She asked me
“Now that I’m gone, how does the sun feel’
It feels unreal
Like it’s not even there
There’s no radiating warmth
And when I stop and reach for the sky
It slips through my fingers
I’m just grabbing at air
But when I stand motionless
Does the earth stop spinning
Do the birds that dare to challenge the sky
Do there wings stop flapping midair
Would the fish in the sea
Stop swimming because of me
If I stop moving
Would animals stop living
Would a lion stop haunting
Would a dog stop digging
Would the moon
Escape from its orbit
And head towards earth
If I stopped moving
Would the world even care
Retract and hide
Someone is showing interest
Close the door
And lock it
Blasts music until blood drips from your sockets
Do whatever you can
Just don’t let them inside
devante moore Sep 27
All my ex’s drink
Was that because of me?
These are my last night thoughts
And if that’s the case
Take a shot for me
For the time you wasted
Take a shot for me
For the countless nights I couldn’t sleep
Take a shot
For all those times I didn’t eat
Because the stress was to much
All the food forced down
Would end up coming back out of me
Take a shot
Until your kidneys explode
Take a shot
Until the regrets you hide
Pour out of you like the lies
And the empty bottle you drown in like ocean tides
Drink until your liver fails
And your stomach swells
Take a shot and don’t stop for me
devante moore Sep 17
Be cautious were you lay
Because often we betray
She said she loved me
But every action she ever portrayed
Was erased
When I found out she was kissing another on the lips
While his hands found a home on her hips
devante moore Sep 11
I told you
I’d die for you
That’s why I didn’t fight it
Or try to stop it
When you jabbed the knife in my chest
I guess this is what happens
When you tell someone
Your heart is there’s
My only regret
I didn’t stick it out with you
Promised I’d fight
But when things got congested and tight
I walked out
Wish I never did
Wish we didn’t live on two different soils but we did

My only regret
I didn’t leave you when I had the chance
I couldn’t eat
Nights without sleep
Never thought something like this would happen to me
I was faithful since day one
But that still didn’t stop you from cheating  

My only regret
Falling in love
Despite the thoughts in my head
Warning me
Don’t do it
Falling in love is ******
And when it’s over your going to feel useless
Realizing love is a combination best served without you
devante moore Aug 25
I started losing my mind
When everyone that said they loved me started leaving
I started gasping for air
When I realized I stopped breathing
Carpet burns on the forefront of my toes
As a result
Of trying to stop myself from swinging
I couldn’t call for help
Because the rope around my neck stopped me from screaming
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