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897 · Jun 2021
Missing Someone
Nishant Rawat Jun 2021
I feel like missing someone.
Someone who is nowhere to be found.
Sunday Thought
781 · May 2021
Big City
Nishant Rawat May 2021
The place where life becomes captivity,
Some people call it a big city.
654 · May 2021
Nishant Rawat May 2021
It took me years to realize
that nobody is supposed to
see parts of yourself
that you yourself don't understand yet.
599 · Oct 2021
Losing A Part Of Me
Nishant Rawat Oct 2021
Every day I lose a part of the past me
to gain a part of the future me.
#growth #losing
503 · Jun 2021
Nishant Rawat Jun 2021
All these words are just ingredients
for the recipe called feelings.
Recipe Called Feelings
491 · May 2021
Nishant Rawat May 2021
I am drowning in the sea of your expectations of me.
Maybe I am not the one you really need
You are in love with the idea of what I can be.
But if I ever do that, how will I ever be me?.
426 · Dec 2019
Who Am I?
Nishant Rawat Dec 2019
I am someone who doesn’t know himself after all these years.
I am someone who has unknown fears.
I am someone who wants to express without being vocal.
I am someone who wants to share, without being social.
I am someone who doesn’t care but still cares.
I am someone who looks harsh but has emotional layers.
I am someone who enjoys loneliness, the company of his own.
I am someone who connects and stares through the phone.
I am someone who wants to travel roads and miles.
I am someone whose life is entangled in files.
I am someone who dreams like a child.
I am someone who acts weird and wild.
I am a human, a mere human I am.
This is who I am, I have no shame.
This is me.
400 · Mar 2022
Falling Apart
Nishant Rawat Mar 2022
I thought I was falling in love
But it was the beginning of me falling apart
394 · Mar 2022
Nishant Rawat Mar 2022
This feeling of sinking
keeps on growing as it sinks in.
392 · Aug 2020
Nishant Rawat Aug 2020
Sometimes, it feels like we are living in a simulation.
A simulation designed to ultimately doom all of us.
Midnight Thought
Nishant Rawat May 2021
I spend too much time imagining
thinking, writing, dreaming
about someone who will never be mine.
Midnight thoughts
290 · Nov 2020
All I Want
Nishant Rawat Nov 2020
All I want is you to be mine.
Even if it takes years or infinity combined.
All I want
285 · Apr 2020
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
Maybe I dwell on things too much
Keep on overthinking
These thoughts are such predators
Keep on consuming
Me and my words, I never uttered
Fear of ruining
The things that might actually matter
To me assuming
Everything is ok, it can't be better
Life not dooming
That's why I'm such a procrastinator
Keep on procrastinating
266 · Apr 2022
My Worst Enemy
Nishant Rawat Apr 2022
Yes, I keep
How I feel, Inside me.
So nobody can ever hurt me.
It's not because of you,
It's because of me.
I'm my worst enemy.
260 · Dec 2019
Last Year Of College
Nishant Rawat Dec 2019
After the last year of college
Taking all the baggage
Leaving this world of dreams
Have to face a world full of ruthless screams
Don't know whether we will be able to handle that pressure
But one thing is sure, we will miss these days of pleasure
Will never forget the feeling of first bunk
How we used to try to be hunks
How we used to stare girls sitting in the cafet
Sharing everything was our habit
How we used to fight for sitting back
Lectures were used to be our headache
How we used to irritate teachers
Used to sleep during boring lectures
How we used to study last night during exam time
Attending classes were used to be a crime
How we used to look here and there in the examination hall
Used to abuse to give each other  a call
How we used to run whenever the dean was on the round for dress check
Used to blame each other whenever made mistakes
How we used to break the rules
Thrown out of the class was used to be the status of being cool
How we used to chat on Facebook late night
Used to be the parts of online fights
Now when we have only one year with us
Don't want it to pass like a bus
Want to live each and every minute like a ton
Want to make every second of it a memorable one
Because I know that the time never turns back
Memories are the only thing that we will have
Just a reminiscence of the college time
250 · Aug 2020
Nishant Rawat Aug 2020
It's strange
How we went
From talking forever,
To rarer,
To never.
To all the old friends.
249 · Jan 2021
New Year Thought
Nishant Rawat Jan 2021
The year in the calendar has changed,
But the feeling and pain are still the same.
224 · Dec 2019
Reason To Rhyme
Nishant Rawat Dec 2019
Let's liberate each other
From the chains of society
Let's be real
Share each other's fears and anxiety
Let's be us
And try to find some similarities
Even if we are not the same
Sometimes it's ok not to have parity
I will be me
Hope you will be you
Till the time
It's figured out that I can be yours
And you can be mine
Well, it sounds stupid
Still, a good enough reason to rhyme
All I need is a reason to rhyme
210 · Apr 2020
Going Hell
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
Even though you are dead to me
Still, you are the last face I wanna see
Pushing on the death pedal, riding to hell
In the hope of meeting there, when you sleep
Because hell is where you deserve to be
I was no good and you are no better
Hell or heaven, does it even matter?
All I want is to be together
Even if I have to suffer
Sometimes togetherness is all you need
202 · May 2022
Keep Moving
Nishant Rawat May 2022
Life comes back to you
when you finally realize that
sometimes giving your best is not enough,
and it's ok.
Just keep breathing and moving.
Eventually, you will reach a place
where it will be enough,
maybe not for others but you.
191 · Apr 2020
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
Everybody wants happiness
Everybody has dreams
Not Everybody gets satisfaction
Everybody loves someone
Everybody longs love
Not Everybody finds love
Everybody knows pain
Everybody has struggles
Not Everybody survives
Everybody doesn't get everything
190 · Dec 2019
Chat With Mirror
Nishant Rawat Dec 2019
Who? Who?
Who the hell are you dude?
Looking in the mirror and it got me confused
I am your alter ego, you worthless fool
What's wrong, why are you here?
You need to listen to this, what I am about to share.
What are you trying to say, I can't understand it.
Why don't you just leave? I am turning to manic
What the hell is going on, I can't comprehend
He said
Why are you waiting? you have to go far
Why don't you just believe me and aim for stars
Dude, you are nothing just thought that pop
The road will be tough, you will get scars
He said that it's ok, you will be fine
Couple cuts and bruises you will be alright
You don't need anyone, I'm here by your side
Who the hell are you? telling me this why
I am the one, who don't want you to be ******
See yourself dude, don’t you feel pity?
No limit in the sky you can't fly
You got soul, you shouldn't quit
******* dude, you are just a lie
No man I am you, dude don't be shy
Walk off that door, have to pick up your fight
Have to do it now, you know time just flies
It's your choice, you need to make a call
Fight for yourself, it's ok even if you fall
You'll probably think I'm stupid, what I am looking for
Felt like hours before I finally reached the door
As I walked out of that door, mind full for fear
Legs were shivering, as I step down the stairs
My heart is ******* beating, thoughts were not clear
My stomach ******* turning, all I'm feeling was fear
Things started moving and the sun was shinning
Don't get yourself stuck here, see life's silver lining
These aren't mere words you won't know how it feels
But I hope you never do because I swear that it kills
Life leaves pains that are impossible to heal
But you have you, you are irreplaceable
190 · Jan 2021
Nishant Rawat Jan 2021
Sometimes it seems like
I am drowning in my own thoughts.
184 · Apr 2020
What If ?
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
People say love can fix everything
What if love broke you in the first place?
People say life's all about cherishing
What if all you ever got was a disgrace?
People say friends are the family you choose
What if you are born renegade?
176 · Nov 2020
Nishant Rawat Nov 2020
Sometimes our hunger for external validation
Leads us to our extinction.
176 · Apr 2020
Chemical Reaction
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
Love is nothing
Just a chemical reaction
Start with lust
And some infatuation
A little bit of banters
Lots of affection
Sometimes profound
Sometimes make you insane
It hurts you too
When they are in pain
You seize it hard
Believing it will be an eternity
Then you hurt each other
Giving fatal injuries
It gets worse
As you grow apart
You get mad
Picking each other's fault
You are left sad
Eventually breaking your heart
As reaction fade
You look for a new start
Love is nothing just a chemical reaction
172 · Aug 2020
Nishant Rawat Aug 2020
Lately, I have been reminiscing a lot.
Of all the lame fights we fought.
Arguing for hours in a loop,
Never let it go.
I guess, we both had too much ego.
Or maybe we weren't right for each other.
Maybe we weren't meant to last forever.
But I still do think of you sometimes.
Whenever I look at that picture of you and mine.
164 · Dec 2019
Nishant Rawat Dec 2019
I live in the moment
I don’t think of the past.
I am here with a belief
A belief that the world is good.
Everything is ok
It is how it should.
The ones who met me on the way
One who had so much to say.
The ones who accompanied for some foot
Those people were somewhat better.
Sometimes I feel like a menace Groot
Why I worry, I shouldn’t
I know, people are a bit angry
Some are just wealth hungry.
A lost traveler from a village
In a city full of savages.
Where everyone judges you
For the things, you don’t even do.
It’s necessary to remember the old path
A road where I met a sociopath.
He sat and cried with me
He had a house that’s **** is empty.
I too had a house
And a mind full of unknown fears.
But there is no one from my home
So I wandered alone aplenty.
I don’t belong to this site
Neither I belong there.
I belonged to the journey
Of the destination, I never care.
Mishaps are my friends
Roads know how I tour
The world is not the same every day
Sometimes I do pray.
I sell free time in the forest
The rivers are my love affair.
Every day I am a new person to myself
Didn’t want this to happen.
I was always empty-handed
Always taken a lot of things for granted.
Since I have turned from the city to the road
A lot of possibilities I imagine.
This age and time kept on passing
The journey is the only thing everlasting.
162 · Nov 2020
Since You Are Gone
Nishant Rawat Nov 2020
I have been struggling
Daily guzzling
Bottles of alcohol
Just to fill up the hole
Left open since you are gone.
Since you are gone
153 · May 2020
Self Discovery
Nishant Rawat May 2020
The fear of losing you is much awful than fear of not finding me.
But the worth of finding me is much precious than holding on to you.
Midnight thought
151 · May 2020
What would you do?
Nishant Rawat May 2020
What would you do?
When every word you utter fails you
What would you do?
When nothing in this world enthralls you
What would you do?
When you don't know how to let loose
What would you do?
When you don't know what to feel too
What would you do?
Are the same questions in your mind too?
Or if you have answers that I might woo
Could you share with me, give me some clues?
To the road, I should choose
And figure out what should I do
What would you do?
149 · Jun 2020
Nishant Rawat Jun 2020
Your love was the home,
I yearned to have.
But it turned out to be the prison,
Now I want to escape.
When love is your prison
138 · Mar 2020
Going back in time
Nishant Rawat Mar 2020
I am going back in time
Even if it takes years or infinity combined
In my imagination, you are sitting by my side
And you smile as your strands are flying
Oh wait, let me check
When you look at me like that
Don't know what to expect
I probably still adore you, when your eyes reflect
The light from the distant sunset, hands around my neck
Wanted to protect, instead of hurting you every time
But I break when you cry rather than smile
I'm the one to spoil a surprise
It seems like you've had to greet me goodbye
Frightened by the wound though it's not too harsh
What's the point in thinking of the start
When you are at the finish line
Letting you go too soon
So, I am going back in time
Even if it takes years or infinity combined
In my imagination, you are sitting by my side
And you smile as your strands are flying
137 · May 2020
Nishant Rawat May 2020
Panic on my brain
Feeling all insane
How did we end up here?
World is upside down
Town is shutdown
Why nobody no more care?
All I need, Some peace for me
And Everyone out there
How can I see?
Wave of positivity
When I'm alone quarantine
Working from my home
Eating dinner alone
When all of this will end?
Starring at my phone
Sitting bored in home
Today, a weekday or weekend?
All I need, Someone joins me
And get some air
How can I see?
Wave of positivity
When I'm alone quarantine
136 · Apr 2020
I'm Afraid Of
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
I'm not afraid of commitment.
I'm afraid of is you having resentment.
I'm not afraid of us fighting.
I'm afraid of us never amending.
I'm not afraid of us changing.
I'm afraid of us not prevailing.
I'm not afraid of living rough.
All I'm afraid of is not being enough.
This is what I'm afraid of
134 · May 2020
Drink Of Life
Nishant Rawat May 2020
Death knocking on the door,
No need to pour any more,
I've had enough drink of life.
Let the bar shut to close,
There is no remorse,
We had a fun night.
Some random thoughts
133 · Sep 2020
Just A Thought
Nishant Rawat Sep 2020
The world will be a much better place if we start acknowledging that everybody is different and respecting the differences rather than pretending that we all are the same.
Just A Thought
132 · May 2020
Nishant Rawat May 2020
How can I keep on fighting for you?
When you gave up on me so easily
How can I come back to you?
When us I no more see
How can I say "I Love You"?
When I'm no more in love with me
How can I be true to you?
When I don't know how to be
Midnight Thoughts
130 · Jul 2020
Some Lies
Nishant Rawat Jul 2020
Sometimes, some lies are worth living for.
Just a thought nothing major here.
125 · Apr 2020
Distressful Time
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
There is no war
Still, there are marks
Dead bodies everywhere 
People living in fear 
Fear of loved ones dying
Countless families crying
Fighting a sad and mundane life
In the hope of a new sunshine
Hoping for better times
123 · Apr 2020
Not A Lot Like You
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
Don't know why I feel this
Maybe I'm crazy
Is this infatuation?
Or love maybe?
Talking too much
Waiting for you to be lonely
Sitting for a while
Eyes checking on your activity
Usually on my guard
But hoping you notice me
All the sparkling smile
Your's the one I wanna see
Because there is not a lot like you
It's so true
Then someone came through
Introduced us and flew
As I greeted awkwardly
You acknowledged merrily
Conversing light-hearted
Not so guarded as we started
Drinking around freely
And talking nonstop till three
About friends and enemies
Pouring each other Hennesy
We clearly have a great synergy
In love with your energy
So I asked, "Tomorrow, are you free?"
She said, "why?"
I wanna know more of you
Hold your hands too
Because there is not a lot like you
It's so true
There is not a lot like you
122 · May 2020
Unconditional Love
Nishant Rawat May 2020
You want all my love
But gives no affection
You push me away
Still expect my passion
You treat me wildly
But accept nothing frictional
Remember, this ain't a fairy tale
This love isn't unconditional
Unconditional love happens in fairy tales only
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
There is something about her,
It isn't easy to state.
She is a stranger to me,
Only once have we met.
Yet so familiar,
Like sunrise-sunset.
I wish to write it down,
But I'm no poet.
There is something about her, even I don't know yet
119 · Aug 2021
Not Good With Words
Nishant Rawat Aug 2021
I'm not good with words.
But whatever I learned and heard
is not enough to explain how you make me feel.
117 · Oct 2020
What's The Point?
Nishant Rawat Oct 2020
What's the point of
hiding your emotions
and trying to pretend?.
When you know
nothing gonna matter
in the end.
Random thoughts
116 · Sep 2020
Nishant Rawat Sep 2020
You are my one and only muse,
The more I think of you,
The more words I use.
To describe what your presence,
Means to me.
Everything makes sense,
When you, I see.
116 · May 2020
Nice Guy
Nishant Rawat May 2020
Somewhere deep inside me,
There is a nice guy 
Who wanna care about people
Or at least give a try 
But, that guy is impossible to find
Sold him to evil
Believing, there is no divine
Buried him inside
This world, a living hell in disguise
Full of selfish minds
Since this world, no place for that type
No, I ain't a nice guy
115 · Jul 2020
How To Listen
Nishant Rawat Jul 2020
In the noise of the deafening hustle-bustle of this life,
I forgot how to listen to what my heart has to say.
Midnight thoughts
115 · Apr 2020
Write You A Song
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
Stay with me
I'm gonna write you a song
A song you can spin on repeat
Whenever you are alone
A song made of memories
That can be framed on your wall
A song that will keep you calm
Whenever things are going wrong
A song that will keep your spirit up
Whenever you descend to fall 
A song that will feel like I'm there
Even if I'm gone
A song that will put a smile on your face
Even if it's for a second or so
Stay with me
I'm gonna write you a song
Sometimes all you need is a song
114 · Apr 2020
Essence of you
Nishant Rawat Apr 2020
I penetrate, when my pen iterate
As I paint it red, killing thoughts of you
Pages out of space, such a weird case
As this paper trace, every pain it read 
Even though I hate, it's an essence of you
Every word of hate I put on paper will have an essence of you.
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