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  Jun 2016 JM
Waiting for what is dead will **** you.

Tears cannot bring them back - only blur your vision
Time will not heal them - only dulls the awareness of their absence

Bury them, lay lilacs, sit shiva to mourn, and live on.
JM Feb 2016
Dark hair, milky thighs

We are all such broken things

Deep in the Nothing.
Palest skin, sick blood
Dead echoes steal sleep, precious
**** the pain away
JM Apr 2015
*******, sycophants
Obsequious mosquitos
Blatant fuckery
JM Apr 2015
****** rings, tattoos
Open leg crab harnesses
Shove it in my face
JM Mar 2015
Day blooms; morning fog
Dreams die, fading to shadows
Cold nights, forgotten.
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