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M C Sep 2019
Sole stars shine together in a nightly swirl
sharing light with the collective whorl as each wink in turn.
I am only my mother's son in this moment.
As is everyone a bright point in the lineage of our family,
looking up at a familiar heavenly mirror.

Even the heavens fade.
Minds reflect on this godly tact.
Entropy is a fact that we fight
or are we acting?
Afraid to admit how warm the embrace of coldness?
Clinging silence saturates space between bodies,
between sparks of life.
Fretful existentialism balanced by... nothing.
Whole galaxies begin, submit,
only a simple hello reaches me in the twilight.

Countless hellos overwhelm.
Connecting with the universe through metaphor is beautiful
but after all, we are only human.
Messy in our emotion.
The restless observer should practice patience to find peace under heaven.

Stoic stars accept a proper pace of degrade.
Us people struggle
to fade with grace.
fray narte Jun 2019
i wanna dive heard first
into a map of the night skies
trapped inside
our four-walled room;
maybe i can play
a list of your favorite songs
and slowly watch
the first stars come out
and gaze at them
‘til the break of dawn.

and by then, they’d still be
black holes wrapped
in 6 am poetries,
and i’d still stare
and read them when
we sleep again.

and darling,
i’ll name these star clusters
after you.

after me.

after us.
a twinkle in my mezzo
is a wrinkle in this forte
where flatulent is an eggplant
but virulent is my phone

that screamed from my soul

as she'd walk in a box of rings
that made me sing her too
With sheet of tears did blanket
Around her bed of posies alas

if heart truss sung to their content  
tonight the hour grew dark in Jodrell Bank
as this virtue of love did radio a Lovell
and sealed my fate in spite of her again
Bernard Lovell a radio astronomer died in England 2012.
yellah girl Sep 2017
ensconced in perpetual darkness, you sleep
restless dreams orbit your mind
yet comfort cannot be found
Pluto, the loneliest planet

not even the Sun can touch you
high school textbooks disregard you
the stars will never glimmer for you
Pluto, the loneliest planet

but have faith
dreamers and late night romantics understand you
god of the underworld exalts you, brother of darkness
New Horizons will arrive shortly, a friend for
Pluto, the loneliest planet
Lunar Oct 2016
i remember looking
into your eyes
every night,
before i close mine;
like how i remember
the glow-in-the-dark stickers
when i was a child
back in my old room:

it was a mesmerizing
that i
fell in love with,
that made me feel so
i was in bed last night, sleeping in my sisters' room, and they had these glow-in-the-dark stickers on their closet doors, right across the bed i was in. i felt like i was stargazing. my nights and sleep have never been any better until last night.

but nothing, not even stars, can compare to your eyes.
Lauren Leal Mar 2016
I had the stars to gaze upon
To escape to when I feel I have not won
An endless beauty one can soak in for hours
Within the nature as the wind rustles the trees and flowers

Then life changed and I could not see my stars
I could only see lights and the sound of the cars
I lost my escape and fell into a abyss
Where all I could do is see the stars when I reminisce

Then I met a woman with that glimmer
A glimmer that I knew and my spine let out a shiver
In time I saw her soul
And in her soul, I found them shinning and whole

I found the black canvas in her eyes
I found the colors in her beauty
I found the shine in her soul

She and only she became my new escape
Where I can always see my stars

*I can even see them with the lights and cars
To my love who I know I can turn to at my worst. Accepting with open arms and an open soul. I love you.
Syn Feb 2016
I found myself on your car with you, our bodies intertwined.
We'd gaze up at the infinte stars.
One was yours and one was mine.

Now I find myself on my bed alone,
My pillow soaked straight through.
I gaze alone now, on my infinite tears,
which all belong to you.
Rafael Melendez Dec 2015
A white room hues ocean blue as the sun rises, with a ceiling that screamed to be stared at on another sleepless night. But I continue to see her face like a constellation, and I grow weary, and I grow lonely.
These stars don't shine down on me, in spite of how beautiful they glow; they stared in a most disconcerting way. And I cannot wish upon them, I can only stargaze, and hope that someday they'll no longer gaze back.
Funny how hard it is to fall asleep when you're sad, but how easy it is to stay asleep once you wake up.
For the constellation you claim to be, allow me to stargaze beneath your sheets.
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