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devante moore Mar 2021
Plastic cracked
I seem to be falling apart
The result of your tight clutch
As you hold me close to your heart
And I sink into your breast
I can feel your hurt
Today must’ve been a bad one
Because the pain is so much worse
But what can I do
I’m just a tool
A conduit
And I won’t last much longer
I’ve been over used
Not miss handle
Chip parts
Just shows I’m that frail
A toy
But a solider still the same
My mission is to comfort
And even as I wither
Part by part
I cannot fail
devante moore Oct 2020
I treated you like trash
Crumbled you up like a *** of paper
Folded you
And stuffed you in my back pocket
Just in case I needed you for later
Your skin was like paper
My personal sheet
That I wrote on
In pen
And permanent marker
Wrote hate you's in cursive
On your forehead
Stained you with footprints
From when you fell and I stepped on you
Tore you in half
When I was frustrated and mad
Then tapped you back
Left you soggy
Black ink
Dripped from your eyes
When you cried
Doodle on you when I was bored
And you wore the markings with pride
Even when I threw you away
You ended up back in my lap
Like a gust of wind blew you back on my path
I'm ashamed I treated you like crap
And you couldn't tame my attention seeking ways
A poem from 2016 finally seeing the light of day
devante moore Oct 2020
At first glance
The suggestion of us being friends
I couldn't take
It was met by my hate
I wanted to hit it
And drag it to the side of the road like it was a deer
But in my haste
I made it clear I wanted to date
And now I'm shaken
By the second thoughts that appeared
And I don't know if I should mow it down
And watch it struggle to live in my rear view mirror
Or run with it
I shot down friendship
As it sailed across the sea
And now what's left
Is you starting at me
Trying to put back the pieces from the debris
devante moore Sep 2020
From myself
Lost in the debts of my own mind
Blessed with gifts mishandle
Strangled by fear of failure
Abducted by violence
Saved by love , Kissed by lust
killed my regrets, Left sadness for dead
Emotions once split
Blended until the lines blurred
Unable to correctly detect which one to feel
Attack by the swarm in my beehive
UnImmune to the stings
Swollen from the venom
Drowned in the honey
Life whizzes by
Liked the wind
When I’m high upon a swing
Landed deep in a maze
Sold my soul to false prophets
Hoping to be saved
Happiness can be addicting
But am I willing
To **** parts of myself
Just to taste the feeling
devante moore Sep 2020
My hearts been broken
And It’s sometimes hard to believe
But it’s no joke
When I say sometimes I could choke
On the fear that it won’t change
Smiling faces help conceal what I’m faced with
Twisted like a drained towel
But somehow i keep it contained
Convinced I can endure it
Don’t need help
I’m sure of it
Wish my mom warned me about the bad weather
The slight drizzle
Turned into heavy rain
And I’m just getting wetter
But not getting any better
The cause unspoken
But well known
I haven’t been the same since god called you home
Sometimes I think I have ptsd
devante moore Sep 2020
This wasn’t my intentions
But I couldn’t find the right ways to prevent this
Didn’t know who to vent with
So this what you get
When your mind shift to being mentally alone
Not a feeling a condone
But as the sky cries
Not even the clouds gather
To shield me
So as the dirt melts to mud around me
And my boots begin to sink
The wood of the shovel softens up
Seemly molding to my grip
As I begin to move the earth
Deeper and deeper
Until I’m satisfied
That the knotted off bag will fit
And as I cover it
The rain falls more
I feel heavier then before
Almost as if the weather is telling me not to do this
But this is the only solution I could come up with
Who’s to say the contents within it
Just know
You were buried with love
devante moore Sep 2020
Did my desires get set ablaze
How bad was the flame
Numb to the point
That I still can’t feel a thing
Third degree burns
Am I still on fire
So use to the warmth
I’m unsure
Tossed in the sea
But evaporated the liquid around me
To intense the heat
Fuel by thoughts
I try to keep it contained
But it rises out of the depths
Keeping anything and everything in check
Can’t find the ways to ***** it out
They just get caught in the blaze
A lil rusty
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