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Just Rachel Nov 2016
Oh miserable me,in such disarray,
aimless is my walk
Void is my way,

Existence,.....what I'm living in.........
Like a torment,....
hell it is,eternal sin

It's something like a blind, incomplete theme,
that should not be,
to torture causing agony,
myself I owe an apology ....

Am I worth one?

So much more are you,...
then,me .........
well,apparently .....

Look, .........considering I can forgive you,
while denying me.....
........resulting to ....
Yielding no fruit such of self love
Disappointing the ONE ABOVE.....
ya see,
We are suppose to love our neighbors as we love our self .

Gold,wisdom,TRUTH,,GODS wealth.

Mark 12:30-31

..........Say a prayer for me,please
Just Rachel Nov 2016
To learn of life's
Painful truths...
.......Consider the revolving door......
Trouble come cycle
Never-ending story..
difficult theme,...
Similar,most seem..
Quite afraid,each fearing memories gone
Furthermore pattern,cursed is strong
unending circles 'round it goes
produces again ...the hurt it grows
common one follow once more
Hurting people-hurt people.....
If we have been hurt ..we must first heal our hurts before entering into a new relationship...because hurting ppl hurt ppl.
Just Rachel Jun 2017
Throbbing pain in my skull
Death once more,so I do roll
Sweating palms,so sick of ****
Bit off too much
Now ****** lip
Stiff body,heavy eyes
Please never give in to the lies
Just Rachel Jan 2017
Can someone please explain?
Why the need to control by pain?
Your mere energy yes,destructive
Drama,strife,the fighting
Constant you prove back bitting
Showing no remorse, !?......ha never
You just think you're oh,so clever
Misery loves company,indeed this is so known
But I will not relate a Heart of pure stone....
Just Rachel Oct 2016
I am a child , I am a mother

I wonder when I will find my joy again.
I hear the wind blow
Looking up,I see the dark night sky

I am a child,I am a mother
I pretend I believe in happy endings,
I feel the deep
I touch my collapsed veins.......

I am a child ,I am a mother
I cry about The evil in this world,so much violence and hate....
I worry about dying alone .....
And ....about dying

I am a child, I am a mother
I try to hold on ....hope,for better days
Be it so,
I am a child,I am a mother
This Poem,as you may already know is from a simple elementary type poem starter.Anyways it's mine,none the less.So be nice,I'm a beginner
Just Rachel Oct 2016
Isolating myself,
confined to these four walls.
Refusing to care
Rejecting phone calls ..
And no doubt about it,it is very
safe to say
....One is a lonely number....
but that's how I stay.
Beaten,broken,betrayed ...
Life attempts to teach,,refine and ultimately birth a better me
But for now...... Being that there's a free will ,a hermit I choose to be.
But mainly I'm dying.
Just Rachel Nov 2016
It starts within like a wild wind
Too powerful to contain with in
It's like a chemical concoction
Soon to hatch a reaction
Comes naturally,
like your better half attraction

Words spoken like a spell,
personal, much as in detail
It's your gift to Gods green earth,
be it so ...
It's magics birth.
Just something that was repeating in my mind.
Thought I'd share .....
Just Rachel Nov 2016
Kills me inside
Countless the times I cried
Wishing for words to be spoken
Like an answered prayer to be verbal awoken
A frustration,gots me screaming :"what's he feeling and why the reason,God?!"
"Is this chastisement with thy almighty rod?!"
Not to disrespect,but the pain to bear is deep,
I'm not understanding again I weep.
About my frustration with my son being that he's non verbal,with the diagnosis of classic to severe autism .....
Just Rachel Nov 2016
4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails.
In the book of 1 Corinthians,chapter 13, verses 4-8 .....
As you all may know
.....on speaking about love and AND it being truth.Oh and the words alone - true poetry :-)
(To me,at least )
Just Rachel Nov 2016
Holds it tightly
Loves it really
Loud guitar......,it is quit silly
Swiftly paces,while humming  
With that **** guitar how can he go wrong?
A puzzle unsolved  
Why the desire
Insanity It leads me
If volume go higher
It's like a addiction,
I kid you not
To remain by his side
Curse is the day I bought
Oh silly red guitar
Why so attached is he
Never will I know
It shall stay a mystery....
So this is a silly poem about my son
and his The Wiggles guitar....he constantly
playing it,basically he's stimming ( a way
to manage certain emotions )
For the most part it goes in one ear
out the other,so it really doesnt
bother me...others ?..well yes...that in
turn makes it harder ....and a problem.
Just Rachel Mar 2018
Somehow empty again,like a dark past
Echoing meaningless,so lost
Without a vision .....
My bitter,unending,emptiness
Just Rachel Mar 2018
Sweet memories linger on,like a bond
Into our forever
As magic echoing eternity
Me and you
Just Rachel Jan 2017 of now? -Silent
Crushing this blue heart of mine....

Afraid,....without a dream
Lost,without a vision seem
Floods me...
The emptiness
Like my existence,an uninvited passing
Behind the cold ..
I only sink
Awake is the Affliction
Just Rachel Jun 2017
.....with a broken wing. a hundred tears
no love,no smile,no,no,no ....not here.
the sting of reality
when you say go,go,just go away
but still I'll fight til the end of day....
Just Rachel Mar 2018
Alone sometimes much,it’s true
Then words return and thoughts of you
could not,should not be for keep
More my suffer,reserve for weep
Around the way,reveal is known
Eternity lived and I have grown
Heart repairs for heart can’t lose
A victory won,cause this I choose.
Just Rachel Jan 2017
Use heart,spread light
Receive such,make right

Teach love,hold true
Help man,new view

Dream found,hate go
Prepare world ...high,low

Soon gather,rise fast
Believe, -last
Missed you guys...I've been dealing with some personal things,hopefully be on more regularly <3
Just Rachel Nov 2016
Made afraid
Fall after speed ..
Represent real,remember
Got caught up..At bottom...
Life,hell......Did serve
Raining stones I took
Indeed same picture
Usual hook
And stays the same.
It is what it is....

— The End —