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LittleFreeBird Mar 2018
The earasing hands of time will never reach you
Where I’ll keep you
Tucked in my pocket
A one line ryhme
Take you out
Unfold and hold you
LittleFreeBird Mar 2018
And to this day
I fit her like a pair of
Old sneakers
Favorite worn out jeans

I am a place
To rest her weary bones

She is silent
The way she stretches me out
Filling the places I had long forgotten about
LittleFreeBird Jul 2017
i want to scream out poetry
that feels like swallowing rocks
when you hear it
LittleFreeBird Apr 2017
You loved my gentle
You loved my quiet
Can you learn to love my ferocity?
My cacophony?

Aren't I just as beautiful
When I'm burning?
I know I'm still soft, but do you love my edges too? I love how bright I can burn, do you? You never write about my strength. Don't you love that part of me too?
LittleFreeBird Apr 2017
Sometimes I
How wrapped up
How entangled I
With you
I forget that
When I hurt you I
Feel the pain too

It is a sharp reminder
My love
When you're sick of me
I hope you have a good aim
Or that the knife is really sharp
Or your hands very strong
So you can get it over quick
I dont want to bleed to death slowly
Or gasp for air forever
I just want it to be over fast

Maybe an atomic bomb
would be the nicest way
to end us
  Apr 2017 LittleFreeBird

I felt long ago
That I could save everyone
Make everything right
Fix everything that breaks
Mend everyone's wounds

But everything is crumbling
The room is hot
People are fading
Everyone is changing
And I can't seem to go forward

My soul is lost to time
Unanswered questions
And rambling voices
Hurtful memories
Hurtful voices
All of it
Plague my thoughts

The only floor that comforts me
Is the one made of tiles
The bathroom floor

Here I've bled, cried, and screamed mercy
It is the place that offers the most privacy
Accepts my red and blue tears
Let's me complain to a God who abandoned me
And crawl into a corner

I am not unhappy
I am not mad
I just have feelings
And they want to come out
In every shade and hue

*I just want to come out of me
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