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devante moore Nov 2018
Your screams of help
Gets lost in the depths
As the waves of the murky water come crashing in
You tried to hurt me
And a congratulations is in order
Because it actually worked
But now it’s your turn
I hope your lungs feel like they’re in flames, as you struggle to breath
I don’t know if I’m maniacal
Or just an evil genius
Leaving all of your limbs but one free
Your sins are what bound you here
I just brought the rope
I don’t want you to die
But the water is already passed your throat
Still I walk away
With no shame
Wondering how will you go
Will it be from the high tide
Or the weight of your own ego
That made you think
You could toy with me
And keep living freely
devante moore Nov 2018
Feet in the sand
I can still feel myself sinking
Water cold to the touch
The tides roll in and out
Past my ankles
Now up to my knees
And out in the distance
The ocean is as blue as the naked sky
They both seem to never end
Lost in a gaze
The water has risen a bit higher
Now tugging at my hands
Playfully pulling me down
But still in place I stand
Tamed by how calm the water has become
Now that it’s grown
Wrapping itself around my waste
The breeze amplifies it’s frigidness
And now my body starts to quiver
But I’m rooted
And can’t escape this aquatic landscapes
Up above
The last signs of life
A group of seagulls
Passing by
As the water has risen up
Past my neck
Covering my eyes
devante moore Nov 2018
My memories of you don’t seem to age
I can still remember your full name
I can’t seem to forget
And it’s the one thing I regret
Thoughts flash like lightning
And leave just as quick
I drown in them
Sink all the way to the bottom
Like a damage battleship  
Unequipped with life rafts
This wasn’t a war I expected to lose
But you out witted and tricked me
**** these human emotions
I quit
I can either live being taunted my these vision of you
Or set ablaze this dynamite stick
And blow myself into oblivion
devante moore Nov 2018
Should I replenish your thirst
Or just let you wilt
Wait until the ground **** you dry
No remorse felt
Your bright yellow
That could attract a crowd
Slowly turned to beige
Your core
Once a perfect brown
How quickly you’ve seem to age
At a distance I watch
Beautiful once
But anyone else would think you’ve rot
None knowing what you need
devante moore Oct 2018
She asked me
“Now that I’m gone, how does the sun feel’
It feels unreal
Like it’s not even there
There’s no radiating warmth
And when I stop and reach for the sky
It slips through my fingers
I’m just grabbing at air
But when I stand motionless
Does the earth stop spinning
Do the birds that dare to challenge the sky
Do there wings stop flapping midair
Would the fish in the sea
Stop swimming because of me
If I stop moving
Would animals stop living
Would a lion stop haunting
Would a dog stop digging
Would the moon
Escape from its orbit
And head towards earth
If I stopped moving
Would the world even care
devante moore Oct 2018
Retract and hide
Someone is showing interest
Close the door
And lock it
Blasts music until blood drips from your sockets
Do whatever you can
Just don’t let them inside
devante moore Sep 2018
All my ex’s drink
Was that because of me?
These are my last night thoughts
And if that’s the case
Take a shot for me
For the time you wasted
Take a shot for me
For the countless nights I couldn’t sleep
Take a shot
For all those times I didn’t eat
Because the stress was to much
All the food forced down
Would end up coming back out of me
Take a shot
Until your kidneys explode
Take a shot
Until the regrets you hide
Pour out of you like the lies
And the empty bottle you drown in like ocean tides
Drink until your liver fails
And your stomach swells
Take a shot and don’t stop for me
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