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Em MacKenzie Apr 24
Let your mind slip for tonight
forget who and where we are,
alter the wrongs to make them right
return to the sky each faded star.
We could succeed in changing time
turn a foe to trusted friend,
is it even really a crime
to repair what was never meant to bend?

Even when the sun forgets to rise
you’ll be there lighting up the skies,
hypnotized by the galaxy in your eyes.
And if the world can no longer turn
you’ll see that the fire continues to burn,
and learn that there’s no need for concern.
You’ll know you’re irreplaceable.

This is just part of who we are,
we couldn’t escape it if we tried,
and even when you’re so very far
you still know I’m by your side.
It’ll be like this forever,
no matter what we do,
things change just like the weather
but never me and you.

Even when the sun forgets to rise
you’ll be there lighting up the skies,
it’s both beautiful and tragic how fast time flies.
And if the world can no longer turn
you’ll see that the fire continues to burn,
you were worth the wait and necessary to earn,
you should know, you’re irreplaceable.

And I carefully watch the constellations,
that take form within her deep eyes.
A million blank pages of declarations,
impossible for me to ever summarize.
I measure love from ground to mars,
and how I’ve never felt so complete,
but it spans all across the stars,
the same space where our souls meet.

Even when the sun forgets to rise
you’ll be there lighting up the skies,
you’re the one exception to every rule, none applies.
And if the world can no longer turn
you’ll see that the fire continues to burn,
you’re all I want, I long for and yearn,
you’ve always been irreplaceable.
liv Sep 2018
a bestfriend is unbreakable
firm yet shapable
a living gift learning to drift
away, from her problems
a living comforter made sweet
memoona kazmi Feb 2019
so she stood there,
watching the rays dying,
watching the sun bleeding in yellow and orange,
the moon ready to take it's place,
and at that time,
she realized,
nothing is irreplaceable,
neither the sun,
nor was she.......
pt Sep 2018
i got my sign,
my heart dropped at what i saw.
im not going to whine,
but youve left me in awe.

you are unpredictable,
i know that for a fact.
highly indictable,
yet you think im acting wack?

never in a million years
would i have expected this from you.
you must know im drowning in tears,
and my hearts in need of glue.

i miss you, sweetheart.
i miss everything you come with.
bit by bit it tears me apart,
my heartache aint a myth.

so yes, i want you back.
but please know i have changed.
my heart rid of the black,
i know the rules of the games.

im still the sweet, soft me
that i know you adored,
thats the part only youd see
but i guess you got bored.

i do agree,
this is a thing of the past.
but this time, you and me,
id try to make us last.

ive saved myself for you,
not letting anyone close.
because its no question who
i still love the most.
we both know i could never move on no matter how hard i tried.
Josh Overson Dec 2017
Please, I beg.
I can't deal with another

You're my irreplaceable.
My favorite human being

But I'm replaced so easily.
*And I feel it pierce my soul
I practiced vows.
I wrote stories.
Imagined fulfilling them.

But they were ripped from me.
And just ******* drowned.
And I drowned with them.
Every night.
Pain and terror.
I'm sorry,
ryn Oct 2017
Dusting off the dirt
from my shoes well worn.

They've travelled far
and had tasted all manners
of earth.

Soles now parched,
and leather all beaten.

Eyes laced close,
scuffs and tears
crying for a mend.

Tongue lolled limp,
dislocated and misplaced.

These shoes,
they beg for a life
much different.

But these feet
knows and wants
the only ones
that fit.
Emily Austin Sep 2017
Old Memories are nestled safe in the Womb of our Heritage
Growing Roots in their Nurturing vessel
Until their Birth wherein they are forgotten.
They take their Vacation in our younger children, Brothers, Sisters
Who we have Provided the Memories of our long ago Childhood
Of the Toys, the Rivalries, the Responsibilities, the doting boys, and playground cliques
Their Adorable, albeit Tiny distracted heads may forget the days of our lives, but the passion they heard in our voices will never leave them.
Just as my mothers never left mine
Tell your stories. Tell them quick, before your memories are born from you and are forgotten from this world
They are irreplaceable, precious times that no one else can ever experience themselves and they must live on as precious stories.
Kept forever within the family walls of love and care
This poem came from a prompt which told me to use a list of words to write a poem. For the most part these words are capitalized.
vllxch Jun 2017
You protect me like an umbrella
in rainy days,
You make me feel warm like sweater that i always wear in cold days,
You are like a rainbow that i always wanted to see after the bad rain,
Your shoulder is the best place for my head to lean on,
Every places that i have been visited always feel empty without you,
And home is not the same anymore.

Mom, you gave colors to my life since the beginning.
Without you here, my days just a black and white and pale.

Mother, thank you for always put my need first.
You are my hero and my queen,
I love you mom, and i always do.
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