Born 1d
If only I could write you  a poem
From a music perspective
I'd scream all day that
I hate that I love you.
I'd smoke weed
get really  high
Numb my days with morphine
and totally blackout

If only I could write you a poem
From a death perspective
I'd remind you of dreams
Strive for what you believe in
give a damn
and for as long as you are alive
never say I wish i knew

If only I could write you a poem
From a love perspective
I'd argue that it's only a feeling
that needs more analysis
It's the only acceptable
form of insanity globally
What perspective would you write
I have this feeling of pride
But this feeling I have to hide
Away from everyone
Hide the fact.. That I'm not
The person I used to be
..I'm part of the lgbt+ community
But although I'm proud of who I am
Some people just can stand
The fact that I've made this decision
To be....who I truly am inside
So that's why i have to hide
....Just so I can be accepted
By this disgusting,judgemental, society
I have to stay in this dark, scary place
We call the "closet"
The closet that's suffocating me
And making me feel claustrophobic
I feel like I can't breathe anymore
And I'm going crazy inside
Because I just can't hide
"Come out ,come out, wherever you are"
I have a lot of scars
Scarred by the hurtful things people said
You know the saying "Sticks and stones may break your bones,
But words would never hurt you" right?
Well,thats not true...words can make a person take their own life
I just wish that they would physically hurt me
Because at least those bruises can heal and fade away
But the things that they said to me
Will,in my memory,forever stay
And no amount of painkillers or morphine
Can make the pain go away
And they wonder why I self
...And here's the best part...thats just when I was 8 years old
When I was just...'normal'
So imagine what'll happen if I come out
They say be who you are
But when you do,they try to change you.
They say to love everyone
But when you do,they tell you that its wrong
They say don't hurt yourself
...cuz apparently they wanna do it to you themselves
They say to always be happy
.....Well I am
..It's not my fault I can't think straight

— The End —