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wes parham Oct 2021
Gently... exhale , now,
Breathe out, but slow,
And I sink, if only a bit.
Down into the sea, but never in fear,
Though flat on my back in the vastness of it.

Gently... inhale,
Never panic, never rush,
Only trust, and the rise of my chest, but slow,
Only faith in the physics of fluids and mass,
And I rise again, safe from the depths below.

I rise again, safe, at the interface,
My lips welcome air from the edge of the blue,
My ears hear the sea, still muted and mingled,
With the sound of a voice, and a heartbeat, too.
A comfort, a terror, both in the same,
My regular gentle reminder of how,
The world cannot touch me from there,
In the past.

The sea touches all of me, here,

And right now.
( see also, "the water was a woman" )
I do so love to float in water, "flat on my back in the vastness"...  If you fully exhale, then you sink like a rock, but with some air inside, you can bob like a cork.  It's meditative and centering, finding this balance between life-giving air and the drowning depths of that which, paradoxically, makes life here possible.  But, hey- don't over-think it.  : )
Erian Rose Nov 2020
We twirled in the clatter
letting the rain tattoo our skin
till dusk became day
and hands held clasped
in saltwater promises,
drowning in the shores
of your cosmos
Anastasia Aug 2019
I want to drown
I want to breathe the water in
And never breathe out again
I want the salt water to burn the fresh cuts in my wrists
I want the dark to cradle me as I float into never ending sleep
I want to drift off
with no sign of life
I want to drown
Butterfly Aug 2019
The feeling of the saltwater getting through my hair, is amazing to.

The balance you make while standing on your board, like you're finally completed.
Like my heart is on the right place.
Brittany Hall Jan 2019
Slander me, expose me; tell them who I really am.
No one can handle me, or control me; I know who I really am.
Disregard all of my endless efforts,
To keep our bond from being severed.
Fighting off the wild dogs,
While you were sleeping in the fog.
Struggling to keep our sails afloat,
You sat pretty and watched me choke.
When I decided it was time to let go,
You didn't take the ropes, you just let the wind blow.
Held on so tight for so long; my hands are bleeding.
The saltwater stings but it's also healing.
Still, I'll take another sip; it keeps me alive,
Even though it slowly kills me at the same time.
Slowly but surely; my favourite way to die.
I savour the taste of every single tear that I cry.
Can't you see these reactions, or hear the words that I've said?
Due to your actions and the words I've been fed.
I loved you so much, I would die for you.
You loved it so much, you'd let me die for you too.
Some people give, and some people take,
And when it's love, it's both hearts that break.
Colm Oct 2018
When given a choice
   Between Beauty and lust
Let Beauty win out
   Lust is never enough
Saltwater, freshwater
Grey Wild Apr 2018
dive deep into
shallow water
and fill your lungs
with cold waves.

salt your mouth
until it forms
sea foams,

taste the burns
to bite
your tongue away.
girl diffused Oct 2017
now swallow your words
for that matter your tongue too
spit out saltwater
1. They tell blatant lies.
2. They deny they ever said anything, even if you have proof.
3. They use what is near and dear to you as ammunition.
4. They wear you down over time.
5. Their actions do not match their words.
6. They throw in positive reinforcement to confuse you.
7. They know confusion weakens people.
8. They project.
9. They try to align people against you.
10. They tell you or others that you are crazy.
11. They tell you everyone else is a liar.

- taken from, "11 Signs of Gaslighting in a Relationship" from PsychologyToday (
sayona Jun 2016
there is an ocean inside of me
one that's waves manifested from disappointment and heartache
and i'm choking on saltwater
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