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TedH415 Oct 2015
Sick again he thinks as he reaches for the needle..
An instant coat of warmth falls over his head as he punctures..
4 hours of pure euphoria encompasses his entire soul..
4 hours is all he gets until his next puncture.. such an annoyance..
Marlena R Aug 2014
My breathing's wrong.
This pattern inside me
isn't my rhythm.
You've got all the control
& I'm programmed to rise & fall
just from a single phrase of yours
I wish I could even try
to get this heart to knock on rib doors
build some courage up
whisper truths between the
sliver membranes so I can
try & balance out the breathing
and get a grip on reality
cause I'm almost outta that conscious-land
& I don't know
this man
he keeps bringing me to hell & heaven...
then back
with just his text.

(c) 2014
Becky Littmann May 2014
Out of my mind
In my creative place
No limit to what I'll find
Wandering the never ending space
It's beyond amazing
Down goes another casualty
& I didn't even try saving
Rest in peace to reality
It is better this way
I just feel so free
**** right I'm going to stay
You would to if you were me!
When I'm in my creative zone!!

— The End —