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Derrick Cox Nov 2020
forget snowballs;
a brick of ice will be thrown at your face
when you first go outdoors.
find warmth in your chambers,
in the arms of your lover,
a cup of hot chocolate
or another land to bathe in sunlight.
death comes to collect the rent.
don't expect any mercy.
be immune as your armor
when you wear it outside.
use your will to do what you must.
and be on your guard;
a blizzard will approach you
when it may.
and don't complain that it's freezing.
winter is here
more heartless than the world is.
pretend you have only four months to live
with snow
falling from heaven.
use it
and live while you still can.
I wanted to describe Winter. What a better way to do it in a metaphor of Mortal Kombat's popular character, the ninja of ice Sub-Zero.
Max Alvarez Apr 2014
It's been a time and a half
And I finally understand
The reason you've gone
With the shaman so long.
The spirit is free.
I'm a color
Splintered in three.
Crystal eyes
Well spoken with diction.
Many a words I've spoken
Have been in ode
Romancing you with every breath

In the desert
The door is ajar
We trace the steps of Aztec gods
1/3 becomes 2/4
The sands gleam emerald
Our bodies elongate to equine form
We blended the horizon line

Quetzalcoatl stands before me
Serpent in feathers
Glows like the spectrum all together.

He hands me a seed.
And his
Eyes smother like lightning.
And I
Speak in codexed volition.
And we
Blur the horizon line once more.

I stand on the Pacific
20,000 leagues
Equine force
Carries me to the beach.
Sand once more.

I feel a twitch in my jaw.
Each hand holds a mandible
And pulls.
Roots emerge
And a tree not soon after.

Is this what the seed was for?
I trot the beach,
Jaw no longer in tact.
My pallor flesh caked in coagulate
Almost recreates my tan skin
A gift from the god.

I've been on this beach for miles,
Two whiles.
My architecture meanders
The brevity of sanity.
One eye sees black,
The other sees fine.
My hair has become matted
It knots behind each earlobe
And drags on below my knees.

Is this what Quetzalcoatl wanted?
To see me sifted with the grains of sand
In the palm of a child's hand
At the beach
While on vacation
With mom and dad?

20,000 years have passed.
Time keeps on slippin'...

— The End —