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Lacey Clark Feb 2019
my cheeks light on fire often. roses. roses on fire. warm summer winds. it's lovely.
feel it in your face too and then read on

when it happens I've tried to pinpoint it:

when i realize i am thinking about ***
when i sing the wrong note in choir
when i try on a form fitting outfit
when my friends are all laughing at once
when i imagine strangers ****
when i see first dates happening
when the teacher calls on me
whenever i talk
whenever i am seen
when i catch eyes with anyone
when i'm late to class
when anyone compliments me
when the champagne lid pops off

so yeah i'm extremely shy and have a passion for living quietly, and whenever i step into the light it feels quite intense
It makes dating hard. Heh.
his brutality
escaped from me
he ***** me
his push
on my
hacked off his love

she spit the next day
three blocks

she went to fry fish
she was quite
slapped me
with her
slaps her boss

maybe she can find an real man
she won't have to have her
come here swallowed
garbage can

with this ring
i took
to bed
that's what she said
under her pillow
she keeps
second chance
hope ing for an other glance

Things You cannot speak
Things you cannot take
Things you feel
And wounds unheal.
Let go of the past
Somethings just don't last
Shout it out
Cause you are free
Things you doubt
And now you'll see ,
See through my eyes
And  you'll know
what is life
To be love and
To love, I'll show you
My life ,
When I am with you
I don't know
Thing's were just so slow
For the things I wanna show.
A sweeter life , under the savior ,
A faithful life, with God in power,
I'll scream throughout the world
I'll shout it word by word
You are my half
I am thankful
Just you and me
Life is enough.
dalton Jul 2017
Around 8:00 pm, I arrive
Post workout, sweat dried head
I drag myself to the counter and said my order

However, this time, was quite unlike any other
I tried to conjure a line that would strike up a conversation
But I'm too shy of a guy
So naturally, I began my evasion

My brain forces a fire inside
Because her eyes are sapphires
Dying for my supply of a vanity high

I'm just aiming to seem connected, corrected
So I selected my words with too much thought
And all I could collect was
"Your eyes are so beautiful"
Seán Mac Falls Dec 2015
First meeting with her
Eyes dancing around bodies
Yearning only touch
Ella Gwen Jul 2015
Your body is the ocean
rippling and unfathomable,
eyes a wavering, wandering, azure blue
set always to be drawn away
before rushing back; sending
salted spray slaps against my skin.

I wax and I wane
and you're set, sometimes, to do the same
as this your tempestuous tides do echo,
with your ebb and your flow, our highs and our lows
but when we're both at our greatest height
there's glory in our gravitation.

you shiver when you look into my eyes,
these beacons of sharp, darkening grey,
and sometimes, only sometimes, just
as the spring tide exults,
it seems like the oceans in love
with the fickle full-moon.
sweet ridicule Apr 2015
lips become cherry red when I cry
and chasing cars hurts from my ears
                                                 down to my toes
because it was never wasting time

   I almost killed my jeep battery
(forgot to turn the lights off)
             drinking coffee to Iowa cornfields and a resurrected yearning
maybe I'll leave (I want to)
            --LA, Paris, Austria, Versailles, Rio, Carmel, Amsterdam, Mumbai--
I'm audacious and arrogant--much too proud of
                               my flaws
leaving would be easy: intoxicating
like caffeine
       laughing kisses
but staying means home and English and standing out like a sore thumb (a beautiful one) in public
            and the people I deeply love
                                      (and need) I can admit that now
so I'll watch the Capri Sun orange sunset
once again tonight
and try to intoxicate myself with
               cornfields, sassy 8th graders, my beautiful examples of true love, ADD, bashful boy,
                       and pieces of the world
                                                        ­              on my body
read read read
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2014
Beauty walks alone  .  .  .
Her eyes drift on forest path,
Shy wind through the trees.
Tryst Aug 2014
He sits alone and in silence
Atop the silver birch
High above the forest floor

Watching with attentive eyes
As moonlight flirts playfully,
Shadow dancing among the many
Silver branches

At the heart of the forest,
The brook chatters endlessly
Of adventures through mountains
So high their peaks are lost in
****** clouds, of underground
Rivers raging unseen beneath
Valleys filled with first
Spring lilies

The weary critters gather
To lap at cool waters,
Ignoring the incessant babble
As they keep a wary eye
On lurking shadows

High above, his sharp eyes
Glimpse outlines in the darkness,
Hidden shapes imitating bush
And fern, almost motionless
Yet moving

He utters a single sound,
A whisper barely audible
Above the ceaseless chatter
Of the brook

The hunters arrive and
Sniff the air, traces of
Prey still lingering,
But the trail grows cold

The brook continues to regale
The night air with tales

Seemingly unaware
They are no longer listening

Seemingly unaware
They never were

— The End —