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Jameson Blackmay Jun 2021
you are your own happiness
you are your own misery
you are truly your own god
remember the power you possess
Jameson Blackmay May 2021
cigarette smoke disappearing
right in front of my eyes
how I wish I had
like a cat, nine lives

even though
they would be short
I would enjoy
every whisky shot
Jameson Blackmay May 2021
there are always girls
that run through my mind
I am tired of it

aren't you girls
also tired of all that
running through my brains?
Jameson Blackmay May 2021
sometimes love feels
just like pain
but sometimes it's beautiful
like summer rain
Jameson Blackmay May 2021
I forgot what it feels like
to kiss you
I just know for a fact
it was ******* fabulous
Jameson Blackmay Apr 2021
women about to have ***
ask themselves
why should I sleep with him?

drunk women about to have ***
rhetorically askthemselves
why the hell not?
Jameson Blackmay Apr 2021
I am the barfly
the strangest kind
the one that's always thirsty
the one that needs a memory erase
the closest one to human beings
the one that wants to fly
but can't find the wings
only the will to pour
the whisky in his mouth
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