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Nov 2016
Holds it tightly
Loves it really
Loud guitar......,it is quit silly
Swiftly paces,while hummingΒ Β 
With that **** guitar how can he go wrong?
A puzzle unsolvedΒ Β 
Why the desire
Insanity It leads me
If volume go higher
It's like a addiction,
I kid you not
To remain by his side
Curse is the day I bought
Oh silly red guitar
Why so attached is he
Never will I know
It shall stay a mystery....
So this is a silly poem about my son
and his The Wiggles guitar....he constantly
playing it,basically he's stimming ( a way
to manage certain emotions )
For the most part it goes in one ear
out the other,so it really doesnt
bother me...others ?..well yes...that in
turn makes it harder ....and a problem.
Just Rachel
Written by
Just Rachel  38/F/U.S.A.
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