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D A W N Jan 2
giving in to people is like
taking a brick off a dam,
Arke Feb 2019
stop forgiving and cutting slack
to those who don't love you back
Pax Nov 2018
I scream towards emptiness
as it only echoed a numbing silence
its no used to abused
the strained voice
and struggled curses
all seems useless
so just give in
to the given
for a time
just once in a while
*Screeching in Silences*
Deprived old soul,
Poisoning my own
There is no more happiness
Only the pain
Exist without meaning
I'm trapped in my brain

Each day brings a struggle
I don't want to meet
A white flag; I surrender
Accept my defeat
Written: October 7, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
Madison Aug 2018
Your darkness swallows all heat,
Yet its the only thing keeping me from freezing to death.
Its gotten so bad,
I try to fight it.
But I can't help
That smile when you pop in my mind,
The fleeting moments when our eyes meet,
The smell when you're near,
You make me the happiest,
You make my world go round,
But you're no good for me,
I Don't want to fight it anymore.
I give in to you
And your darkness.
Sometimes the worst things for you are the only things that keep your world going round.
Estella Jun 2018
You lead me on,
Just to let go of the rope.
I push you away,
Just to give into the weight again.
You carry my burdens,
Just to drop me in the end.
You pick me back up,
Just to lead me on again,
Just to let go of the rope,
Just for me to push you away,
Just for me to give in,
Just for you to carry me,
Just for you to drop me in the end.
It's an ongoing cycle–
And I don't think I will ever learn
L Marie Aug 2015
I find myself on the edge of
Giving up or just giving in;
But standing still right now, I know,
There's nowhere near a greater sin
Than staying mute and allowing
My emotions to overflow--
For all they do is ******* me
As they play out a picture show
Of all my regrets, doubt, and fears,
Memories I wish to bury,
Future failure I've accepted--
My collection of misery
Running on repeat, on and on,
Know all the words to this old song,
And it goes, on and on, again;
So up or in, I can't be wrong.
I have a choice to make tonight
But at least know, I'll be all right.
Mandy Rowe Nov 2014
i remember

the warmth i felt
the euphoria
something i’d never felt before
there in your arms
with your heartbeat in my ear
you were alive to me
i could hear it for myself

i closed my eyes
keeping it
my hand on your chest
eyelids flutter
my cheeks hot
that warmth everywhere

i feel you look down at me
i knew i mattered
in that moment
i gave in

that feeling

so ephemeral
i knew it wouldn’t last
with you
i was right to want to preserve it
it really was but a moment
one moment
Poetic T Nov 2014
I hold onto life I am not
Ready for that moment
I wish not to meet my maker
That interests me on the
Other side of death,
What do I gain from the departed
Way of life,
Clean slate,
That I wish not,
I will live each day as if another doesn't exist
I hold on, I scratch at each breath,
My body is useless to me
I *** in a bag, my food is mush,
But that doesn't mean for a
Pass, but I will survive till mornings light
I will not surrender a breath
To the taker, to death
I have fight left in this shell
In this place I call life,
I breath once more, take in all around
For one more maybe my last,
I will continue the fight,
Never easy will I go holding onto my *life...
Josephine Sep 2014
The only thing we share is a difference in opinion
At least it'll always be interesting
It'll always be him

— The End —