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MeanAileen Mar 2017
I am warmhearted and icy cold,
with a pretty face that's getting old.
I am fragile yet tough as a man,
struggle thru life with no real plan.
I am petite and cuss like a trucker,
slightly naive, but I'm no sucker.
I am a sinner with a halo of gold,
an open book with secrets untold.
I am a hypocrite but always play fair,
a bleeding heart and I don't care.
I am a mother who acts like a child,
crazy, impatient and easily riled.
I am spontaneous and I am a bore,
forever forgiving, I still keep score.
I am unstable and wonderfully wise,
a ****** deviant in sweet disguise.
I am creative and self-destructive
naturally skilled and unproductive.
I am shy and I am outspoken
with a heart of glass, easily broken.
I am awkward and well refined,
lost, insightful and a little love-blind.
I am respected and I am addicted
shamed by burdens, self inflicted.
I am a perfectionist and I am a slob,
unbiased and shallow, an inept snob.
I am nocturnal, a creature of night,
blissfully ignorant, typically right.
I am cautious and I have no fear,
a loser and quitter, still I persevere.
I am brilliant and easily amused,
over-zealous and under-enthused.
I am impervious with wounds to heal,
a habitual liar just keepin' it real.
I am witty and weird and mean-
I am what I am.......100 Aileen.
A lil bit about who I am...
Michael Marchese Jul 2018
Don’t tell me it can’t all be equally shared
Don’t tell me elections are fair
I know whose had the power
The weapons to prove it
The world in their hands
And the money to move it
Perpetual profit
New product to cell
Dwellin’ deep in the pocket
Of your lol

So don’t tell me with Twitter you’re not all Obsessed
When you buy every lie presidential address
Comin’ hot off the press
Not so free to inform
A pornhub tuggin’ ******
Publicity Storm
And another blackout
On my people uncovered
Like Firestone burnin’ through natives

Don’t tell me you don’t have the cure
Or that war
Isn’t waged on the people
To sheeple the poor
To the industry slaughterhouse
Dream factory
Where success is a breath of fresh
Debt peony
I know slavery still puts
That food on the table
And big pharma’s FDA puppets, the label

So don’t tell me dope is what’s making us Dumb
Don’t tell me my God’s not the LSD sun
Or that guns aren’t hired
To desecrate my
Sanctified inner peace
Keepin’ graffiti sky
For my ties to this earth
Are invaluable worth
So don’t tell me my rights haven’t been mine Since birth
Mark Sep 10
I love da sound ya ***** does make
While slapping up against your sister, for Christ sake
Watching you all doing the ***** deed, *******
On ya momma's brand new, multi coloured **** pile  
***** young boys, are forever slapping, keepin’ it real
While viewing ya *****, in ya year nine, high school classes
Even some curious gals, like to slip in a quick feel
While flashing their hallway entry, fancy gold passes

Da sound ya ***** makes, ya must be using an amplifier
With a **** load of flaming, boom-boom, bass  
Next time though, try turning the treble up, as you were
And turning down that flaming bass, just in case  
This mornin’, I woke up stiff, like feelin’ as if dead
Then flicked through the paper, my obituary, I just read
Didn't feel that great, after we had finished the missionary
Wish I was much more aware, like a future visionary

I haven't even ironed my clothes or done my face
For my very last day of this bright sunlight  
Will I need to pack a jumbo suitcase
Or maybe just some shorts and thongs
On my mystery vacation, one-way flight

Da sound ya ***** was making when shaking
Was maybe way too loud for some, last night
It put me in, like a clothes dryer spin  
Police came by, just to check that no one was pranking
With some spray with mace, just when I was about to sin

Everyone's got an unusual craze in life
Mine just happened to put me in a daze  
Should've taken a much deeper breath
When going down between ya momma's thighs  
Send flowers to my ******* and hoes
And never ever forget, ya ****** nice ways
Always tried to satisfy the whole **** world
But still hearing some sad **** woes

I like da sound ya ***** makes
Reminds me of some ole dance tracks
Played by the DJ, named Georgie O’Kay
While everyone dances to a beat
I'm hard at work, while trying to get ya
To get down lower and pretend to be ya momma.
Nassif Younes May 2016
Check this beat
Check us all unique
We're a vegetarian, Buddhist, Bohemian clique.
They're looking at us funny
But I will not despair
I've got a Chinese tattoo
To show you
That I don't really care.

I'm changing my attire every couple of days
I'm changing my religion every couple of days
I've got a crucifix to impress these chicks
She's got a crop top to ***** this ****.
Candlestick body baby keeping it real
With her hair full of chemicals
And face full of steel.
Keeping it real
With a face full of steel.

You are all so original
So o-******-riginal
Keepin' it digital
Because you're so original
Kickin it back
With all the aboriginals
Because you're so original
Didgeridoo original
Get down and do the 'riginal
Do the do the 'riginal
Origi-gi-gi boom-tsch

**** yourself

Because living
Is a trend

**** yourself
Because living is a trend
**** yourself
Because you're cooler
When you're dead.
Marigolds Fever Sep 2018
Cowgirl boots cost her
just little pay
She knows to play it safe
Keepin them cowboys away
Wants soft black fur
To keep her warm at night...
they say
She murmurs by candlelight ...
Country bear soothing...
them Cowboys cause me fright
She doesn’t want a man
She’s lookin for a country bear
That’s her true fan
Cowboys want to make her purr
But a country bear is gona stretch his paws and groan
I finally found her
Big bear wont mind what she does with that hair
Cause he’s her country bear
She’s his woman
He’s her furry scare
Try not to stare
When they’re hittin the town fair
Kissin at the top of that ferris wheel
Ladies want to know
What’s that she feel
Township whispers..
there she goes
Smoochin that ******* bear
Maybe it ain’t no big deal
This is too surreal
Watching this
They eatin cotton candy
in complete bliss
Later in fright
Before the early light
All the ladies pray
Keep them cowboys at bay
Send me a country bear like Miss Fray
And we might promise to obey
Her secret
They want to know
She said forget it
Go to your rodeo
Bears ain’t something I’m about to share
That country woman
That country bear
It’s the perfect love affair
I'm dreamin' of bein' held
in your arms...
pullin' me into your arms
by takin' my hands-
'ahh' now I'm here!
finally... feelin' you-
wrapped in your embrace-
chest to chest,
my head upon your shoulder
'ahh' so warm,
so close-
lookin' into your eyes
movin' towards you-
lips partin'
wantin' and searchin'-
this Man and this Woman...
You and I!

I'm dreamin' of a kiss
with you...
your kiss; beginnin' with only one
touchin' our lips
'ahh' so gentle-
this moment,
yet demandin'-
this kiss...
as passion is takin' over-
so much want, so full of desire
a moan and a sigh...
these sounds; from I-
explorin' with your tongue
along my lips
a flick, a nibble
openin' to allow you in-
'mmm' You know I'm likin' that!
this Man and this Woman...
You and I!

I'm dreamin' of ultimate closeness
with you...
'ohh yes' this is what I'm wantin'!
between us
movin' my hair aside-
kissin' me by my ear,
across my neck-
sendin' shivers down my spine!
caressin' your chest,
along your shirt-
feelin' your heat from within!
reachin' your arms upwards
as I'm pullin' your shirt
up and off-
'mmm' ****!
takin' me out of mine
'mmm' yes!
unhookin', unsnappin',
some pullin' down-
'ahh' now we're bare!
we lie back down;
you on top of I!
reachin' for me,
as I'm openin' my legs-
we're so ready for this!
been waitin' and wantin'
for many weeks!
guidin' you in
enterin' me between my things
'ahh' such intense yearnin'
teasin' and pleasin'-
we get all Tangled Up!
explorin' to get one another
feelin' heavenly complete!
achievin' satisfaction
so incredible-
you keepin' me close
I'm snugglin' in
peaceful silence...
closin' our eyes
driftin' into blissful sleep
this Man and this Woman...
just You and I!

'mmm' I'm openin'
my eyes
"I'm Only Dreamin'; Yet Again~"


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
LittleFreeBird Jan 2015
That summer was hotter than any of the others before. The county was dryer than it had ever been, and the kids more restless than years past. I was sitting on the front porch at my granddaddy’s, swinging slowly with the breeze that offered no relief from that God awful heat. I was in a little black sundress, which was hard to find because most people prefer pink or yellow or orange  - anything but black during the summer. But you can’t wear pink or yellow or orange to a funeral. So there I sat, in my black sundress, black sun hat and black heels. I even had black sunglasses, but I opted for those on my own. I had no desire for every eye in Harlan to see me cry. The sunlight hurt my eyes anyway; I had one hell of a hangover. The night before was the first time I’d drunk anything but sweet tea or water in my life. My body did not take kindly to it. I was doing a lot of things my body did not take kindly to as of late, drinking being only one of the many vices I’d begun to partake in. “Come on girl, we best get a goin’. Ain’t gonna do to be late for this one.” Granddaddy offered me a hand and helped me up. The car ride there was silent, but I would catch him every once in a while glancing over at me to make sure I was “Keepin’ my **** together.” He knew about the drinking and had my hide for it.  It was far too soon that I had to step out of the car and walk to the front row where your family sat. The rest of the day went by in a blur. Your momma hugging me. Your daddy shaking my hand. Your sisters clinging to the skirt of my dress. I don’t know when I started crying, just that the tears seemed like they had been there since the day I was born. The songs we sang were all wrong and the sky was too blue and the birds sang too loud. The wind blew too much and not enough, because if it had been enough it would have carried me far, far away from that place, but too much because it’s sigh sounded far, far too much like yours. I kept it together until that first handful of dirt hit the lid of that ****** box that was going to hold you for the rest of eternity. I remember being jealous because I wanted to be the one holding you, not that hole in the ground. When it was my turn to throw it in, I fell. I fell as hard as when I fell in love with you, except you weren’t there to catch me this time, you were too busy in entering into the arms of our Good Lord. So I kissed the dirt I held in my hand (when it finally stopped shaking) and threw it in, then I tried to throw myself in. But granddaddy caught me before I could get to you and they covered you up before I could claw my way in. It hasn’t been the same since you left; the air doesn’t smell near as sweet and the sun doesn’t burn near as bright. I haven’t had the heart to wash the mud off that dress yet and I’ve had too much heart to throw it away. You left me to live in a world full of contradictions, Darlin’. Left me to live a life that knocks me to the ground and waits for me to get back up, just so it can kick me in the teeth.

And, I suppose, in your absence, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Morrie W S May 3
every day i wake up
           expecting full formation
     only to discover i have yet to pop.

life feels like a kernel in my back left molar.

        i look for my future in
     yesterday's egg scramble.
       the yolk: no solution,
no bramble

i yearn all the more  for my unrummaged brain--
keep ice in my left hand,
sanity in the wrong vein.

i always fall too steep,
staccato fingers quick to adjust
a smile to a frown.
i always bruise my hips on the way down.

my glass-bottom floor,
my lamp-lit contingency.
all's  keepin' me afloat:
my swiss-riddled dignity.
Erika Hanson Aug 22
It's probably way too late for
I'm such a chicken ****
I've got a mad crush
My lips are sealed
Keepin it hush hush
Missed opportunities 
Wasted time 
Keepin it to myself like 
    A **** mime
Throwing you mixed signals
Talking and acting in riddles
I tell myself I'll do somethin
    bout it next time
My lips are sealed
Keepin it hush hush
Being near you gives me
    Such a rush
Heads spinning
Body is tingling
Day and night I
    Fantasize and
I tantalize and
Hearts racing
Thoughts chasing
Still I do nothing
But by now I'm almost certain
    You've come to realize
Baby I've got a mad
On you
For3ver Sep 2018
My friends keep slipping
My minds keepin dipping
My thoughts keep drifting
My life keeps living
Not much i can do about friends who leave. Sayin they have things to handle personally. I try to understnad with all my might but if it was you, id stay up with you all night. As friends fade, new ones come in. Ones take the place of the others who have abondoned. Only few last for years and when they leave there shall be tears. Tears thatll wanna say sorry, tears thatll wanna stay lonely, tears i will try to hold back softly and wish i had someone to hold me. It matters not who we are, as long as we have eachother we can reach the stars... now thats a myth i wanna enjoy, lay back with you and stare into your eyes. Lay back with you and just relize who i am with, relize time never passes when i see you, a gift.

My friends keeps slipping
My mind keeps dipping
My thoughts keep drifting
My life keeps living
Mark Nov 22
I’ve been busking ‘bout since young and fair  
The atmosphere from onlookers, like skating on thin air  
So unconventional, prior to the ole smacking ways  
That’s how I’d spend my entire waking days  
Melodic riffs, dancing over bass lines  
Harmonising daily, to some lonesome feelin’ ballads
Playing finger-style guitar, without any steering hazards
Along the boardwalks of Venice Beach  
In unlikely places, that you’d ever encounter or reach  
A folksy blues musician, you can’t wait to hear  
Independent, from a money-making machine, that’s so clear  
A young black musician, singing ‘bout life’s rights and wrongs  
With an aching intimacy, strings are strummed, to her original songs  
The overall effect is something like a blend  
Of other musicians, with a depth and subtlety  
More suited to the stage, than a street with a dead end  
The busking experience is fundamentally hers, luckily  
Still taking a fading, battery-powered amp, with heaps of torque  
Along with a flattop, down with her, to the busy boardwalk  
I think the best thing you learn from being downtown  
Is how to be really optimistic, but still be on your own  
Busking was like practicing with a metronome  
It started pulling on a chord, one of not knowing a home  
Then two, the thought of the winding down of life’s clock time  
Go back to playing songs, people tossing me, maybe a dime  
I imagine, how it would sound, playing along with 4 in a band  
I was never really dealt, a very good hand  
Trying to re-create myself, like an over paid, auto tuned, music star  
Well, as much as I could, with just a worn out, old acoustic guitar  
They say, I picked up the guitar at seven  
At first trying to play lap style, just keepin’ it even  
Because, I couldn’t reach across my scar torn body  
Early childhood lessons, gave me a foundation in blues  
After that, I wasn’t taught nothin’ by nobody  
I just kept playing like that, what did I have to lose  
I could learn by ear, until I heard the rings, at the checkout  
Would take a while, but I’d figure out, what it’s all about.
Ken Pepiton Nov 2018
Master, this was said to me
should I be triggered or flogged?
Think Sisyphus happy.

What year is this?

Babble, babble, all around me, no
God, not this, again.

It's all in yer head, keep rollin' the rock.
keepin time, makin rime rimey rime
frees icicles on my beard
if you could see me now,

Hell, who imagined this?
I am Sisyphus happy and Sysifus sad,
now for as long as I care to recall

I roll the rock.

It was the hell I had envisioned, since
Camus at least, probably something triggered,
seventh grade, oh
cliché, except
the details, the evil, as seen in the thirteenth
year of an unwombed man's journey, womb to tomb.

I rolled the rock.
Alone as all hell, bored as hell.
food and drink, folly to think
so I stop thinking about them

as if someone thinks I can and I think I can.
Let's doit
daydream cliché, same seventh grader asks
Diane Wescott if he can kiss her
under the water
at the deep end of the public pool

Like Tarzan and Jane and she said yes,
again and again and again
like the expert's rats that are allowed
to suicide on big pharma grade *******

Wahoo, that got the rock rollin'
like I never thought she would now

yah, Jah, know what I mean,
Billie Jean, the kid coulda been mine

But I was rockin' and rollin' all night long,
notime, noo time ah tahlllll

Some minds may imagine Sisyphus happy,
but up to not too long
I fail, failed am failing to re
call member hotline
Matrix Wachowskie, bact to your box,

I am haunted by that movie, in 2018
keyphrase 2018 trigger Matrix movie 1
not the movie, the idea of endless bullets.

Who imagined that,
Hell, this is easy. Right, two persona one person sort of
story, no, too, Jekyl n Heckle

I can think any thing as long
as I roll the rock. This will go on forever,
as far as I can tell.

Rock and roll will live forever, let's take that
as a given, and just ignor the steady
up and down, resistance to punching down force goes up and release,
the rock rolls as far as Luck would have it, statically, probably

pause. breathe, read

The rhythm varies, I'm in forever, not in hell.
A page or two from a journey throu reality from a happy sisyphean POV
an anxious, disorganized dismal day
I’m a mess again

but gratitude for the music
and the men who did befriend

courage to keep keepin’ on
tomorrow my sons, my mend

please help me resist my fearful self
and find nightlights comin’ round the ........................................................,,,,,,,,,­,,,,,,
SelinaSharday Oct 19
What's my texting character/personality..
well is it like Type F..
Hi, good morning.  hi, hello,
good evening, wyd, goodnite..predictable..
Boring kinda wmtt..aka wasting my time thing..
Or its it a  type D:
hey, hi  ****, hey bae, hi handsome/beautiful
Gifs on kidding
**** cold text, no warm up,
no get to know you richer.
No full sentences.
One word replies mostly,
No time no efforts.
Boring kinda u **** chat history.
Or a C type..
for attempts at times to be creative,
feisty, interesting, warm,
a lil chatty sharing new things sometimes.
Or  B type text buddy for the ability to show real interest,
by just calling you up
and have get to open up fun convo.
And send cute make my day words and positive things.
Finally a
A-type of  text friend..
No time for idle boring chit chat
usually when one can
they have a true vibe of saying interesting
lil comments
that gets you to think,
reflect, open up, share, feel motivated,
makes yah smile, blush,
feel liked, cared about, special,
want to know more,
want to share more,
and look forward  to touching basics.
A fun caring worth keepin not deleting chat history log.
The 3 E's Of
Effort, Energy, Evolving
By selinaSharday
Thoughts of
Give credit to author when sharing
Sharday3 RosePoet#H.E.R_POETRY S.A.M
how do you text, we all fall into these categories at times off who we texting how our moods are.. yes!
Jay Jul 20
A record scratched and scathed,
Why don't you ever behave?
It's not that you don't want to,
It's only cause’ I asked you.

Like a father to his child,
You never cease to be wild,
And I'm left to pick up your mess,
What's this feeling in my chest?

I never signed up for this,
But you took me aback,
With a hug and a kiss,
Twas a lovely attack,

And when the day was done,
I found myself in your arms,
Left to think that you had won,
Me over due to your charms.

Yet over time you've proved,
That you can't keep up the pace,
At first I thought we'd groove,
But then you spat in my face.

And even though I forgave you,
It just happened again,
And again,
And again,
And again,
And again,

Why is it hard to let go of,
What clearly doesn't work?
It doesn't mean that I don't love you,
But this ain't just one quirk,

We can't continue like this,
It's as plain as can be,
Let's not part with a kiss,
And just drift out to sea.

I truly wish you the best,
And hope your feelings will heal,
Now I'll give it a rest,
Just keepin’ it real.
guys its a break up
Lexii1602 Sep 2018
ight, so i aint tryna be those girls that always look for a complament ....
im being dead *** with this **** so ....

i look in the mirror ....
i think in my head ....
'i give up!'
i try and try ....
i really do ....
you made me feel some type of way ....
i really thought you could cuff me ....
we all good on Friday ,
you feelin all up on me ,
you huggin on me ,
you walkin me to my bus ....
now today tho ....
you actin all fake ....
you barely talkin to me ....
you keepin secrets ....
like **** outta here ....
why me tho ?
im so loyal ,
i stay by you no matter what ,
ion let no *** try and take you ....
but i got my hopes up ....
& you just killed em ....
like what is it about me no one likes ....
like all these hoes getting boys on their knees beggin for them
(mostly cuh they want their **** ****** ....)
but hey !
what bout me im
i stay by you
ion take you for granted
i give you hugs
i do all that ....
what dont people like bout me ?
am i not cute enough ....
am i not thic enough ....
is it cuz i wont **** yo **** ?
like bruh  ....
please tell me ....
i just want someone who wants me for me ....
someone who will stay by me ....
someone who would tell me i look good even when i look like a *** ....
someone who will show me off to their friends ....
and hype me up on the littlest things ....
ig thats just askin too much ....
mann i just give up tho ....
i aint those girls who be askin for complements ! im just sayin what i gotta say ! ion even wants no complements from no 1 cuh i just dont so dont waist your time on trying to make me feel better .... ik you couldnt care less bout me .... thanks for reading this tho !
Genevieve Dec 2018
I walk around
I walk in stride
I walk along with the image of false pride.

I walk around
I walk, I try
I ***** out
a gaggle of

I walk around
a happy life
they see.
my door
loudness a knockin"
hello insecurities
at the front
trying to surface
so .......
I walk around
I walk alone
I walk beneath
my sinful bone.

I walk in joy
I walk distressed
I walk as I keep on keepin on
come on lets just all
play Pretend or just take a rest
Ain't life the Best? :)!
Dean K Mar 5
I’m sorry that you have to be my little secret
Everybody’s sleepin but you were deceivin
Late night creepin
As my door was creakin I just watched you creep in
I could not believe it, can you sense the feelin
It’s the season, everybody’s freezin
You needed somethin to believe in
I’m a heathen, lies I told you had you cheezin
Probably makes you wonder what else I’ve been keepin

— The End —