?
If I have the capability to relieve them of their suffering then that is what I'm going to do
Regardless of who they are or what they're worth
It just doesn't get anymore complicated than that
When we started this, it seemed so simple
We were going to help people.
But what if those ideals can die?
What if those hopes can fade into the failure of the system?
You have to ask yourself "How do I protect the ideals I came here for?"
Casey Rodger Apr 2018
Everything I have - Is because of me
Everything I've done - Is because of me
I am independence
I am standing alone
I am observing the world around me, learning from it, giving to it and being apart of it
I am improving my self worth every day and searching further into myself for what I am capable of being
I am amazing
I control my life and those who get to be in it
Nobody tells me what to do
I am strong because my spirit, body and mind are connected
I don't need shiny things
I need me.
Amanda Feb 2018
You love me even
When I am not capable
Of loving myself
And for that I am eternally grateful.
Lari Z Jan 2018
sometimes it doesn't matter
that you're not as capable
as smart
as organized
as sociable

you are willing
willing to learn
willing to grow

that willingness you have?
that is enough
you are enough-
more than enough.
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