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Christina Maria Mar 2019
Christmas day is when she realized she loved him

Last night was filled with annoyance
But also with laughter and peacefulness

Last night he made her angry
But he said he'd love her always

The night ended in a simple phrase in another language
The night ended with her filled with hope for the future

She tried to push away the feelings
But they always flooded her mind, heart, and soul

Every time she talked to him
She was at peace

She didn't are about the world
She only cares about him

He is my center, my being revolves around him.
دema Sep 2018
At first,
you spend
a couple moonless nights
getting to know the meaning
behind my name,

then you trace the
beatings of my heart
when you hear my voice
calling your name,

and one moonless night,
you reveal to me that you're the Sun
and I realize that the meaning
behind my name always had revolved around yours.
Karijinbba Jul 2018
The night under the mirror
went through a revolving door.
Eventually I did put a face
to  your loving cues your emails
It had been so long since your destiny had asked you my King
to marry her
that hunting jealous day that began much earlier under a 1975 degree celcious and did burn us to a crisp
Nothing would have given me more assurance more pleasure  such a gracious challenge to a  mysterious
proposition to dig my heart
for the final blow
one queen for his other
prior queen bee me
and a winner I would have been
all night with my King
under the mirror!
to obliterate her wedding band
from his hand
how loving of you cupid of mine
always digging at my heart
for my heart of gold
then came cause and effect of karma blowing up our plans
another King Brad appeared with roses and diamond ring
in hand he had no mask just an hidden agenda
he took my children to his Mom
to make his other queenjealous and I took the bate
for just one hour both my King and Brad
had chosen he same photo E-mailed among several
to both single men seeking bride at Kiss com.
my lovely picture was the same summer dress I wore with the king I loved
as someone something from above and beyond
mirrored the scene in my life a kind of cause and effect
it showed my
old beloved a simple approach to a woman's heart
and me that the woman he married giving her a diamond ring taking her and son to his Mom was more to make
me jealous too fight for his love
an invisible revolving door had opened up
both to win my lover back
or to lose both Knights
fate life karma G**
had bid the greatest game
of love and twin souls
remained split bleeding
both men found a way to another
woman playing their game  

I was sent to worship my Lord Jesus Christ mocking me
beware of Karma
or THINK and get rich and happy
to catch a true king FOCUS
don't take bates, don't settle for new when the heart is taken 
by a true love not followed.

My king was found by his mate
and I returned Brads diamond
lesson played leasson learned

Then came the clock ticking
tax collector King Mr Time
he took my hand
paper INK and pen
to script a new
its Winter he said,
and a new revolving door
appeared here at H.P.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights
ASG/BBA -revised 6/2020.
How do you think a and how do we feel about the one we truly love a nail can't take another out its the heart that will break and the loss is an unsurmountable abyss beware open your eyes FOCUS one single thought two hearts that beat as one cannot distract nor settle and never take a new lover if our heart loves another
Nick Stiltner Jun 2018
Time has its hands around my neck, strangling me.
A diamond clock around my neck like Flavor Flav,
hanging off me, pulling my head down to the dirt.

The tortuous second, an arduous minute
I grind my teeth at the passing hour.
I squeeze each passing day, holding tightly,
but it always escapes between my fingers,
liquefying and dripping through, evaporating.

Wake and pace,
I wake and begin to pace.
Weaving a trail through the leaves at my feet,
the meadow floor becoming my revolving door
with only one exit, a blinking red sign
flashes, its arrow pointing directly down
imprinting itself in my pupil.

Sing the song of the day!
Whether it be swaying morning Jazz
or a night owls rhythmic hoots,
sing it loud and let it ring,
for you never know the last song you will sing.

Walk in circles, hum the tone,
whatever it takes to get you past that
glaring sun high in the sky at each passing noon.
a mention
of drug
addicts will
leave then
a shame
of toxic
trash in
their deciduous
mouths teething
inure if
even children
in their
swabs but
otherwise protect
their ****
from this
adolescent crisis
Just Rachel Nov 2016
To learn of life's
Painful truths...
.......Consider the revolving door......
Trouble come cycle
Never-ending story..
difficult theme,...
Similar,most seem..
Quite afraid,each fearing memories gone
Furthermore pattern,cursed is strong
unending circles 'round it goes
produces again ...the hurt it grows
common one follow once more
Hurting people-hurt people.....
If we have been hurt ..we must first heal our hurts before entering into a new relationship...because hurting ppl hurt ppl.

— The End —