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Nishant Rawat Dec 2019
I live in the moment, I don’t think of the past.

I am here with a belief, a belief that the world is good.

Everything is ok, it is how it should.

The ones who met me on the way, Ones who had so much to say.

The ones who accompanied for some foot, those people were somewhat better.

Sometimes I feel like a menace Groot, Why I worry, I shouldn’t

I know, people are a bit angry, some are just wealth hungry.

A lost traveler from a village, in a city full of savages.

Where everyone judges you, for the things you don’t even do.

It’s necessary to remember the old path, a road where I met a sociopath.

He sat and cried with me, he had a house that’s **** is empty.

I too had a house, a mind full of unknown fears.

But there is no one from my home, so I wandered alone aplenty.

I don’t belong to this site, neither I belong there.

I belonged to the journey, of the destination I never care.

Mishaps are my friends, roads know how I tour

The world is not the same every day, sometimes I do pray.

I sell free time in the forest, the rivers are my love affair.

Every day I am a new person to myself, didn’t want this to happen.

I was always empty-handed, always taken a lot of things for granted.

Since I have turned from the city to the road, a lot of possibilities I imagine.

This age and time kept on passing, the journey is the only thing everlasting.

— The End —