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L Sep 2018
They've been untied
And i've been coming loose
It's for the best. In order to rebuild.
When did i write this again
K Balachandran Jul 2018
She dons every cap,
But the credit still eludes;
The fight continues!
Mujer morena
que canta nocturna,
niña colombiana
de ojos grandes,
mi canto que
se vuelve nocturno,
mujer de luna,
corremos despacio,
mojamos el mundo.

Te vi sonreir,
con los jeans azules,
el cigarro eterno,
la mirada al infinito.

Soñe despierto
buscando el recuerdo
miel de abeja...
La chica...
La de la gorra rosa.
and the truly talented ones
eclipsed his paltry
which engendered in him a
want to disappear their

the green eye of jealousy
was constantly gnawing at
why he asked unto himself
are they more superior of

people who knew a fine pick
would shun his dreadful
they sought out authors who
wore the praise worthy

he couldn't match the greater
pens that did show so
to whit he bought off the head bloke
with a sizeable money

to-day he's the so called
genius of expressionistic
whose popularity on culture plus
is like a sale at
CrookedMantis Dec 2017
My cap hides papers in its bill.
I find a new message each day.
They always give neat information.
How it knows these things I cannot say.

It told me why the stars twinkle.
It told me how most caps are sown.
Yesterday it told me you hate me.
So I guess I should leave you alone.

My thinking cap just informed me:
That you beat it, so it would die.
Why would you do that? I hate you too!
You can't fool me! My cap wouldn't lie!
Poetic T Aug 2017
They wield the button as a weapon of
their verse, throwing words like a glove.
But it was limp like there inconsistent verse,
like a lefty throwing, right handed but worse.

Your momentary time of the month, I gave
you an emoji tissue to wipe off the embarrassment
of sweaty words you opened up on now behave.
needing a little dignity, reverse on your disembarrassment.

Either that or been known for your CAPSLOCK stutter,
seeing you tripping over yourself amid ridiculed clutter.
now see that light on the side, click it speak respectably.
now calm your rage, and talk respect others expectedly.
You always have one :)
Anonymous4070 Aug 2016
I come from poetfreak.
The website was shut down.
I got a lot more  sleep,
when poetfreak was around.
Two poems at a time,
creativity had it's cap.
And let me tell you,
I really, really really hated that.
But now the caps gone.
and my brains overflowed.
I'm not writing down *everything
I want the world to know.
I see no point in stopping
and so I never stop.
I keep writing and writing and writing
for now there's no cap, no top.

Oh god, I miss poetfreak....
I seriously fear I'll never stop... sorry for all the 'poems' guys.
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