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devante moore Oct 24
Hurt more times then I’ve expressed
There are things I should’ve let go
But instead I’ve put them to bed
And let them rest in me
Cuffed to past pains
Betrayals turned to chains
That I remain shackled to
So I close
Rather then be exposed
To the world and those that still see life in me
Swatted away attempts to be rescued
As a man hurt is often my companion
Raised and swayed to think that way
But once my perspective is flipped
Failures and lessons turn to small victories
Now I see
How rewarding it can be
To live and to love
Even while hurt
Not completely healed
But still
If necessary a man should live with a hearting heart
Rather then closed one
The way you seem to exist
Freely in my mind
Thoughts of you on display
Like art in a exhibit
Memories enclosed in glass cases
It’s hard for me not to revisit
How have they been kept in such pristine condition
Who is this person
That’s marked each piece with cursive
Below a personal description
A summary of the memory
It’s the re reading that’s stopping these feelings from fleeting
I must look away
So that with each passing day
I get further away
devante moore Jul 18
I’m not big into people that quit
On other people
Because they think their mistakes is bigger then them
A quitter is gods worst invention
In my opinion
devante moore Jul 17
It’ll be all fine
Once the dusk comes
Once the morning comes
Once the arrays of color
Creeps silently into the airways
The sun seems to escort the moon to sleep
Tucks it in
And kisses it on its cheek
As my lips are withdrawn from yours
I know it eats at you
That when you turn to pull me in
I’m already gone
Gone because I waited all night for you
Only for you not to show
I still dream of you graciously sliding into bed
Hoping not to wake me
But I loved when you embraced me still
Now I sleep alone
Will you ever return I wonder
Sometimes I think of you in the morning
When I’m awaken by the bright colors of a burning sun
There’s something about the mornings
Something about the oranges that tell me we aren’t completely done
Or are we
devante moore Jul 16
Excuse me miss
Just to let you know
This was everything
Truth be told I sometimes pick up the phone
Just to make sure you haven’t messaged me
Muted conversations
Doesn’t stop the typing
Sometimes I hate the response
Because you just send me silence
But I’m use to the neglect from you
Excuse me miss
Do you sometimes miss me?
Do I miss you?
I run from those revelations frantically
But thoughts of you chase me
Hoping I have the stamina for this marathon
My sprints fall into a jog
There’s no ending in sight
I thirst
But no amount of consumed water cures the dehydration
Because the water wasn’t poured from you
Why must the future be filled with such uncertainty
devante moore Jul 15
Lessoned learned the hard way
Like waving my hand above a candle flame
Sneaking a touch
Even after moms protest
But what child listens
My curiosity has always been strong
Just take scars from past burns as evidence
Be carful son
She taught caution with everything
Everything except the heart
I wish she explained how to navigate these feelings
No advice about girls and which ones you shouldn’t pick from
Trial and error is seems like
But I’ve had more error then success
Learning that what you give doesn’t always equal out to what you get
Subtle lessons about love I wish came quick
But just like the flame
I didn’t know it would leave scars like this
But like a moth…
devante moore Jun 12
Heart of gold
To selfless
To keep the riches to myself
Voluntarily shared the wealth
But most were taking in the form of theft
I use to be filled to the brim
Gold coins overflowing out of the chest
Now when I look inside it
There’s hardly any left
I felt each piece that was taken
Never to be returned
Maybe I should shut the lid
But that’s a lesson I haven’t learned
My heart is to big not to share
So the lid stays open
Even if there’s a risk another gold piece may be stolen
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