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i sit to write
but words won't come
mind not focusing
thoughts not processing
hope failing
Viktoria Jan 2019
A seed planted,
Turned around,
A look planted,
Turned around,
A smile more,
Turned around,
Another look, longer,
Turned around,
I hope I touched your soul.
...because you definitely touched mine.
Gabriel burnS Aug 2017
Your tongue speaks
The language of my lips
Gabriel burnS Jul 2017
she emits
slight submission;
the makeup of
her heart's desire;
a secret invitation
to a trap,
her bait, infallible
her every fiber
now conspires;
the message,
slightly cryptic,
abandoned at your doorstep
on arrival,
implies an SOS;
a damsel in distress
beneath the armored shell
of self-sufficiency
"come, rescue me
from dull security",
the cypher says...
A one man army
now awaiting orders,
to deploy along the shores,
to breach the borders
to conquer every hill,
capture every trench,
to liberate the thrills,
from every inch of flesh
The queen within
the prison tower
now demanding for a siege,
for deadly force,
relentless power,
and no rest
till she is free
pt.1; pre-war
Lux Falls May 2017
Bored, bored, bored.
Talking is an automatic loop,
two records play succinctly.

She will ask you how do you feel,
what has happened since last week.
Did you go out Saturday?
Did the torrent of anxiety swell up again?
Another face
Same question
My problems are common
And yes, there lies the rub.

I don't like people
I won't **** you, you just confuse me.
Conversations have a formula and I've learnt it well.
One person says something and you respond,
A nod okay
A verbal response, great
More than one sentence, ah yes, a true natural flow.
No, no
It's not, it involves effort
A calmed mind
And a skip of the heart.
" An ode to the non-neurotypicals. "
Gabriel burnS Apr 2017
as we talk
around in circles
words fall
******* silence
Just Rachel Nov 2016
Holds it tightly
Loves it really
Loud guitar......,it is quit silly
Swiftly paces,while humming  
With that **** guitar how can he go wrong?
A puzzle unsolved  
Why the desire
Insanity It leads me
If volume go higher
It's like a addiction,
I kid you not
To remain by his side
Curse is the day I bought
Oh silly red guitar
Why so attached is he
Never will I know
It shall stay a mystery....
So this is a silly poem about my son
and his The Wiggles guitar....he constantly
playing it,basically he's stimming ( a way
to manage certain emotions )
For the most part it goes in one ear
out the other,so it really doesnt
bother me...others ?..well yes...that in
turn makes it harder ....and a problem.
Just Rachel Nov 2016
Kills me inside
Countless the times I cried
Wishing for words to be spoken
Like an answered prayer to be verbal awoken
A frustration,gots me screaming :"what's he feeling and why the reason,God?!"
"Is this chastisement with thy almighty rod?!"
Not to disrespect,but the pain to bear is deep,
I'm not understanding again I weep.
About my frustration with my son being that he's non verbal,with the diagnosis of classic to severe autism .....

— The End —