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Nishant Rawat Aug 15
I'm not good with words.
But whatever I learned and heard
is not enough to explain how you make me feel.
Nishant Rawat Jun 27
All these words are just ingredients
for the recipe called feelings.
Recipe Called Feelings
Nishant Rawat Jun 27
I feel like missing someone.
Someone who is nowhere to be found.
Sunday Thought
Nishant Rawat May 28
It took me years to realize
that nobody is supposed to
see parts of yourself
that you yourself don't understand yet.
Nishant Rawat May 22
I spend too much time imagining
thinking, writing, dreaming
about someone who will never be mine.
Midnight thoughts
Nishant Rawat May 17
The place where life becomes captivity.
Some people call it a big city.
I am drowning in the sea of your expectations of me.
Maybe I am not the one you really need
You are in love with the idea of what I can be.
But if I ever do that, how will I ever be me?.
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