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Leon Murphy Nov 2018
Callous child
Fear seeps from your eyes
As you start to cry in silence unable to soften the heart.

D'you want a piece of this!?
You wanna slice of it?

Throwing all your stones away
Falling from freedom like you ever cared.
it's not only your ego
You wished it all ended right then and there cursing the world around
pounding on and on into the ground.

You want a piece of it!?
Begging for a slice of it.

Fear seeps from your eyes as you started to cry you wished to die.

Callous child
Frantic panic is just irratic
Turn your head! it might be frightening but you might find it lightening.

D'you want a piece of it!?
You wanna slice of it!?

Just so you know
Callous child
You are the creator of your own,
Put your mind to it
And you will see yourself grow.
Khoi-San Feb 13
Cloaked wings fuel feeds

Tongue loaded flint locked bullets

Eve stuck to her leaf
Stick to your instincts you probably right
Copycat, collect the nectar,
it will optimize your splendor.
Grasping it by the gallons,
drinking poison, immune, callous,
to the pain you aligned, and profusely measured.

Fixated on this peeling label,
bend it back, are you able,
To contain symptoms as they surface?
Written down as toxic in cursive,
a sign of recovery crowned as 'fatal'

Copycat, take your weapons,
along the speckled crimson as logical 'sessions'.
Brim the shell, or remain hollow?
Graphic truth is hard to swallow,
unseen pain is being reflected-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
I wanted to do some form of rhyming, but the emotion had to stay so I know the poem is a little odd.
cjesus Jul 2018
It seems that
Everyone I meet
Has a hole
Beneath their breast
They walk around
And act complete
Despite lacking love
A gaping space
In the middle
Of their chests
I fill all
That I can
But can't complete
What they miss
kevin hamilton Jun 2018
i woke up next to fire
and the fountainhead
callous boy
seduced by distended memories
of moonlight's tresses
pooled in syrupy puddles
like spoiled milk

i woke up on west queen west
wild witch kissing me
spider fingers on my throat
i swore if she was killing me
she would surely know
Zoie Marie Lynn May 2018
and i don't even know if i want to kiss your lips or just your skin
because i'm
but i don't want to hit the ground again.
are you sure your arms can hold the weight of my love when it's wrapped in wet clothes?
and are you sure it's the best idea to take this where the wind goes?
i'm not yet sure if love is a real thing
it's just a
and you still kiss me like i'm sane
but i know it's all just another game
so don't be surprised if i refuse to participate.
and you're like a
but your vicious words still gently drag me along.
and i'm not sure if you're really toxic
or it's just all in my head.
i love you
love you
ove you
ve you
e you
or maybe i love when you're in my bed.
there's a difference between someone telling you they love you and them actually loving you
i haven't figured it out yet though
laura Oct 2018
dead tree forks
arizona heat still goes dumb hard
voices swivel for relief
i mouthed every word
of a break up song
like it means something
giving you up
like you gave up on the pronoun game
callous tongue
imagine if you called me by my name
as opposed to a girl
like i told you to
that’s one point for gryffindor and none for you
Khoi-San Aug 2018
Diamond eyes
How deep did you cut
What once was windows
Lay shattered in drops
Shallow the depth
Your goodlooks have crept
Far from the heart
and into their bed
I think I'll ****** you
With callous intent
Cut off your Venus
Uranus's end
For mature audiences
Graff1980 Sep 2018
I look for compatriots
in this callous and cruel

I seek allies who will help
me overcome
the horrors that were done
to everyone.

I long for
the warm storm
to wash away
the wicked muck
of too much
hateful stuff,
deeply paining
dark rhetoric
that wealthy men
to create
fear and hate.

I wait
by the desire
to inspire
in contrast
with a need
to find peace
from a
spiteful past,

but even among peers
I am alone.
Mohamed Nasir Jul 2018
A baby born but not a grudge he bares;
Whose blood so clean and pure like mountain spring,
Yet unblemished by scandals, love affairs,
And not a pinch of what sorrow could bring.
And deep in sleep too young to know of love
And lust, of crime was done because of shame.
Of shame of ****** moments that drove
To dump him cold naked without a name.
He knows not now of being called outcast.
But hate would come and callous jibes would tear
His heart as he grows and knew his past.
Their wage of sin for decades he'll bear.
What Devine assignment on him seeing,
Like blissful saint in quiet contemplating.
ryn May 2015
These eyes have felt
their fair share of tears that burn
Forgive my eyes for they are yet so green
They have seen much but still they do not learn

These lungs have breathed
The air both fresh and acrid
Forgive them for they are yet so green
They only do what they must when all runs turbid

These ears they've heard
Hurtful promises and whispers that have stung
Forgive my ears for they are yet so green
They're know not to ignore the language of forked tongues

These lips have served
The most callous of opinions
Forgive them for they are yet so green
They can't seem to curb pent up notions

These hands have grown tired
From shielding my tear-stricken face
Forgive these hands for they are yet so green
They're still so afraid to welcome the gift of future days

These legs are sore
For they have travelled far
Forgive them for they are yet so green
They knew better than to enter through doors left slightly ajar

This mind is weary
From thinking of a life meant only for dreamers
Forgive my mind for it is yet so green
They know not of the inexistence of greener pastures

This heart... My heart
Pounding each beat that betrays
Beats with an anvil in tow
Forgive it for it is yet so green
It's having more trouble than it cares to show

This face I wear
A weathered mask I'm unready to shed
Forgive it for it is yet so green
There's still life in it...
For there's yet much to be said
Grassblade Dec 2015
The spark -
lit in her eyes, the kindle.
A winter teardrop with
the weight of the ocean
soon to be between us.

The winter tear - holds for a moment -
frozen in time's grasp,
inevitably falls
to the ground.

with every inch

fire, in her eyes, grows.
And to the ground it goes

without a sound

Lost into the dust and dirt
of the cold, callous ground.
Nico Julleza May 2017
(Just like these days)

When my heart
sang a placid song
the speaking brooks
meanders my soul
Wild hounds
hovered the meadows
And the sky was blue
ethereal as the billow
strews in shades anew
For Daybreak
is awake

On the fields
of glowing weeds
a subtle flower blooms
through the breeze
And to thee,
it kisses the gentle mist

Oh! what a Morning
Oh! what a day

When trees glistens
from beams
of never ending sun rays
made me so ***
so yes, it can be.

(Just like these days)

Like Diamonds & Gold
upon barren land
and rubies worn
by a maiden’s hand

Oh! what an Evening
Oh! what a way

When monarchs flew
from voluptuous crooks
dodging witches
and evil dukes

Callous, Treacherous
"A Foolish Irony"
might I say
but yes, it can be.

(Just like these days)
"The poem tells about how a person can have such uncanny days,
still even though how hard or easy it would be. Its Just like those days we would agree".

Inspired of Wild Child by Enya

#Days #Nature #Life #Love #Pain #Joy
(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Nico Julleza Sep 2017
Rejoice and praise
in all my voice He bestowed
-music upon thee
in shores were the seas meet
-and mountains reached
were the valleys peaking feat

He treasured a song for me
and every day I'll keep
-just as I'd sing
A song only Jesus give,
-comforts my woeful soul
blissfully of His forcing Lo

Nineteen in a world I never
people in strife, unbridled-
broken in the midst of life
hide away in His wings,
-As I find my peace of mind

Thieves strive, a callous ****
to ****** the song I sing,
but of all in all between,
a Cross He carried for lives
to save and shall not parish
a tomorrow for me to sing

Cling as He promised He be
His heavenly touch,
-reaching a thousand as much
Angeles came in joy
as I keep singing this song,
The song of my Savior & Lord

#Cling #God #Heart #Endless #Joy #Sing #Glory

Maybe Its Time To Bring Light in the World, rather than be a part of Darkness
God Bless Poets, may this poem inspires you to Live Faithfully to the Lord, even in troubles and joy. There's always Good News in Gods Presences.

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Prabhat Chhetri Feb 2018
A Pretty girl living in a nightmare

Pied Piper playing for twisted minds

Like Einstein adding her nightly sheep

to white flag the past behind

The B-side to rainy songs are pedalled by callous kicks

They alz-heimed-her faded toys with snipers and overkills

Hard work is wasted time when your cool car has vacant seats

and the sky is but a snapback on a highway with receding trees.
trf Jul 2018
Does your darkness forecast shadows,
Lies arise like heat lighting statues,
Are the sharks circling our shallows,
Cause I'm bleeding, must be the answer.

Peripheral landscapes drape your gilded chatter,
Purple & pink horizons, summon laughter,
Your eyes are lightning speed patterns,
My clouds that follow, five miles per hour.

What in this wide world changes,
Can we live high on mountainsides,
Open our door to the strangers,
Exist surrendering to the ocean tides.

My palette craves color,
Your canvas seeks attention,
My callused fingers are covered,
When your callous words are mentioned.
The sky crackles and I feel the most alone.

Just like that day in the woods.

My special place was off the trail, but he couldn't have known me,

I was so young and such an idiot,

Not everyone is genuine but I was so trusting,

I can still smell the sickening mixture of fresh-fallen rain,his sweat, the mud around the creek and salt from my tears.

With every atmospheric collision from the sky
my stomach churns tasting the blood in my mouth from his fist thundering against my tear stained cheeks.

When the wind blows  
I can still feel his callous hands bruising and exploring my unwilling body, and scraping against
the most intimate parts of me.

The lightning is when I remember the rock that found my desperate palms and crashing against his temple

The wind howls and the rain finally starts to fall then, near my belly button burns just like it did when the blade he swung wildly cut me before I could run and the water is my heartbeat pounding  in my ears,
but I can hear him behind me
The rush If my blood reminding me I’m still alive mind begging me to stay that way, his threats pushing me further

Head pounding ,body burning,
I burst through my front door

And then I start to cry
Rain storms are actually very hard for me to get through due to some other traumas but the storm that passed when I wrote this smelled like that day. Thunder really triggers me especially when I'm alone I used to cry in school when it thundered in the weeks after this incident but then I started to internalize it and I'd just be really quiet on those days. Trigger Warning, ****, molestation, violent attaked on a minor.
Yue Wang Yidhna Mar 2018
If you are someone that
Feels everything in its
Purest and sharpest ways

You will love and be loved
In a misunderstood and callous

You will hear the silence
You will see no reaction
You will see caring eyes that look away
You will find someone that hides
In obscured place

You will feel their love
But the closer you get
The further they get away

But don’t give up
Don’t wait
If you wait
You might never hear their love
That they rather lose than
To it away

Open hearts are easily hurt
As they all say
So don’t expect them to
Express love carelessly
As they know it’s weight

They will be afraid to love those
That they know they will give
Their whole heart to
And thus be distant and away

Their silence hides a heart
That feels more than the same
Their distance keeps a soul
That rather hides away

If you wait
No worthwhile soul will stay
If you wait
A soul that feel as much as you
Will stay away:

A soul that feel everything
Might never show their love to you
Especially when they feel the same
Especially when they love you even more

They might seem always distance away
They might always be leaving and never stay
They might never say the words you want them to say

But, if you feel the same
If you feel everything in the sharpest ways
You would feel their suffering
And why they would hide away
Sometimes, you have to love them this way
This unreciprocated way

But, don’t worry
When you give your heart to them
They won’t throw them away
They might seem indifferent
And unloving to you
Because they love you
More than they can bare
Ever losing

So, love bravely with your already callous heart
Those that seem to back away
And don’t give up
The most beautiful souls will take eternity
To feel safe.
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