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Lauren Christine May 2019
hum and feel the resonance
the pulsing movement of life
animating force of being
emanating from somewhere deep,
the parallel to the core of the everything  
the pulsing, the expansion and contraction
the vivid breath that so fills
these cavernous hungry lungs
concentric circles of vitality
cycles of comfort and risk
we vacillate in and out of vulnerability
witnesses to wonder incarnate
Lauren Christine May 2019
echo and bend to break silence and sift radiance from mismatched oddity as streams of undercurrents waft through city streets to open windows of kind homes with vivid breath of cosmic immediacy wrapped in mundane happenings we are all just simmering in our unkempt souls finding cavities between our ribs and forging safety between boulders of fear we ache to feel the sensations of the perfection we taste on the first wind of spring and yet the fingerprints of trauma press firm into our bellies and yet somatic we cannot ignore our human legacy as our bodies protect the very seeds of mystery.
Lauren Christine May 2019
not everything need be gentle,
there is beauty in force
that so enwraps the vital voice of
our inner world,
when passion spins in
centripetal force of energetic sensation,
trust that the center will find
home again
but not now, not then,
not in the midst of this spring storm of
bitter anger
that must purge the ground of yesterday’s
grime and stale memory.
Lauren Christine May 2019
let me walk you home,
your eyes soften and
bind to mine
and we set on
but filled with meaning
mutually understood
Lauren Christine Apr 2019
i long for space to fold in on itself
with perfect origami creases
to bring me to lay pressed and flat
next to you,
and what a beautiful intricate shape we could make
with our collapsed space,
learning to fold a home from disparate places.
Lauren Christine Apr 2019
this soul cocoon
defines my edges
binding bone and blood
to memories
all contained
mapping the territory
of me


your soul cocoon
defines your edges
binding bone and blood
to memories
all contained
mapping the territory
of you
Lauren Christine Apr 2019
two decades lay behind,
ahead, unnumbered days
hover in the mists of the unknown
suspended in shroud of pall and potential
But i will not dwell in the mists,
where centers are known to tip and lose
and no thing is distinguishable from no-thing

I will dwell instead
in the dark soil of the here,
which after settling and settling
is ploughed through, upturned
and peeled apart by the urgency of now
my flesh the earth body
that uproots and breaks open
and breaks, and breaks, and breaks

comfort is misunderstood
stagnant dark is black as death
the plough must come
to whisk light into this soil
even as i break
and break and break and break
I feel the sun pour through my cracks
and flood these raw sifted valleys
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