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6d · 61
Nobody 6d
He's a gentle man who cries and sings,
he's a poet and thinker too.
He's a light in the dark hour of my dreams,
I hear his soul through his every tune.
His spirit warms my cold heart up,
when he's happy I feel alive.
If he's upset I start to weep,
it doesn't matter if he's not mine.
My love is a secret I'll have to keep,
I'll be his till the end of time.
7d · 91
Nobody 7d
These aren't poems they're just twisted little stories,
twisted stories that keep building in my head;
from the moment I wake up in the mornings,
feeling numb everyday, just wishing for death.

Creating something helps to empty my brain,
maybe I'll make them rhyme, maybe I’ll make them flow.
Scribbling words down fast hoping they'll go away,
maybe they'll combust or evaporate like smoke.  

Sometimes I feel better, it doesn’t always work.
I want to make them cringe, that would be a start.  
I don’t care if they sneer, or just want to lurk.
I just ***** my thoughts on paper, then call it art.
Dec 2018 · 241
Nobody Dec 2018
Branded as the weaker *** ever since birth,
your voice long lost wandering around this earth.
Told you shouldn’t throw a ball, and “boys will be boys”;
stand still and look pretty, try not to make too much noise.

You’re much too fragile to let off our leash,
and so dramatic too, for a piece of meat.
That’s why we’ll never listen, or let you try and explain.
We only know how to minimize your ‘so called’ pain.

We’ll just one up you, and try to laugh it all away,
hold your head down forcing you back in your lane.
We’re used to being on top, you’re not changing the rules;
now keep the crying to yourself, you naive little fool.
Dec 2018 · 180
Nobody Dec 2018
Someone declares they’re in love with you,
now their words always linger in the air.
Words you wished were never said to you,
their ‘sorrys’ only make it all unfair.

It’s not their fault you don’t feel the same.
They cry, but it doesn’t make you wrong.
You never meant to cause them pain.
You didn't think they’d stick around this long.

That’s not the end of the story yet,
Because I’m in love with someone too.
Except they’re in love with someone else,
just like the person in love with you.

But the ‘heart wants what it wants’,
and now we know how much that’s true.
We’ll never forget how deep it hurts,
there’s no comfort in knowing this truth.
Nov 2018 · 684
Nobody Nov 2018
Remember how he shred every inch of your soul?
Swallowing your screams while he spoiled every hole.  
Piercing hard thru your flesh till there was blood everywhere,
brutally claiming your body, year after year.  

He took what he wanted, you were never safe.
All that theft from him, you shouldn’t of had to take.  
And whenever there was hope you might get away,  
he would find you, and defile you, the entire day.

He’d blind you and violate you dark into the night,
every breath and smile has hurt your whole life.  
He wants all of you and will never say goodbye,
he beat you ****** till you gave up the fight.  

Ripping you apart as tears poured out of your eyes,
pounding you rapidly while ignoring your cries.
         Forced to take his abuse, thinking you’d never get away,
daddy chained you to the bed, so you had to stay.
Oct 2018 · 768
Nobody Oct 2018
I light some candles to set the tone.
I’m so giddy I finally have you alone.
I’ve been daydreaming so long,
about the sound of your moans.
You let me rip off your clothes,
in a **** filled craze.
So I climb on top of you,
I need you between my legs.
My hands rub your chest,
I crave the taste of your skin,
as I take in your scent.
I don’t want to miss a thing.  
I nibble on your ear,
slowly move down your throat.
I **** till I leave a mark,
then playfully bite your lip.
I tug on your blonde hair,
just a little bit.
I get lost exploring you,
taking my sweet time.
Gently gliding my tongue,
along your ab lines.
Now you’re so hot and bothered,
You pull me close for a kiss.
And yank on my hair.
Next you grab my hips,
then turn me over on my back;
to start pounding me rough,
and as fast as you can.
Sep 2018 · 2.3k
Nobody Sep 2018
Two twisted hearts were miles apart,
not like anyone you’ve ever known.
You called me your lantern in the dark,
my light made you feel less alone.

You needed to be loved,
so you let me love you.
You were like a little defeated bird,
And I swooped in to take care of you.

That time is still special in my mind,
even though now, I know it wasn’t true.
I still keep you there in that dark place,
I know it’s unfair of me to.

I’m sorry it's time for me to go,
please don’t beg me not to leave.
I linger to make sure you’re ok,
you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.

You implied you didn’t want me around,
then held me an arm’s length away.
Now your soul calls out for me to stay,
but I’m done trying to win your charade.
Aug 2018 · 5.4k
Nobody Aug 2018
Lying here reminiscing about the time we had,
you made me smile, and my heart fluttered in my chest.
Thinking how nobody can make me laugh anymore.
But imagining about the past never helps;  
or the constant daydreams of death, I keep to myself.
I’m so restless from wrestling with these thoughts in my head.
Strong, loud, and piercing; paralyzing me to my bed.
I’m busy listening to the soothing whispers, that all want me dead.
Looking for the coast to be clear, so I don't have to be fake again.
Since the mumblings remain, to sting and heighten all the pain.
I try and write out the disturbing sounds, to keep them at bay,
waiting for the right moment to come, when I can drain my brain.
Aug 2018 · 941
Nobody Aug 2018
My smile makes my lips ***** and bleed.
No time to laugh, joy produces a sting;
that burns through my chest,
leaving my senses weak.
I struggle to keep breathing,
every breath pierces and aches;
my mind unfocused, my body sick.
I can’t function in this place,
nothing makes sense.
I can barely lift my legs, or stand up straight.
My throat is sore and my skin is burned,
I don’t know how much more heat I can take.
My body scorched, miserably withered, and worn.
Pathetically limping through miles of ****,
I look down and see my skin start to melt;
fast winds blow sand, straight up to the sky.
I’m blinded, and fall, as it scratches my eyes.
I’m so tired from traveling, the desert of my mind.
Referenced one of my favorite bands.
Aug 2018 · 5.2k
Nobody Aug 2018
What an appalling desire,
your heart beats so fast.
An unsettling ritual,
which refuses to pass.
A nagging numb need,
you must feel something;
go make yourself bleed.
Get it out, act now.
You wait for the great release.
One slice turns into more,
and you need it to hurt.
No one must notice,
hence the morbid allure.
You can’t stop the impulse,
once the fuse is lit.
You tremble with sickly delight,
after every slit.
You’re almost done,
carving your skin.
The pain seems gone,
but it won't be for long;
still for one moment,
you heard that sweet song.
May 2018 · 7.7k
Nobody May 2018
I welcome the silence from the middle of the night;
I was counting on the cover of darkness,
but look up to see a full moon, giving me a watchful eye.
I unsheath my pistol, but decide it will be too loud,
I don’t want to leave any witnesses behind;
so I slip into your tent, without making a sound.
Smile as I see you lying helpless in a dream,
walking closer to your bed;
I start crawling on the ground.
Slowly slide my blade out,
stealth like a cat;
It's quiet as a tomb.
I’m inches from your face,
close enough to smell your breath.
I place the cold metal to your neck,
swing my arm once to the side;
your blood is black in the moonlight,
gushing all over my hands.
You wake and grab your throat,
start swallowing blood, and choke.
I watch you try and put up a fight,
you squirm, and stare, with dying eyes.
So I stick you another time,
in the side right through your heart.
Warm blood licks my face,
too bad it took more than one slice;
for your body to go limp.
Finally your death has come,
I’m free from the burden of your grip.
Feb 2018 · 22.7k
Nobody Feb 2018
They act like foolish mice lost in a maze,
with heart eyes, who only admire and send praise;
so blown away, and stuck in a dumb daze.
It’s amusing they excuse your wicked ways,
and you can gladly starve them all for days;
while smiling madly, not even fazed.
They’re dim and dull, you need entertained.
You can’t help it, you think, but don’t dare say,
to sustain your pointless little games;
that you can’t ever seem to abstain.
It’s the higher ground you need to gain.
So lure them in enduring your demented cage.
Provoke their wrath and force them to cave,
spread your foul poison to their every vein.
There’s no denying they’re enslaved,
locked tight in your chains.
Feb 2018 · 11.7k
Nobody Feb 2018
It’s the name of the game,
slaves to our secret place.
Even if we discreetly meet,
since we hate being apart;  
safe and sound with you baby,
all I need is your sweet heart.
Our secrets intertwined,
we play and tease and test,
till the tension simmers up inside.
We form an explosion of emotions,
as powerful as the windiest storm;
but we only see each others eyes,
lying ***** on the floor.
And when I said
“No I love you more”
you melt and slam the door.
Gently kiss my hair,
and nibble on my neck.
Caress me everywhere,
till I softly moan in your mouth;
and it drives you wild,
so you quickly go down.
Kiss my legs, then my thighs.
As my whole body shakes,
you **** on my every curve.
I pant louder and louder,
then scream “please don’t stop”;
but you want me so bad.
Oh and you are rock hard,
so you slip right inside;
and we make passionate love in the dark.
Feb 2018 · 2.0k
Nobody Feb 2018
I’m wearing these shades, to hide my face.
Since you’re all staring so hard;
watching me just in case,
maybe I’ll slip up,
or reveal a hidden mistake.
Hanging onto my every word
“What does that mean?”
“How can we be sure?”
I'm not your t.v show,
don’t put me on your pedestal.
I’m not your savior,
I can’t heal your soul.
I never asked for this,
so go turn your head;
quit looking at my mess,
or waiting for what I say next.
And go save yourself,
because I can’t help.
Oct 2017 · 6.6k
Nobody Oct 2017
Hey, come on over here baby.
Close enough so I can smell you,
push up against me,
touch my hair, long for me.
Ha, I got you right where I want you,
now look at me with those
googly eyes.
I ******* despise
your gross pervy eyes.
Oh don’t act so surprised,
what you don’t recognize me
with my disguise?
It’s too late for you anyways,
you didn't even notice I slashed open your vein.
Now It’s your turn to be tortured for days,
I’m gonna ******* open with your own blade.
Flay you alive, it’s my turn to play.
Slowly rip out your intestines to burn,
make you shriek as I pick open your brain.
  Nail you by your **** to the wall,
as you whimper ‘please **** me’.
Staple your lips closed,
to quiet your screams.
Cut at your heart,
pick out your eyes;
laugh as you suffer,
while you try and weep.
Then you’ll be wishing to god,
you never laid your *******
eyes on me.
Sep 2017 · 364
Nobody Sep 2017
You rudely wander into my conversation,
but you’re not an expert and you can’t offend me.
You try to get your dense views to control me,
It’s funny, like your shallow opinions affect me.

You’re unskilled in seeing real objectives,
so you try and censor me while I speak.
You’re a fool waiting on the wrong block,
I’m far from delicate or weak.

My words will ruffle your feathers,
you’ll be shocked by the way I behave.
Then you’ll try to crush my passion,
or think you can badger it away.

You’ll soon learn I’m not an easy target,
my brazenness is here to stay.
My strong will won’t be corrupted,
I was born standing up and unafraid.
Sep 2017 · 10.4k
Nobody Sep 2017
Slap me daddy, abuse me.
Bite my neck, spank me hard.
Pull my hair, make me scream,
show me who’s in charge.

Tie me up, pound me deep,
again and again;
violate me, you own me.
Smother me in sin.

Choke me, defile me.
Turn me over,
take me how you like.
If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.  

Now finish me,
I’ll have no escape.
Baby take what you crave,
I’m all yours to break.
Sep 2017 · 13.6k
Nobody Sep 2017
First he demanded I force him on the bed.
He said don’t dare relent till he’s fully spent.
So I start by removing all of his clothes,
kiss and bite him all over, so very slow.

Then he makes me bind both his hands tight,
orders a satin scarf to blind his eyes.
Next I gently bite his neck on both sides,
stirred on even more by his ****** cries.

My tongue wants to lick him just where he likes,
he trembles and shakes as I lick him up right.
He’s hard and tasty, I tease him till I’m sore;
**** and stop, he can’t take it, and begs for more.  

My mouth is so warm, he’s slippery wet.
I take it, and smother my throat in the mess;
and after he’s been pushed so close to the edge,
he rapidly pounds my mouth till the end.
Sep 2017 · 1.1k
Nobody Sep 2017
I want to hurt myself or hurt anyone.
I think about chucking a hammer at someone's head,
or slitting someone's throat from behind.
I think about jabbing a knife in my neck,
or crushing someone’s skull.
I think about burning someone alive,
or poisoning them with bleach.

They don't have to do anything to me,
they don't have to say anything to me;
they could do nice things for me,
they could say nice things to me.

And I just think about hurting them,
over and over I think about hurting them;
and the thoughts get stronger,
and it’s so hard to fight them.

And I feel like I might go on a killing spree,
and in the moment it feels so right;
like it’s what I’m supposed to do,
a hunger pain I need to fill.

With ****** and blood and screaming,
their screams in my mind;
only make me laugh.
It feels like my mind is possessed.

These thoughts are all disturbed,
then they subside until it’s time;
for them to come back again,
and I’m always left feeling confused and frightened.

It’s a struggle fighting these thoughts everyday,
it’s a struggle “pretending” they aren’t there.
It’s a struggle “lying” to everyone and myself,
it’s a struggle hiding;
it’s a struggle stuffing these sick thoughts
back into my deranged brain.
And no one can make it better,
no arrangement of words makes a difference.

I get tired trying to explain my suffering to the ignorant.
But still I want them to know,
and I don’t want to sugar coat the dark and ****;
because my mind only forces me to hate them.

I want to spit the gross truth in their faces.
I want to smother their minds with demented thoughts,
I want them to feel despair;
I want them to suffer too.

I want them to know, I want them to be scared.
I want them to be uncomfortable,
I want them to hurt;
then I wouldn't have to explain.

Because I don’t need pity,
pity can’t fix me;
pity is useless.
I need to write, I need to create, I need to express.

I need to be able to speak about my demons,
without someone judging me or being afraid of me;
or treating me as if I all I am is my thoughts.
Because I’m more afraid then they are.

I’m more terrified of my own thoughts,
especially when these thoughts don’t feel like my own.
And If my thoughts are not my own, then whose are they?
I want these thoughts to go away...
This isn't exactly a poem, but it's something I had to get out. My will is stronger than my thoughts. But I am diagnosed Bipolar 1 with psychotic features, and intrusive thoughts are very real and can be scary sometimes.
Sep 2017 · 9.5k
Nobody Sep 2017
Your suffering is always greater than mine,
you claim your fears are bigger.
Whine your feelings are better than mine,
insist my feelings are simpler.

Try to laugh my feats away like a joke,
but my will is more forward than yours.
Now don’t expect any warmth from me,
my spirit won’t be ignored.

You think you can quiet my defiance,
but I'm used to standing alone;
still these ego trips never get old,
they only harden my resolve.

So you timidly try and silence me,
then make excuses to escape.
‘Cause your wits won't handle me long,
I’m the one you can’t sedate.
Sep 2017 · 5.5k
Nobody Sep 2017
Your head feels foggy,
you sense yourself unwind;
It’s the same dreadful demons
toying with your mind.
They wait till it’s dark,
or the lights are down low;
unnerving sickly attacks,
through your blood and bones.
You can’t hide your black heart,
the demons can see;
they don’t allow any space,
in your head to breathe.  
Tear your reason to shreds,
you need fixing.
A worn stone sinking,
in an ocean that’s rotting;
decaying miserably, and
forced to bend the knee.
How much more agony
can the universe bring.
Not even your screams
can get you out of the cold;
and you’d rather give up
and drown,
than go it alone.
A mashup of lyrics from one of my fave artists
Aug 2017 · 10.7k
Nobody Aug 2017
There's no place to suffer,
no going away.
It's dark in here,
all of my days.
No smiling lights,
no happy surprise;
only this disguise
of constant lies.
I know they bother them,
my sad eyes;
they can't bear to see,
they want me to hide.
Or stay empty inside,
so they won't feel down;
still one by one,
they all turn around.
They never stay
or test their extent of pain,
they only obey
their impulse to stray far away;
and desert me to ache,
in this dark hole, they can’t take.
Where I get no relief,
not even in sleep;
so I guess save yourself,
I’ll taint that light you keep.
Burden your soul,
till you can't take anymore.
Drain you dry,
before I kiss you goodbye.
And you'll never know,
when it's all done;
I'll still be empty,
and you'll be gone.
Jul 2017 · 408
Nobody Jul 2017
You’re much more rotten than you will ever claim,
you let bitterness lace every word you say;
and if the day is bright, you can force it to rain.
Bringing a storm with you, that’ll never change.

You want someone to cry, it’ll make you laugh,
you bask in their misery and welcome their sass;
you enjoy poking and provoking their wrath,
cause what they call a fight, to you is a dance.

It never makes a difference what song is played,
what do you care if they're unaware of your game;
since you enjoy making them all move the same,
you’re only happy when you can dance all day.
Jul 2017 · 2.2k
Nobody Jul 2017
Go speak what you want,
and claim what you please;
don't wonder about the outcome,
or whoever sees.

Yeah they all hurt,
but you don't care;
since it’ll happen again.
They spew right out,
and blend right in.

They belong to you now,
since all trust went away;
it's all you have left,
and they're here to stay.

No time to dwell or doubt,
for tomorrow too;
new ones will flow,
just pretend they're true.

You’re not troubled by the price,
It's easy to do;
you look in their eyes,
and lie: 'i love you too'.
Jul 2017 · 6.6k
Nobody Jul 2017
Time is on your side,
what a beautiful lie;
so many reasons to cry,
so many wishes to die.
Spare time is worse,
to reflect on your curse;
when life moves this slow
you prefer a physical blow.
You just want to go,
you’re sick of feeling alone;
you quit asking why
when you’re too tired to try.
You barely get by
and long for the end,
this hand you were dealt
you can’t ever amend.
You'd rather fold,
It's getting so old.
Your life's a joke;
even with money,
you'll always be broke.
Jul 2017 · 165
Nobody Jul 2017
You’re suffering in silence,
stuck without any will;
with no voice, but to cry,
and way too much time to ****.

But even as you sleep while
dreaming so deep, the
usual strange burden
will slowly start to creep.

Seeping right thru your cracks,
to control your every act.
You try but you can only move slow,
the air gets heavy, there’s nowhere to go.

    Soon it's your worst nightmare,
you can’t see any escape.
The dream is not fair and
only wants you to stay.

“It's hopeless” you shout,
worse, the lights starts to go out..
You want to get out now,
but you don't know how.

So you stop and think,
maybe you lingered too deep;
you decide it’s time to try,
and end this dreamy lie.

But it's never what it seems,
you’ll soon learn the deal;
the dreamy lie is your life,
and it's always been real.
Jul 2017 · 258
Nobody Jul 2017
Your words break my heart, cut deep into my soul.
I ache inside now, no longer whole.  
You watch me weep, stare idly by,  
are you amused, I'm glued to your side?

Don’t say there’s no purpose,
no place where we survive.
Has it all been a lie,
is there no time to try?  

I know our colors all faded,
the sparkle slowly drifted away;
and I watched your passion stray,
as my whole world turned grey.

But even after your flood up the road,
signaled it was our time to go,
I still pleaded for a minute more;
but was harshly forced out your door.  

As you claim it's way too late,
forced to accept the sad truth;
our ride is over now,
hello my days of blue.

But the burning scars won’t mend,
dwelling on a dark and lonely end.
I’m broken, lost, and far from sane;
it’s so cold here stuck in the rain.

And I knew you weren't my kind,
but I was blissfully blind,
trapped in a wild high;
where you were my love,
and you were all mine.
I put this together using several references from my favorite artist at the moment Dalton Rapattoni . It is completely fabricated
Jul 2017 · 5.4k
Nobody Jul 2017
Don't stumble, forget to hide.
Don’t bring them down,
don’t make them cry;
once they hear, they’ll need reasons why.

I know you didn’t ask for this,
stop sounding so sad.
We said we love you,
you're not happy about that?

You just sit alone in here,
dwelling on silly fears;
no we won’t sit with you,
but it doesn’t mean we don’t care.

Sorry this burden is yours,
you can try and bleed it away;
but there is no escape,
this is how you were made.

— The End —