Nick Moser Mar 11

I am no super hero.

I can't save others from despair.
I can't save my heart from falling and crashing and burning and breaking every single time.
I couldn't save my father.
Or my mother.
Or my grandmother...

I can't even save myself.

But before you deem me an unworthy adversary,

Could you please just leave me the cape.

I'd like to keep putting it on,
And keep playing super hero.

Because one day,
Maybe just one day,

I'll learn how to fly.
And I'll learn how to save the World.

I'm no superman.
Mysidian Bard Jan 10

I, too, was once a man
in search of guiding light.
Hopeless, lost, alone
and ready to give up the fight.

When a helping hand reached out,
unencumbered by my weight
and took it upon themselves
to pull me from Hell's gate.

Self sacrifice; a virtue
that I would someday know
to be the shelter that I found
beneath the cape of my hero.

Confide in me, my darling;
I'll be your great escape.
It was written in the starlight
that I would don the cape.

Rebecca Kinga Dec 2016

Behind that shiny thing on your head
There's a blood lust, why they are dead

Behind that cape that touches the ground
Lots of voices had lost and drowned

Behind that pictures you smile for fake
Maybe you do not even worth it to take

Listen castel with ones that you have

We are the same except the crown
You touch the clouds, we're on the ground

You own the cape, you whisper loud
We scream & shout, you hear no sound

You do want you need even with fierce
We rebuild the piers for flood of the tears

There's no difference between us and the king or the queen...
We are the same except the crown, and that crown is chosen by fate, after all, we are HUMANS...
Pauline Russell Mar 2016

I laid my head down last night to rest
I started feeling quiet distressed
For the voices did transgress
Screaming "your life is such a mess"
Making my brain feel like an abscess
In my memory I start to regress

Leaving me in a cold sweat
Trying to live my life is like playing roulette
The wheel I spin
But I never win
All I can think of is all the regret
How my soul is now only a silhouette

Finally asleep
Though not to keep
My nightmares start to creep
My memories start to leak
Showing why I'm the black sheep
The freak

This life is always causing me pain
It sifts through my brain
With my emotions it plays it's game
Is it God or the universe, are they the same

Is it chance or fate
That leaves me at this gate
I can't escape
There will be no hero in a cape

For in the dark, nightmares ensues
By day they still pursues
I pick up the pieces, I try to glue
All the time looking for a clue

bitsy the poet Nov 2015

Not my policy
to consider saving those
who stand on my cape.

© Bitsy Sanders, November 2015
Nena Twedell Aug 2015

We stand at the edge of the parking lot
my child like hands wrapped tightly around your first two fingers with your thumb resting on my hand
Like a promise that couldn't ever be broken
A promise that you would always wear a cape
So you could rescue me from all of my demons
But step by step
Your cape became tattered
your grip began to loosen
I keep trying to hold on tighter reaching for your other two fingers
that have never seemed so far away
until now
The promises you once held in the palm of you hands
freely  handing them out as if they were breathe mints
begin to lose power
The mint begins to fade just like the gum from a quarter machine looses its flavor just moments after touching your tongue
but I try to hold on to each one
hoping that someday the flavor will comeback
hoping that the thread in your cape will be sewn back together with miracles from angels above
I hang on tighter
Calling each night
just to remind you of how much I adore you
using all of the chewed up gum balls to hold on to your fingers together
Repeating all of the promises in my mind
Screaming "Some day"
But your hair has begun to turn grey
and wrinkles have begun to crawl across your face
your hands begin to become fragile
but I refuse to let go
Empty promises stack on the shelf
like dirty dishes in the sink
as if reminders of what it used be like at the edge of the parking lot
When I held your first two fingers
your thumb resting on my hand
and you wore a cape

epictails Jun 2015

A hero wears a cape
To hide the scars and hand marks in his nape
Keeps them hidden so he can fly and escape

Ugh fucking responsibilities eat up my writing time. I just feel like crawling in a cave and forget what I need to fucking do. I am seriously annoyed this past couple of days because of the pressure of doing what I should. Screw that
aashi Apr 2015

I am hopeful,
yet afraid.
I await excitement,
for adrenaline to rush through my veins.
For wind on my face,
also under my cape.
Adventure is calling me,
and I am on my way.

Mokomboso Oct 2014

My hair is a mop hanging over my crown
The shade of standard mammalian brown
I am envious of your tresses
Over your face is a redheaded swirl,
Gradating into your dreadlocked shawl
Tendrils of auburn drag along the floor like a high wizard’s gown
If I had your hair I would knot each section into braids
Weave it with bobbles and beads
I could take a curler to my cape, straighteners to my legs
I’ve always been a fan of the redhead, pre-Raphaelite waves
Reds and yellows and oranges cascade
You take it to another level though, and boy
It is most enviable!
I would ask that we swap, but with my fur pattern you’d look quite odd
With a blackish flannel hanging on your head
And the odd patch of wiry moss 'tween your legs
And I must say I would look a bit daft
With a crimped ginger trench coat swamping my back!
So I shall just say, Mr. orang-utan
Your hair is great!

Orangutans have badass hair. That is all.

Block I.
I came to see you yesterday
Just what I was hoping for
You haven't changed a bit
You still taste
Like iced matcha green tea
But today
Your trickle is just about to start
And your iced matcha green tea
Now warming up
Since you betrayed me
Turning hot
For another woman
Her name is Rain
So I'm leaving you
You will always be real to me
But I've got something else
To replace you for now
His name is Cape
Just like you
A long story
And a desirous body

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