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Amarie Jun 2019
There's something comforting about a warm cup of hot tea - or warm anything for that matter.

The steam rises up and releases all the aromatic smells that travel through your nose and envelopes around the back of your head, and the heat radiates from the liquid, into the cup, and into your palms.

The heat rises up through your fingers and somehow reaches your heart, calming it down ever so slightly with a warm embrace.

There’s something truly magical about taking that first sip of hot chocolate.

It's the one meant for testing the waters as to be certain the beverage is not too hot to burn your mouth.

It's the one you hold and let linger, possibly swish around for a few seconds, and then gulp slowly as to cherish the flavour of chocolaty goodness.

I can't help but close my eyes and pull my lips up into the ever slightest smile at this first sip, for it is pure bliss in the form of a $3 drink at four in the afternoon when all I want to do is sit and let my body relax from the day’s stressful events.

It's... euphoric, in a sense really. And it never ceases to amaze me that time seemingly slows down whenever I take that first sip.

A feeling of complete content washes over me and I cannot help but take in a breath of clean air and look around me just to clarify that time had in fact, not slowed down at all.

But that warm cup of something, it holds the power - it is filled to the brim with the ability, more like it- to transport you to a place of happiness.
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
And it was one of those kind of days.
Enjoyment of the little things.
She filled both my hands.
My mind at ease,
She was very good at stuff like that.
Warm to the touch, my hands snug around her.
The way she smelled was life itself.
Flooding my nose with endless memory.
Deliciously swirled & tasted.
My insides fluttering in thought.
No longer empty but filled by anticipation.
This was the kind of weather she was made for.
Jeans, sweaters.
Lazy days to throw any old thing on and lounge around.
It was one of those kind of days she filled my mug,
My hands with hot chocolate.
Her being the very chocolate that warmed my soul

Of all things
Just because
Rett Nov 2018
I want to sit in the snow
I want to hold the small white flakes
that fall from the sky
I want to see them on my lashes.

I want to feel the cold air in my nose
I want to feel the cold only graze my skin
just enough to feel the breeze
I want to hug the snow.

I want to be tired
I want to run inside all cold
only to be warmed by hot chocolate and love
I want to play in the snow

I want their to be snow God ******!
waiting for the snow is so hard!

I've been in a really good mindset lately, not as many panic attacks so, yeah! I didnt really try wiht this one, i was just feeling ready for winter so this si what i wrote

'Hot hot hot, Hot Chocolate!'
- Best Dance scene ever
Annie Oct 2018
I was prescribed
hot chocolate
by a woman who let me
cry in her chair
on two occasions.

On bad days
I make myself have a hot chocolate
not because they’re particularly my favourite drink,

but because having this hot cup of
makes me feel like I’m doing something
to comfort myself
when I don’t know what else to do.
ris Mar 2016
You know, when people ask me to make a comparison between you and an addiction of mine, I always say hot chocolate. They’d laugh because they think I’m joking and ask me to be serious, but I always say the same thing. You’re just like hot chocolate.

You make me feel warm whenever I’m with you, like I’m always welcomed in your arms. You make me feel content to just be sitting beside you reading a book in one hand and holding yours in the other. You make me feel happy that I chose, and continue to choose us even after what we’ve been through.

Warmth, contentment, and happiness. These are what I feel when I drink my addiction which you, make me feel as well.

So they can call me silly all they want, I don’t care. You’re my hot chocolate. If they ask you why and you think my explanation is too long, just tell them this.

"I make her feel at home.”
I honestly don't know how I came up with this because I have no love life what so ever.
hey hey

I tried to write a song about you today
It wasn't very good so I threw it away
The words were scrambled they had no rhythm
There really was nothing I could do

I was going to say I loved you
Then I second guessed myself
My eyes opened and I realized what was broken
I've be questioning my brain ever since

But it's alright, hip hip hooray,
I have finally seized the day,
Who cares if I throw it all a way,
One more Song
One more Kiss
What the hell is there to miss
These are the last words I can give

What really happened in your mind
That made us broken, with no rewind
You're stuck in the past,and I'm in the future
I begin to wonder who is the loser

No it's not fair, things never are
I pick up drugs over the bar
They promise me you'll disappear
With one more drink of everclear


We are all falling, down an empty hole

(r)No more goodbyes this is the last one
The next time we meet I'll already be gone
Under the sheets so white and brown
Here is my blood that's staining the ground


One last song, one last kiss
I know I'll be missed
A song that is a work in progress, any suggestions towards rhymes or words will be greatly appreciated.

— The End —