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Nishant Rawat Aug 2021
I'm not good with words.
But whatever I learned and heard
is not enough to explain how you make me feel.
faye Jun 2019
"So is this what we are? Friends with benefits, right?"
Oh, right.
That's what I say but my heart is saying something else. I love you with my whole entire heart, dude. Get it right.
Atticus Aug 2018
I have done it again
I want to tear at my skin
I want to feel clean again
It coats my skin like dried nightmare induced sweat
yearning, reaching and shimmering
just out of my reach
It is a mirage
A trick on my mind
that sends all rational
out of the gaping, broken window
the shame-inducing sensation
fill my lungs with concrete
a frozen breath
unable to escape
the pain is a sharp distraction
acting as a reminder every time my sleeve brushes against it
I need help

— The End —