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Ziv Mar 2021
what am I
but a reflection
of all I should have been
the things I never did,
the chances I never took
the sunsets I never watched.

I feel I could have been more.
I'm still young;
why do I feel like this.
I shouldn't feel like this.
Delyla Nunez Feb 2021
I got ****** by friends.
I got ****** by family.
I even got ****** by the one who said wouldn’t.

I’m tired of all the lies.
I’m tired of being disrespected.
I’m tired of the false hope when it should be me giving myself hope.

I’m exhausted.
I’m defeated.
Yet I’m still trying to climb when I can’t even walk.

I’ve hit the bottom enough times.
I did my part of loving unconditionally.
I made it known I’m here,
Yet I’m still silent as ever.
I hate kicking myself but it’s the only way to get myself up.
Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
The crooked claws of darkness clashing
Targeting my weakened soul
Upon my broken mind a'gnashing
Sizzling like scorching coals
Hope and faith they're busy slashing
Torturing with many wretched tools
As the world around me crumbles and comes down quickly crashing
How they've defeated many fools
After all is said and done

The fiery fangs of darkness mawing
Targeting my broken mind
Upon my sanity they're a'gnawing
As I'm running out of precious time
My freedom to live they are a'stalling
The hope of peace sounds so sublime
As I fall to my knees and attempt escape
By crawling Freedom sounds divine
Desperately losing the battle as I'm frequently bawling
Because I know I'm trapped inside
When all is said and done

Consumed in reckless insanity I still ponder
The depths of evil is quite the wonder
Will I be forcefully cast a sunder
When all is said and done?
Just some thoughts I have.
Tabbitha Erceg Oct 2020
You told me I had the saddest eyes you'd ever seen,
And now I can't look at myself without crying.
Nylee Aug 2020
all the movements have ceased
as if the night was defeated,
I slipped into deep sleep.
dailythoughts May 2020
They won’t just touch my soul and set me free
Eagerly will open the deepest of wounds and fest on my worst fears
Harshly undress my faith and crush my hope

Victoriously laugh to celebrate my doom
Bleed me red to suffer in dry tears
Waltz with my ghost to slowly scatter my temple  

Taunt to enliven my mistakes
Proudly glorifying my shames
Only to win a soul that has been defeated

I sense them overstepping my shadow
The monsters catching up with my heart and mind
Will I score the final touchdown or will they devour me whole

Touch so contagious
The poison burns running wild in my veins
Won’t be long for when I am all at once taken away
good luck to me
Kelsey Apr 2020
I wish
I could just take a break
An end date.
Always think about when my time to myself will be over. I wish there was no end date.
Grace Butler Apr 2020
I try so hard to be ok
I was tired of being tired
Tired of crying
And I did well for a while
I really did
But I’m not ok
I’m not ******* ok
I feel defeated and alone
And I’m left here, missing you
Laying in my bed, tears down my cheeks
Missing you.
Brian Johnson Feb 2020
I sedate myself to avoid the sadness only to find I'm surrounded by confusion.
I kiss this e to open my heart and release the stranglehold upon my mind.
Softly the words embrace each other within the recessed corners forming the cereal feeling impossible to escape.
To release these suppressed visions I see such a demanding chill a battle in which I am defeated.
Just more torturous mind battles
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