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Willow shade Aug 2021
To feel you for a while, I did my best,
Overcame depression, waiting for the next
Suddenly opened my eyes feeling perplexed:
Standing on my knees in tears, I pray
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

The time is really beyond before and afters
Distances turn to a means as we disperse
Your spirit is here; you sound in my laughters
The cigarette is glowing in the ashtray
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

Stretched my soul in such a miraculous bond
No constraint anymore and no discord
Just like a butterfly flying in a void
I found the peace here, please, do stay,
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

I feel you turning pages with shaky fingers
I feel your heart beating in a rhyming bliss
Papers will reflect you in your red dress
As you touch my letters, it will make my day
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!
K Feb 2021
i think of it daily.
when i mention her,
my heart remembers.
i know i am not what you want.
i am not the one you think of
when asked of beauty.
i know i am being silly,
thinking with my heart,
rather than my mind.
how silly it was, for me to think i was enough.
Dear father,
I am your lil version.
People usually say 1st daughter are father's carbon copy, i belive what they mention.
All your love  for me or your decisions
I respect them and never question.
You made so many sacrifices and
Always being an helping hand.
Your strictness gave me growth
And yo u be there for me like under oath.
I want to return but i cant
Now i want to fulfil all your want.
You made me capable, you made me so far
Now its my turn to make you at par.
One day i will be able to give all the happiness he (the father) deserves.
Julianna Nov 2019
It’s not your job but it’s nice
Just because it’s not your job
Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it
The 13th was national kindness day
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
My permanent mental state is an odd battle between paranoia and self-deprication.
Are they laughing behind my back or am I not worth a mention?
ClawedBeauty101 Mar 2019

No guys I am not in danger I am fine!!! Just wanted to write out of a desperate cry of emotions and mourning
Elliot K Sep 2018
Depression is a war, one that i’m trying my hardest to battle but still no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to fight. The words are painful, they hurt more than the ones kids at school would yell.

The words I tell myself daily, like “**** yourself” they are the echo of this world I was brought up in, they are my fathers words, the bullies, the ex boyfriends, the ex friends. Those are the words that ring in my head, as I tell myself daily how much I would be better off dead.

I look in the mirror and I can’t find anything else to say except ‘ew’ the once pretty boy I knew is now a ghost, an empty shell of someone who tried to take on the world but ran into the wall of reality, that this world isn’t perfect like it’s said to be.

I struggle some days to get out of bed, I stay awake at three am, grasping onto any happy moments I can find in this empty ******* head. I need happiness, I crave it like it’s a drug, and hell to me, it is.

My life is like a dumb game, one that I don’t want to play. I would think I was dead if it wasn’t the constant heaving of my chest as a reminder that i’m still alive.  

Depression is a war, like I said. I’m not a fighter, and one day, I’m going to be dead. Maybe not now, or even in a few years but I struggle to live. This life is hell, I have no friends, no family to care. Poetry is my only escape from here.
Payton Patterson Jul 2018
Clock strikes twelve
But still no reply
I've been texting all night
I pray to god
You're safe and sound
No tears
But breath still present
How I need you to be
I need your lungs filled with air
And your heart full of blood
And your mind filled with me.
That's how I need you to be.
If i ever miss any tags that needed to be added please let me know, I want my poetry to be the best it can possibly be for you.
bird Jun 2017
consciously wasting away at the ripe age of 17
smoking to savor the sensation of decay
******* in the graveyard of dreams
or going to vinnies to pray.
lies upon lies. im lying now
im. trying to lie down
but my karma is unbalanxed
and i cant feel the sweet release of sleep anymore
so i sit down and weep ashey tears of the mouth
to keep my tastebuds its the decayi need
while my mind runs 6 feet underneath
Gabrielle Barnes Mar 2016
I crawl into the hole I created,
my resting place.
It is nestled deep in the tundra,
Away from the life I have lived.
I forget my failures,
that I have burned into the skin
of those I love the most.
I close my eyes,
and like a needle has been
pushed into my veins,
I forget.
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