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there is no way
you are not out there somewhere
in a city
a borough
a village
yet unknown to me.

I hope you wondering about the idea of
me somewhere
as I pen this note to you
my third eye chances upon you
at the edge of a frozen Geneva lake
next to a stream in Serengeti
around a New York park bench
aboard a trans Siberia train
at a sao paulo concert hall
on a humanitarian mission somewhere
settings worthy of our nearing meeting
I wonder if the thought of a stranger like
is as intoxicating as yours is to me
I stopped by to tell you
I left the door slightly ajar
for your eventual arrival
I wait for only you
and my expiry
I know I will see you before that
take care of you for me
I will do the same for you
my dear
if you touch the hem of his garment you will get slapped
ha ha
whose your papa
he only lives in your heart
has no physical address
built no church
and appointed no deputies
he is faceless
the idea of him - his existential existence
far more interesting to believe
than your Vatican costume drama

hear this
his apology from high in the sky
mighty and aloof
talking down
to the posse of the decidedly "******"

I set a "bad example"
I guess its that simple
to thick in the fat - to walk the cold
the plank

like all cults
only the group matters
not the millions of the decidedly blind
god is us
remember that

if you touch the helm of his garment you will be saved
saved from the pretenders of the throne
look in
child of god
he will allow you touch his garment
for his can't be stained
stained by your poor
Latin American
only your money is pure
not your hands

hopefully papa will use our hard earned tithe from the third world to dry clean his garment.
And soul.

The drunk concert pianist                       A beautiful Japanese chauffeur
can't quite direct his manhood.              can't believe her luck.
Even his famous fingers                          He is her late father's        
are of no help.                                            idol.                        
 He sends her flowers and says
sorry.                                                           She is fired the next day.
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