I don’t smoke
It’s uncool to choke
And it would probably calm me down
But I like being angry
And I like being down
Trying to pick my words carefully
But I have no filter
So it all flows out of me carefree
And steadily like a stream
Whatever pops in my head
I say it
And I meant it
I’m burden with foul language
When someone flips my switch
And I lose my shit
Deep breathes
Can’t let this loneliness get to me
It just might cause insanity
I’m ok
My persona
Is just a loner
I guess this is just me though
But the person who’s talking
Is my alter ego
Sometimes I wonder
Why I bunkered down in a den full of wolves
Being the only sheep
And hoping
Their belly’s are to full of raw meat
For them to worry about devouring me
Multiple chances
I’ve had to escape
But I was never the type to flock to my own
Or crowd up like sheep
Being lead in a herd is just not me
And I always felt as if I was never welcomed
devante moore Jul 24
You’ll never find another like me
And that’s not me stroking my ego
Because I know
I’ll never find anyone
That drove me crazy like you
devante moore Jul 19
Don’t wait till I’m laying in a casket
To tell me how you really feel
Save your tears
And the sobbing you’re doing across my lifeless chest
Quit the yelling
And the heartbroken distress you’re in
You’re only disrupting my rest
It doesn’t matter what you reveal
It won’t return the life and color to my skin
No my eyes won’t well up
From the revelation of feelings you’ve been hiding within
My face would stay as dryer as desert snow
Its way to late
devante moore Jul 16
Who’s praying for me
Because I step out of bed
Into water that’s ankle deep
And as I look around
I’m still stuck at sea

Who’s praying for me
Because there’s this emptiness
In the pit of my stomach
And I feel it only getting deeper
And constantly expanding

Who’s praying for me
Because I constantly thirst for love
Like someone who stranded in the desert
And haven’t seen water for days
But I don’t know which is more deadly
The thirst
Or the deficiency

Who is praying for me
If you are
Please stop
They’re not helping
devante moore Jul 11
Where should I go
I’ve left earth
Couldn’t live with the humans anymore
I got tired of the deceit, in the white of their smiles
And the lies that sat in the pupils of their eyes
where should I go
Maybe to Mars
Highjack the rover
Let myself become engulfed in the ongoing
desert storm
Falling harder then Minnesota winter snow
Being around these beings for to long
All they do is steal
And kill each other meaninglessly
Please take me away
The farther the better
I cannot stay
devante moore Jul 10
With no seatbelt on
Eyes glued to this technology
Who cares about the road
It’s not considered suicide
If I accidentally crash my car into a light pole
I’ve always been a bit reckless
When it came to me
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