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Just Rachel Jan 2017
Can someone please explain?
Why the need to control by pain?
Your mere energy yes,destructive
Drama,strife,the fighting
Constant you prove back bitting
Showing no remorse, !?......ha never
You just think you're oh,so clever
Misery loves company,indeed this is so known
But I will not relate a Heart of pure stone....
ZT Dec 2015
Your Fragrance is spreading
Everyone, you are enticing
But I know your stench is digging
Deeper, into you it keeps finding
Your soul that it will be embracing
Beware. There are people with dark thoughts that masks them with innocence.
Diva Irin Sep 2015
Loneliness is a great friend
He never lets me wander alone,
Forever standing by me
He's there when all doors close.
He's one friend i trust
And i know no matter what
He'll be forever beside me
He's the only company I've got.
Eva Ellen Oct 2014
You are the apple of my eye,
but this fruit's rotten to the core.
You're suffocating me in your grip,
but baby your hands are so warm.

You're a corrupt tyrant king,
and ***** tortured prisoner;
Make me your silent queen, broken cell mate,
and crying court jester.

You stroke my hair, but your hands
are on my shoulder.
You bring me to new heights but,
when I soar you grow colder.

You're sweeter than our honeymoon
phase on Valentine's Day baby.
But the dentist said your **** gives
me one year cavities.

You have no doubts, "our
dream's pristine and love is true".
Then how come my heart,
my soul, is black and blue?

I am more alone when you hold my
hand and say, "I'm here".
But I feel so sick with fear at the
thought of you not near.

It's crazy.
You're crazy.
I'm crazy.
Crazy (in pain)
Crazy (in love)
How could I go?
Why can't I leave?
alice Jul 2014
There's nothing like it.

Bowing my head;
the tears sliding
over my cheeks,
dripping down
into my lap.

I let my chest fill up.
I let my eyes fill up.
I let my head fill up.

These things
take me over,
flooding my mind
with the mistakes
I've made;
the awful person
I've become.

I beat myself,
for the things I've done
for the things I do.
I cannot stop,
I am driven
to fail
those I love most.

I'm so good,
I can lie
to anyone;
pulling the wool over their eyes,
belief built on
faith, trust and denial.
I am this
heartless creature,
selfish to the core.

The lies I tell,
no one questions,
not even
Self-loathing and psychological punishment taking shape as poetry.
Zainab Attari Jun 2014
Gestures always so polite
Doesn't seem right
Impurity and doubts
Falsely sweetened mouths

Good to the worst
No bitter words burst
No expression of offence
Nothing said in defence

So sweet, so easy going
So tolerant, so loving
No respect for self?
Left the heart on the shelf?

Observing the moves
Following the cue
Now I see you
You are one by two.

A brain so sly
Always telling a lie
Fooling honest souls
To reach your vicious goals

Talking ill behind ones back
Frankness you lack
I pity thy soul
It’s gone for a toll

Not brave, not true
A coward in you
I see you, I see you
Wouldn’t trust even one of you.

-Zainab Attari
PrttyBrd May 2014
In Your smile is born my very breath
I give you all i have to give
Your lies have brought about my death
For trust has no place left to live
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