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Jeremiah Mhlongo Oct 2021
27 summers old,
One winter short
Of  bright sunlights.
I haven't been here before,
Now I am of age,
Soon another summer,
Or not, its all chance.
Every one is our first,
And fadingly a last.
27 summers old,
Am blessed evenly,
Of a dark right hand,
And light in the other,
To keep my heart in order.
Life in it's seasons,
Curse death, every fig has to dry,
Dry into its death.
Aw beautiful summers,
Cold winters harsh,
That is the harmony of life.
We should value each season as it is for it can never be seen in equality. Lets us all grow in all ways ❤ Color Pop
Nishant Rawat Oct 2021
Every day I lose a part of the past me
to gain a part of the future me.
#growth #losing
Rex Verum Regem Jun 2019
I am one, who lives by one
I am one, who rose up as one
I am one, who fell as one


We are many, who live as one
We are many, who rose as one
We are many, an so we still rise

I am my brothers keeper.
A wise man learns from others mistakes.
A fool learns from his own.

Humility allows us to develop and grow in leaps annd bound.

— The End —