Born Jul 31
The elite English language
Written or spoken
Sometimes imagined or painted
Cannot fully explain the depth
of a broken heart
Born Jul 27
Its been awhile since I went to the mosque
Clerics say
The fact that you feel guilty,means your faith is still around

So ive been sitting around feeling all guilty
But havent done nothing much about it

But today a friend or mine changed me
With a few spoken words
He said
“I have to pray, I feel that good things are coming my way and I should at least thank God  
I want to leave these darkness that I've sorrounded my self with”

These got me thinking
Whatever is happening is what I want to happen
Ive ignored my connection with God and settled on distractions
I've invested heavily on regret

Its about time I change
So am writing this down as a reminder to myself
That i've left the old me behind
And the new me is Born

By  the way ,my friend is a christian
And I'm a muslim.
So am urging everyone to draw wisdom from wherever you can
Instead of judging each other based on
Political affiliations or
Born, is a series exclusively about me and what am going through at the moment and my thoughts about it.this poem is a process, it's a three year journey finally taking shape.
I hope It inspires you
Born Jul 23
Choices regarding life
leaves us scavenging for existence
a carrion limping towards tomorrow
To-morrow, morrow whatever it holds
Whatever it begets

Today crept in
Sagaciously took you over
though a blessing
felt more  like a curse

At the pinnacle of your ignorance
you made choices
the ones with traces of uncertainty
shadowing your day
or is it nadir of life
finally taking shape

Sometimes oblique
Sometimes a painful reality
forcing us into uncertainty
and confusion
So we decide
what will be taken from us  
or benefit us
Born Jul 22
If only I could write you  a poem
From a music perspective
I'd scream all day that
I hate that I love you.
I'd smoke weed
get really  high
Numb my days with morphine
and totally blackout

If only I could write you a poem
From a death perspective
I'd remind you of dreams
Strive for what you believe in
give a damn
and for as long as you are alive
never say I wish i knew

If I write you a poem
From a poet perspective
I won't tell you that my heart is broken
I'd say Its been wrenched
It's an empty weight
It has been ruthlessly devoured

If only I could write you a poem
From a love perspective
I'd argue that it's only a feeling
that needs more analysis
It's the only acceptable
form of insanity globally
What perspective would you write
Born Jul 19
I think we are at our most vulnerable
when you assume our reality
instead of embracing it
change it
Or be daring about it

In the name of ambition
You've seen stars twinkle
in your amusement
your heart leaped

Leaped towards uncertainty
the vigorous unknown waters
that test our conviction
our supposed dreams
stuck on a loop of hope

You try
but the bumps and the commas
reminds you
that this  world is made of
Extreme unbearable ache
Born Jul 3
What about us
Searching for broken answers

What about earth
that it can't let go of disasters

What about love
that it inspires lot of crazy stories

What's up with nostalgic tears
and friends
who left without saying goodbye

What about life
that Is so paradoxical

What's up the truth
it's filled with so much lies

What about reality
that is filled with absurdity

What about humans
and there fixation on power
Born Jun 25
I just don't get it
I love it soo much that I hate

I feel torn
Cruising towards reality

I feel written
A poem remembered

I feel loved
Enjoyed and celebrated

I  feel your warmth
On the blankets you left behind

I feel like the moon
always chasing the sun

I feel like a smile
a universal perfect mask
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