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Nishant Rawat Nov 19
All I want is you to be mine.
Even if it takes years or infinity combined.
All I want
Nishant Rawat Nov 16
I have been struggling
Daily guzzling
Bottles of alcohol
Just to fill up the hole
Left open since you are gone.
Since you are gone
Nishant Rawat Nov 16
Every time I wake up.
My dreams go to sleep.
Midnight thoughts
Nishant Rawat Nov 16
Sometimes our hunger for external validation
Leads us to our extinction.
When I put my pain in this pen,
Ink and feeling start flowing automatically.
Midnight Thoughts
Nishant Rawat Oct 27
What's the point of
hiding your emotions
and trying to pretend?.
When you know
nothing gonna matter
in the end.
Random thoughts
Your betrayal will hurt me till eternity,
Just like it's forever 2020.
Midnight thoughts
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