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Quinn Adaire Sep 2019
The weird thing with boredom
Is that it always only occurs
When one has quite a lot
Of actual things things to do.

Like right now,
I am writing
Maybe getting a couple of likes
When I should be studying
So I don’t get a grade
That makes me go “Yikes!”

Like right now I feel deprived
Of things to do,
I think it’s cause one gets easily bored
With what’s right in front of you.
Because why not.
Grace Haak Sep 2019
Type type type
Delete delete delete
Why all of a sudden is writing now a feat?
“Just write what comes to mind!”
But my mind’s wiped clean
Like the blank white page on my laptop screen
Nothing flows, nothing spills
Tauntingly the cursor blinks
I’m certain I’ve forgotten how to think
Nothing circulates, nothing pours
Hauntingly my fingers tap
I’m certain I’m about ready for a nap
Nothing runs, nothing spews
Dauntingly I press some keys
I’m certain I’ll never be at ease
I type type type
I’m finally overcoming my feat!
But I read it back, one word at a time
And now we’re back to
Delete delete delete.
me @ my college essay...
mikey May 2019
the beep beep makes me hardly do sit up
with some skins about to crack
open the laptop. write half of it
and cry over uncompleted tasks
wearing the clothes that is all black
******* snow, extremely ****** me up
The class is draining me so I’m gonna skip it
Stuck in the mindset thats make me wanna go basking
In the bed where I can fully go dreaming
Darcy J Mar 2019
I've ******* up, I am ******* up, I can't stop ******* up because I am a ***** up.
Im a perfectionist and a procrastinator, to things I hate so deeply about myself, I've let down so many, myself included.
I'm so angry and frustrated all the time... but I know its all because of me, no one else's fault but my own.
I know I'm the only one who can fix it, who can stop it but I haven't, I can't, I need help but no one can help me, but me.
****! I've ******* up!
Why do I keep repeatedly failing at school? Everyone keeps telling me I'm the only one who can make me get back on track but, why wouldn't I have done that already? Its making me sick to my stomach worrying about it.
Erin Esterberg Mar 2019
Today is tomorrow,
For now does not exist.
It passes way too quickly
For anyone to catch a hold of it,
So now is then,
And then is in the past.
Time passes too quietly;
Words are no longer sufficient
To appease the gods that control it.
They decide when time stops
And when it runs away.
sarthak vadalkar Dec 2018
Doing something wrong or objectionable, better do nothing they say,

Not doing anything, better do something and make mistakes they say,

Trying to do something different, you better succeed at it they say,

Took me a while to find out, they themselves don't do anything, they just say !!
Wonder if you also feel the same sometimes?
Marie Lozada Aug 2018
I hate it.
I hate that we're a generation
that's caught up with our devices.
Eyes on the screen,
incase you miss out.
Keep scrolling,
incase you miss out.
Keep tagging,
incase you miss out.
Keep tweeting,
incase you miss out.
Keep posting,
incase you miss out.
here I am.
In front of a laptop.
Making sure I don't miss out--
about writing about missing out.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
Confident, strong.
What could go wrong?

Typed in some numbers, letters, words.
Brought me away into some place far away.

Sitting on the stool.
Heart and mind.
Into the electric pendelum.
Growing cold.

Your voice through a blocked megaphone.
Echoing softly in my mind.
But I soon went away from home.
Built walls made more than stones.

I ignored your call, that should'nt be the case.
I shouldn't be ignoring you warnings.
Building immediate walls when I hear you? That's alarming...
Ahhh stop getting distracted...
Jesha Dec 2017
You told yourself 25 was a good age to die
Ghosting on the tail end of youth,
The Grey would never touch you.

But 25 is here, and the razor is coppered from neglect
And the pills in the cabinet have long lost their voice from bitter age.

25 is here, and you're reminded of the deal you made with Death at 18
When the weight of life nearly killed you
And your idea of hope was the promise of an early grave.

25 is here, and you don't want to die
But the burden of years that have not yet arrived
Press down on your shoulders like the heavy hands of unwanted men.

And yet.
You don't want to die.

So you rely on your emergency exits
collecting dust under tarnished jewelry and gold-strangled hair ties.

Like old friends you meet up with once a decade, you pacify their need for acknowledgement,
Weaving nevers into not yets with empty promises and shallow reassurances,
Brushing off their needling whispers as they bounce off another day gone by.

Because you're 25.
And you're not done yet.
To read or not to read at Open Mic night...
Isabel Nov 2017
I put off homework,
I put off meals,
I put off talking,
I put off chores,
I put off love,
I put off life.
I think
I'll do it tomorrow.
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