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It's raining of sins on earth
where men and women are soaking.
Ah, the society is misguided today!

The devils are laughing
in the downfall of human being
but people are swimming in nasty things!

They don't judge right or wrong
and don't take any proper action.
They lead their lives in disguise
in this momentary world.
Who is for this eagerness?

Day after day, everyone is melting
in this fake beauty;
I don't know, which nation this is!
When I heard my name
being called past the

I also heard my name
being called to the
Caring is the way to perfection!
You sway my way in order to advance to the next round.
I'm lucky to have support from someone who actually cares!
Only until you dry my essence up and move onto the next victim!
Caring isn't for quitters!
I believe I can... Because of one device. Faith! Believing in faith can turn everything either upside down or take control of the situation and minus that very cause in one single pulse of a heartbeat!
Believing in something is either a countermeasure for disaster! Or it can be something you totally never would have ever expected!
A god is not dead! Only if it is optionable to be "open" to being dead! Then everything resets. Revealing what a god truly is about.
A god can't be dead... Only if it says that it is...dead!
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