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  Mar 2018 Just Rachel
Forget their kiss
Forget the gaze in their eyes
Erase those lips
And the touch of their fingertips
And their scent, and their lies
Now cry
and cry
and cry
Then forget
how to cry.
Just Rachel Mar 2018
Alone sometimes much,it’s true
Then words return and thoughts of you
could not,should not be for keep
More my suffer,reserve for weep
Around the way,reveal is known
Eternity lived and I have grown
Heart repairs for heart can’t lose
A victory won,cause this I choose.
Just Rachel Mar 2018
Somehow empty again,like a dark past
Echoing meaningless,so lost
Without a vision .....
My bitter,unending,emptiness
Just Rachel Mar 2018
Sweet memories linger on,like a bond
Into our forever
As magic echoing eternity
Me and you
Just Rachel Jun 2017
.....with a broken wing. a hundred tears
no love,no smile,no,no,no ....not here.
the sting of reality
when you say go,go,just go away
but still I'll fight til the end of day....
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