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Walking toward success,
Sacrificing sleep, dream, and peace.
Ants aligned together.
Trying to write haiku for the first time, hoping for the best.
Trust me...
It will become easy,
once you start accepting,
Instead of expecting.
I want to write but unaware of the ending.
should I wait or write something fancy,
should it be created or left pending,
closing eyes, and write what can I see.

confusion, impatient whatever I sound,
at least it gets the closure it yearns.
curiosity, creativity has no bound,
it could give a lot of twists and turns.

the dilemma prolonged and the answer hidden.
what should I do or left things intact?
what if psychic vision is not forbidden?
will that change the ending or have the same impact.
Waiting is a long process,
brings excitement when the bell press.
the messenger living off so far
just like that beautiful star.

Not the century of vehicles,
to travel far was just a miracle.
to express your heart you need a pen.
sweetheart, I will read it more than ten.

patience, waiting all were needed.
no matter how much heart bleeding.
Distance travel through the mails,
waiting to read his daily tales.

sometimes he writes how much he miss.
sometimes he tells I am his bliss,
also he tells how the city is,
the magical future of the abyss.

the letters sound invigorate,
smelling and reading makes me exuberant.
relations were pure and valued at.
as we know its necessary to form combat.
it's ok, to be left alone
but what if, we are still close.
no closure no condone.
what he wants, god knows.
still, in the same house, nothing thrown,
he caresses me it doesn't feel gross.
love is still there but trust is gone.
Does it Matter to any of us?
As none of us initiate to discuss.
he was there at my highs and at lows.
what made him change and his heart stone.
maybe things change long before, it was me who drone.
whatever it is, however, it flows, together we become strong.
I will try and change my tone,
try to make this house again love zone.
Mind, Body, and  Soul,
All together make a whole.
Connected together work along.
Its stability helps in achieving goals.
today is the day of my arrival.
born and crying, I was the survivor.
happy faces all around,
I was welcomed with a crown.
what was hidden in the future,
encounter with different creature.
all the benefits with lots of onus
hinder to conquer was my slowness.
I kept learning after every fall,
hinders become small and small.
achieving, conquering, the pride lady I become.
the day is the same but now bright I am.
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